Unidentified Shield and Deck of Wonders Reveal: Kobolds & Catacombs

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Armor up with this new card full of Dungeons & Dragons references. You'll need it for the RNG.

ArmaTeam just revealed a new Warrior common card on their French YouTube channel.


This is the third card reveal part of the "Unidentified" thematic. This card type comes with the guaranteed listed effect – in this case, 5 Armor – as well as a random effect that is revealed when drawn. The listed effects specific to Unidentified Shield are as follow:





Iron Hide values 5 Armor at 1 mana and 1 card, so most of these are quite "balanced". Spiked Shield is literally an Arcanite Reaper tacked on top. As far as I understand Hearthstone balance, most of these cards would probably not see play if they could be directly inserted into your deck, but combining them (which is like having an extra draw, valued at about 1.5 mana) is a completely different story. I should also mention that Shieldmaiden was the unexpected hero of GvG, and Runed Shield is... just that, in spell form and less reliable of course. Two of the cards have instant board impact as well, though Spiked Shield might clog your hand with an unexpected weapon. Tower Shield and Shield Slam would of course be quite the powerful combo, though Shield Slam would work with any combination. Seems pretty good to me.


Gameinformer also graced us with yet more RNG for Mages. Behold, Deck of Wonders, Hearthstone's approach to the Deck of Many Things.



First thing to note is that the card doesn't specifically say Mage spell. I have so many questions about this card. Does it discount Arcane Giant? Does it trigger Counterspell? Does it pump up Mana Wyrm? Does Yogg-Saron, Hope's End care about it? The ridiculously high variance introduced by this card makes it unlikely to see any serious play, though you could theoretically build a deck with almost no minions in order to reduce bad outcomes for yourself. There's a universe where this card is shuffling copies of itself into your deck for some excessively Trolden-worthy outcomes. I'm not too sure what else to say about this one besides the fact that it's probably one of the most ridiculous cards ever printed, and is clearly aimed at entertainers.

Quick edit: It was confirmed that drawn Scrolls do not count towards Arcane Giant and the like, which is sad but understandable for clear balance reasons.


Be sure to check out our Kobolds and Catacombs hub for more information on the upcoming set.

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1 hour ago, Oxygen said:

Quick edit: It was confirmed that drawn Scrolls do not count towards Arcane Giant and the like, which is sad but understandable for clear balance reasons.

hahahaha, that would sound funny .... if they were not serious. (no offense Oxygen, it's pointed at blizz not you)

And another Epic card that will cause bad mood when pulled out of a pack. They really create a ton of high rarity shi... in this expansion. Maybe we should just craft the ... hm 10? playable cards and leave it be?

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Even if they will be mage spells (you know they often are bad with clear card texts) then I assume the spells will be cast with random targets like Pyroblasting yourself ;) Even a Volcanic Potion may hurt you more than your opponent.

And again, it's another bad epic you don't want. They should have made it a common card. That wouldn't make it better but at least everyone who wants to try it in fun deck could do so.

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Ugh Deck of Wonders is horrible. Sooner or later we’re all gonna lose to ridiculous rng from this. Even if no one plays it, it’s still gonna crop up from randomly generated spells (because why just have rng when you can have two layers of rng).


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Warrior card seems kind of bad. The options are VERY different, and a deck that needs 15 armor doesn't necessarily need 5 armor and an arcanite reaper.


Mage one is going right into my casino mage and I'm playing it all the way to rank 20

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Mage card is. . . Just stupid.  Warrior card seems bad but armor + anything else tends to be really good, even if it isn't necessary super Mana efficient, like shield maiden.

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