Volcanic Potion — Mage Card

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Volcanic Potion is a Mage-only spell. This card was introduced with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and can now only be obtained through crafting. Below the card images, you will find explanations to help you use the card optimally in every game mode of Hearthstone.


General Comments

Volcanic Potion provides Mage with a cheap and powerful board clear. It is comparable to Explosive Sheep, which provided the same effect when combined with the Mage Hero Power. As the card also damages your own minions, it can require careful planning to be able to get maximum value out of the card.


Constructed Play

In Constructed, Volcanic Potion is a strong choice for Control Mage decks. The AoE effect provides a counter to early aggression, which gives Control Mages a more comfortable position to focus on their own strategy.



Volcanic Potion is no longer available in Arena.