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Cathedral Gargoyle & Woodcutter's Axe Reveals: The Witchwood

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It's not an April Fool's joke: two new cards have been revealed!

The first card technically belongs to Saturday's batch of reveals, so it's definitely legit. Here's the Cathedral Gargoyle, unveiled by Ahirun from the Japanese community on Twitter:


The Epic rarity of this card is a bit odd; perhaps the team is expecting it to be powerful. And it is indeed a pretty good deal, if you manage to activate the Battlecry. Is Dragon Paladin the direction the card is heading to in The Witchwood? The archetype wasn't particularly good in the past. Cathedral Gargoyle can work well with Nightmare Amalgam and perhaps we'll see more Dragon cards for Paladin printed in this expansion.

People are saying that this card doesn't work well with Call to Arms. However, CtA is such a powerful card on its own, that it can already pull Dire Wolf Alpha or Hydrologist without this being a bad outcome. Cathedral Gargoyle could fit into Aggro Paladin, along with a cheap and sticky Dragon, like Faerie Dragon, and the Amalgam.

Woodcutter's Axe was revealed by Chinese streamer Taomei on Douyu.


Warrior finally gets the decent cheap weapon he has been longing for. This weapon synergises really well with all the Warrior Rush cards that have been revealed so far: Militia Commander, Redband Wasp and Darius Crowley. If Tempo Rush Warrior sticks, Woodcutter's Axe is certainly a worthy addition in it.

There are two more reveals left for this weird day. Week 2 of the card reveals will start tomorrow, so make sure to check the schedule, as well as our Witchwood hub for all the new cards of Hearthstone's latest expansion.

Images belong to Hearthpwn.

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If you’re holding a dragon, gargoyle is a great turn 2 play. Also agree you can still run call to arms with it, it might not be the best pull from it but it’s still not bad. Main question is whether you want to run dragons. Shielded minibot is staple in wild, so a shielded minibot with taunt is going to be good too, but it’s not carrying the archetype on its own.

The Warrior wep fills a much needed gap, imagine it’ll see widespread play if any warrior decks are viable.

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I was hoping for a bit dragon synergy for paladin but this Gargoyle is meh. Don't get me wrong I don't think it's a bad card but being an epic is kind of a joke imo. If paladin gets decent dragons/dragon synergies it might be a nice inclusion otherwise it's pretty underwhelming for an epic.

I'm not so much into warrior, all types I saw have been boring to play or play against, but I enjoyed tempo warrior to some extend. Overall I like the weapon and its design.

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Petition to rename that card to Cathedral Shieldbot.

Epic rarity is arbitrary, as they've always been. Don't overthink it.

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Both these cards are crazy strong.  Shieldbot is still one of the best two drops ever printed and giving it taunt turns that to 11.  I don't think this is nearly enough to push dragon paladin, but make no mistake, if it does ever become a thing, thia card will be craaaaaazy. 


The one thing tempo warrior, without a doubt, needs to be viable is a cheap strong weapon, and the axe is just that.  I don't think it is strong enough outside of that, but it will go a long way in pushing the archtype.  I am pretty confident after this that we will see a tempo warrior.  Might not be tier 1 or even tier 2, but I think atleast tier 3 is inevitable.

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Epic CAN mean powerful, but more often it means "niche".

Personally I am glad when Epic cards are usually niche.  I can not worry about them for a while when a new set comes out.

When a card like Corridor Creeper comes out, if I don't get lucky in my initial packs, I must immediately drop the 400 dust on it.

Whereas when a card like Spiteful Summoner comes out, if I don't get it, the number of decks it ruins it much less, so I can wait to see if I will get one in a pack.

I'm comfortable with the idea that Epic cards are mostly niche, and Legendary cards are mostly not (I wish).

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