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Witchwood Spoiler Season Kicks Off With 10 New Cards

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It's spoiler time! Ten new cards, including three legendaries, were revealed today's card reveal stream with Peter Whalen and Frodan.

Spoiler season is officially under way! Kicked off by today's card reveal stream, game designer Peter Whalen and Hearthstone caster Dan "Frodan" Chou spoiled 10 new cards from The Witchwood, including a pair of Legendary minions which give all of your minions one of the set's two new keyword abilities (Echo and Rush), as well as the marquee card of the set, Hagatha the Witch. You can check out all of today's new cards below, in addition to some brief insights from Peter, Dan, and myself:



  • Hot damn! This card seems incredible in a Midrange, minion-focused deck, which has long been the bread and butter for Hunter. The body is respectable on its own, and if it ever gets to stick around for turns 5 and 6 it could completely take over the game.
  • Dan noted that Hunters are currently want for powerful four drops, and this card fits that bill perfectly.
  • Peter mentioned that Houndmaster Shaw is one of the heroes you can play in Monster Hunt, the new single-player adventure mode.



  • The body on this card is respectable, and its effect is nothing to wag a stick at. Spiritually similar to Sludge Belcher, Rotten Applebaum isn't quite as strong as its predecessor, but that shouldn't stop it from seeing play as a much-needed defensive neutral minion in a post-rotation world.
  • Dan mentioned that this card could be an all-star in the Arena.
  • Peter noted that defensive neutral cards are a great thing for the game, and that the design team is looking to make more cards like this and Tar Creeper in the future.



  • A potential 3 for 1, Witchwood Apple offers a ton of value in midrange decks that have the time to cast all three Treants. It's likely too slow for an aggressive token deck, but it has a powerful enough effect to see play in a variety of strategies.
  • Dan noted that this card is great with hand-size matters cards such as Mountain Giant.
  • Witchwood Apple could also offer some combo potential with Druid's aggressive buff cards, such as Savage Roar and Power of the Wild. A midrange token deck with this and Living Mana might end up being a force to be reckoned with.



  • Obviously excellent with the previous card, Wispering Woods doesn't need very much synergy to be a great. Getting 4 1/1s off of this is quite respectable, and anything more than that offers huge potential with Savage Roar.
  • Peter noted that there is a hand-size theme for Druid in this set, and that we should see more cards in the future to fit with this theme.



  • It's Loatheb the spell! Rebuke can be used to set up combos (such as shenanigans with Uther of the Ebon Blade) or to protect powerful late-game cards to set up potential kills. Though this is likely too negative of a tempo play for aggressive strategies, decks with slower game plans should be able to make use of this card's powerful effect.
  • Both Dan and Peter were under the impression that this card was highly versatile, and that it may end up being played in a variety of strategies.





  • Though The Witchwood is no longer called "Murder on the Gilnean Express", Glinda will still offer you a one-way ticket to Valuetown. The number of different combos and synergies which can be accomplish with this card is staggering, and the number of deck-building opportunities it offers seems nearly endless. It's great with cheap minions like Kobold Librarian, could be used with Summoning Portal to set up combos, or could be used to power out Mountain or Sea Giants. The body on this cards is very respectable and could prove to be quite difficult for your opponents to clear, setting up some massive value turns on turn 7 and beyond.
  • Peter noted that the Echo effects come after discards. If you play Glinda into Doomguard, you'll always get the echo copy in your hand. He also noted that you can use it to make infinite Wisps.



  • I absolutely adore the design on this card, though I'm not sure we'll see it in any competitive decks. A 3/4 for 3 mana is fine, but it probably wouldn't make the cut in a tribal deck unless the tribe is seriously low on playable minions.
  • Peter explained that this card always counts as all of these minion types. It can be discovered off a Netherspite Historian, for example.
  • Dan mentioned that this card could really help out Arena decks in need of specific tribal cards to round out their deck's synergies.



  • Witch's Apprentice draws comparisons to Babbling Book and Jeweled Macaw, but those comparisons are not particularly favorable. Though there's some great spell this can for Shaman (Volcano, Bloodlust), there are far more misses in the Shaman spell pool (all of totem-matters cards, Cryostasis). This little beast has to hit good cards fairly consistently to be playable, as the 0/1 Taunt body doesn't do nearly enough on its own, and I'm not convinced it'll do that.



  • The only new hero card in the set, Hagatha the Witch might just be powerful enough to save Shaman on her own. Her Battlecry effect is exactly the kind of thing you're looking for out of a clunky 8 drop, and her passive Hero Power is capable of generating an insane amount of cards over the course of a long game. This is exactly the kind of card that control Shaman needs to close out games and overwhelm their opponent's.
  • Her oops emote says "Unwise!", and I fully expect that emote to get a ton of mileage.


Stay tuned for many more Witchwood spoilers soon, as the community spoilers begin tomorrow morning and run through April 8th, and be sure to check out our Witchwood Expansion Hub if you're interested in learning more about the upcoming set!

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Rotten Applebaum is good, very good. I expect to see it a lot. In Wild, taunt+heal will make N'Zoth even stronger.

Druid "big hands matter" feels good, and explain why they have rotated out coldlight oracle: if big hand is a thing, mill must not be one.

Rebuke in the right meta can be great. For example, denying an AoE against a control deck can be enough to win for a dude paladin or something similar. Expecially against priest, expecially in wild.

Vivid Nightmare is... well, a Nightmare. Let's put it simple: machine gun highlander priest wasn't healty for wild because OTK. Ok. So, why give priest another OTK tool? Instead of an highlander priest playing HP Velen HP Mind Blast HP after having played Raza and the DK, we'll have Velen nightmare nightmare mind blast after having played Thaurissan!
Simple Thaurissan + DK means: Velen (6), nightmare (8), Hero Power (9) 8 damage, Mind Blast (20) 28 damage.
Thaurissan + drakkari enchanter means: Velen (5), nightmare (6), nightmare (7), Mind Blast (7) 40 damage, Mind Blast (7) 80 damage.
WTF is blizzard doing here? :O

Glinda Crowskin is another nightmare. Let's say it in one word: Giant. This is the real reason why they have rotated Molten Giant. But in wild, Giantlock is a thing right now, I don't like the idea of having another version of it.

Hagata is good in every control shaman deck that don't need the totems.

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54 minutes ago, Synesthesy said:

Rotten Applebaum is good, very good. I expect to see it a lot. In Wild, taunt+heal will make N'Zoth even stronger.

Rebuke in the right meta can be great. For example, denying an AoE against a control deck can be enough to win for a dude paladin or something similar. Expecially against priest, expecially in wild.

Vivid Nightmare is... well, a Nightmare. Let's put it simple: machine gun highlander priest wasn't healty for wild because OTK. Ok. So, why give priest another OTK tool? Instead of an highlander priest playing HP Velen HP Mind Blast HP after having played Raza and the DK, we'll have Velen nightmare nightmare mind blast after having played Thaurissan!
Simple Thaurissan + DK means: Velen (6), nightmare (8), Hero Power (9) 8 damage, Mind Blast (20) 28 damage.
Thaurissan + drakkari enchanter means: Velen (5), nightmare (6), nightmare (7), Mind Blast (7) 40 damage, Mind Blast (7) 80 damage.
WTF is blizzard doing here? :O

Applebaum: is it better than sludge belcher though? Dunno tbh. Against Minion based Aggro, probably no, against burn heavy aggro maybe.

Rebuke: yeah, I see plenty of aggro Paladins running loatheb to good effect. Whilst loatheb is rebuke plus summon a 3-mana 5/5 I think being able to play it earlier for 2 mana after you’ve just refilled/buffed you board could be very strong.

Vivid Nightmare: all of that can already be done with mirage caller though, no?

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1 hour ago, Migol said:

Vivid Nightmare+Leeroy Jenkins...



You would never play Leeroy Jenkins in Priest over Mind Blast if you want face damage

The card is pretty horrible for the cost... you can copy at best a 7 cost minion in the same turn, i think it will be used only for big priest with Shadow Essence to spam Obsidian statues Lich Kings and Yseras

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5 hours ago, Bozonik said:

Vivid Nightmare: all of that can already be done with mirage caller though, no?

Well, it’s a spell rather than a minion, so does get reductions from radiant elemental too. There is a big priest variant in wild too where you play velen and malygos with mindblasts and holy smites in deck, this would fit into that well I imagine since you can’t play the minion mirage caller in that.

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My thoughts, note I don't play enough wild or keep up on it well enough to have an informed opinion so this will mostly be for standard.


Shaw:  seems really good in mid-range Hunter.  Only concern is in a lot of matches turn 4 or 5 is roughly were mid range Hunter starts going face, so rush might not be as useful, and you already have the rhino.  Ultimately though, it's good enough to play on 4, just stat wise, has to be dealt with and can cause a lot of damage all in a slot Hunter has weaker cards.  So I definitely see it being played, it just might end up being weaker then it looks.


Applebaum: eh I am not impressed.  In knc they printed the 4 Mana 4/4 that restored 4 health, and that was so far below the power curve it was never considered for play.  This is 1 more Mana, the healing is conditional, and can't target minions, and all you get is 1 health and taunt.  Plus the amounts of silence that shows up ruins this card.


Apple: seems weak, obvious synergy with hand size stuff, so if that pans out it could see play as the worst card in that deck just to enable the rest of it.  


Woods: good synergy with roar and buff cards, but would you really want them in a hand size matters deck?  The playability of this card hinges on that question.


Glinda:. Doubt she will make into control lock, cube lock maybe, but it already has a critical mass of awkward hard to use value cards.  Could cut umbra for it, but I think umbra is better.  I think this card is strong enough it will see play sometime in the next two years, but maybe not during witch wood.  Who knows maybe it will see play in an even handlock deck Trump theory crafted.  Seems powerful, just needs a home imo.


Nightmare:. Really cool, but no where near the power level of competitive cards.  Maybe dragon priest needs one more dragon for duskbreaker, and doesn't want to run scalebane?  Too bad curator rotates, could have been great.


Apprentice: compares badly to paveling book.  Worse stat line, worse card on average.  Can protect a spellpower or healing totem though.  Possibly ends up in some shaman builds simply because shaman has really low card quality right now.


Hagatha: battle cry is great, and even though shaman spells are bad, so are priest spells and Lyra saw play, but lyra's effect is so much stronger because it feeds itself.  However, in a land of cubes and guldan, I think we are past the point of a bunch of random spells being a good long term game plan to beat control decks.  Works great with echo though.

Edited by VaraTreledees

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I saw the live stream yesterday and already thought about the cards a bit:

  • Houndmaster Shaw: I think this cards will either be much weaker than we might expect or be totally dominant, I hardly see middle ground here. But maybe against a control deck, that runs very few minions it's somehow useless. Also I was wondering playing a minion with Charge while this is on the board can it still attack face?
  • Rotten Applebaum: Not so sure about this, Tar Creepers strength is to provide 5 health for a fairly low many cost as well as 3 attack for defense. While at 5 mana the 5 health is much less of an impact, but we will see.
  • Witchwood Apple & Whispering Woods: Both look strong and have synergy with each other, let'S wait and see how this Big Hand Druid will be.
  • Rebuke: I like it. Hopefully not so much for aggro, I would like to see control Paladin become stronger.
  • Vivid Nightmare: A lot of potential I think. @Bozonik compared to other cards it summons not a 1/1, it's a full copy damaged to 1 health, which can be easily healed and the attack is unchanged.
  • Glinda Crowskin: My first thought was it has a nice late game potential for Zoo, but maybe even (if it sticks for a turn) in a differently build cubelock deck, who knows.
  • Nightmare Amalgam: Well, idk, really.
  • Witch's Apprentice: Yea, a weak Babbling Book but if you can utilize the taunt it might see play.
  • Hagatha the Witch: I like the design. The Battlecry looks good and can be paired with Murmuring Elemental at 10 mana. But due to the high number of weak/situational spells shaman has I'm not sure it will be strong enough.
Edited by Caldyrvan

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Yeah, I agree with most of the comments here.

The overall design of witchwood starts to look really interesting and I like, that we finally get an "oldschool" expansion without completely new card-types like in all three expansions before (Quests, DKs, legendary weapons).

Just want to point out something about Witch's Apprentice: this card is not very exiting as it stands now. Trading a card and one mana for a random spell and a useless 0/1 Taunt is pretty meh. BUT considering Hagatha the Witch it seems that Shaman is getting some sort of spell-theme, in which a cheap value card like this could actually be reasonable.

But still...I don't know if I want to live in a world without Evolve-Shaman ;_;

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6 hours ago, Caldyrvan said:

Vivid Nightmare: A lot of potential I think. @Bozonik compared to other cards it summons not a 1/1, it's a full copy damaged to 1 health, which can be easily healed and the attack is unchanged.

Yes, I wasn’t saying it’s the same card, but for OTK combo purposes it pretty much is (aside from the exceptions I already added).

On Shaw, I’d imagine minions with charge and given rush can still hit face but it’s a good question.

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      In the more likely scenario that it doesn’t survive, that’s still a complete flip of the board state. Even if it’s trading into a single big minion on the opponent’s side, that’s still a 2-for-1, with that 1 on your side being a big tough-to-kill minion. The only worry is that there will sometimes be late-game scenarios where the 6/8 stat line won’t be enough to get you any resurrections, but I’m hopeful those are few and far between.
      Still, even if the Big Shaman archetype doesn’t catch on for Shaman, I expect this card, in particular, to find a home in Renathal Control Shaman lists. This card is doing much of the same work that Sylvanas and Insatiable Devourer are without having to run through the trouble of infusing first.

      Once again, another big expensive card and a solid showy effect to go along with it. Obvious deathrattle/reborn synergy, as well as good with big minions in general. At 10 cost, it will take up your entire mana pool for the turn, though there are things you can do to play around that as a shaman.
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      This card will get you 2 Mana 2/3 Ghostly Apparitions with the Undead minion type, which can matter for cards like Unliving Champion, or Invincible, for instance. Suppose you trigger the secondary ability here both times. In that case, that’s a pretty sweet deal right there, advancing a Big Shaman win con in 2 ways: The taunt on the Ghostly Apparitions advances your gameplan of stalling the game out until you can stabilize on board enough to play the 5+ Mana minions you’ve tutored out of the deck.
      We’ve theory crafted 3 potential builds that can use this package of Shaman cards.
      First, consider diving head first into the Big Shaman theme, bringing in Vanndar Stormpike and forgoing all other sub-5 cost minions to get max value out of Prescience and From De Other Side. We’re also going to run with the evolve subtheme to take advantage of any leftover bodies that we might get from Stoneborn General, Overlord Drakuru, or Blighblood Berserkers. The departure of the Knights of the Frozen Throne set will make evolving 10 drops better again now that there are no more Snowfury Giants in the Evolve pool, and we get to re-roll for the generally better bodies from the 10 costs. We’re adding in some early-game removal to compensate for the lack of early drops so we can better survive the early game.
      Deck code / link: 
      Next, let’s try to use the standard Renathal Control Shaman archetype that’s doing rather well in the meta as a starting point. One safe idea is to look at slotting Overlord Drakuru and potentially Brightblood Berskerker and From De Other Side into this standard XL Renathal Control Shaman as ways of fighting back on board while getting your infuse cards stacked up.
      Deck code / link: 
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      Deck code / link: 
      Why not use both and make it a Reno-thal deck? Prescience and Windchill will try to compensate for the loss of card draw from droping one copy of Gorloc Ravager and Famished fool. We are adding in Convincing Disguise to have still enough evolve effects around. The idea of including Bracing Cold and Far Sight is to hopefully discount From De Other Side or the evolve cards so we make use of any leftover bodies in the same turn. Ozumat’s in here not just to get us up to 40 cards, but because it’s a near guaranteed board clear combo with From De Other side, if you manage your hand and board space just right, that leaves you with all its appendages afterward.
      Deck code / link: 
    • By HSEnthusiast
      March of the Lich King, set to release on December 6th, is Hearthstone's third expansion in the Year of the Hydra. Blizzard gave us an early sneak peek at some of the Warrior cards revealed today that we discuss in our latest post.
      Today, we'd like to dive into the Warrior cards revealed by Inven Global.

      Pretty straightforward card. The effect gives us much more value the larger the minion is. It gets really scary with the potential follow-up with Bulk Up giving you this massively overstated minion in hand twice. Or If you can get this on Mor’shan Elite, that’s another nice double dip of value.

      Honestly, this feels like it was tailor-made to be the ideal target of Last Stand, as your opponent can’t easily get rid of it with cheap removal. It lets you use your stats immediately by letting you trade in and stabilize with a big taunt. It might not be too shabby on its own, as the 3 effects make it an annoying wall most opponents will be forced to trade into.

      Wow, they’re really not holding back with hand disruption this set. One (nearly) guaranteed discard is pretty impactful and becomes a must-remove card in any control matchup. This card will absolutely crush the hearts of some Big Spell Mages in the coming months, that’s for sure.
      It should be noted that this discard, the devs have confirmed to us that it will trigger your opponent’s “Whenever you discard a card” effects. So try and clear a Discard Warlock's Tiny Knight of Evil and perhaps try to play around having Suffocating Shadows or Soul Barrage trigger in that matchup. 

      To round off the control toolbox from this expansion, we’ve got a pretty unique effect here. Hopefully, this doesn’t end up being too easy to play around for savvy opponents. You could pre-empt this by running out a Blademaster Okani first and baiting out your opponent into playing a small spell first. But still, while the effect will only be as game-changing as your opponent’s last spell, getting any meaningful spell off seems pretty nice.
      Putting it all together, we have put together an interesting Taunt Control Warrior decklist to try out:  AAECAQcMmu0D784EvIoE2fkDqIoEiN8E784E0qwEmu0DlJUEzJIFiKAECcWSBZTtA47tA5+fBImgBIagBJDUBMSSBcuSBQA= . Slotting in Varian seems like a natural addition to any deck with Silverfury Stalwart and Tealan hops along to be the one divine shield minion you might want to have in your control deck. Rokara and Remornia are just good cards and they’ll go a long way to having your Mor’shan Elite’s active. The rest of the deck is the classic Control Warrior shell that will hopefully give you the armor and removal needed to live long enough to throw down your double-stated taunted win conditions.
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      Murder at Castle Nathria is Hearthstone's latest expansion. It adds a new Infuse keyword that absorbs anima from your friendly minions, a new card type named Locations, and more.  
      .blog-detail .gallery figure { width: 100%; max-width: calc((100% / 3) - 6px); } @media screen and (max-width: 600px){ .blog-detail .gallery { justify-content: center; } .blog-detail .gallery figure { width: 100%; max-width: 250px; } .blog-detail h4 { text-align: center; } } Announcing
      Murder at Castle Nathria
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      The Shadowlands is normally where souls go after they die, so when someone dies in the Shadowlands, that’s a special kind of mystery. Sire Denathrius invited 10 of his counterparts and enemies to Castle Nathria for a dinner party so that he could address the malicious rumors that he is hoarding anima, the life-energy that is drained from tortured souls and used to power the Shadowlands. But just after the festivities started, Sire Denathrius was found dead! It seems a gaggle of enemies does not a good dinner party make. Now the illustrious Murloc Holmes, and his trusty sidekick Watfin, have been called to solve the case. Scour new Location cards, follow the trail of Infused minions, question the 10 Legendary suspects, and help determine who committed Murder at Castle Nathria!   

      Murder at Castle Nathria will launch worldwide on August 2 with 135 new collectible cards! You can find the full Murder at Castle Nathria reveal schedule, and all cards that have already been revealed, by visiting the card library here. Check back frequently—the list will be updated with new cards as they’re revealed!
      Ten Suspicious Suspects
      Sire Denathrius had a lot of enemies. And it just so happens that 10 of them were under his roof at the time of his demise! Each class will have a Legendary minion that is a prime suspect in Sire Denathrius’s murder. They all have the means and the motive, but it is up to you and Murloc Holmes to determine who is guilty.

      New Keyword: Infuse
      Anima, drawn from wayward souls, powers all the Shadowlands—and those who consume it! Cards with the Infuse keyword sit in your hand and absorb anima from your friendly minions as they die. After the specified number of friendly minions die while the Infuse card is in your hand, the Infuse card transforms into a more powerful version. Infuse your cards to unlock their full power!

      New Card Type: Locations
      Castle Nathria is like no place Hearthstone has ever been before. Explore the castle grounds through the all-new Location card type! Locations are played onto the battlefield for an initial cost, and then have an ability that can be activated for free on your turns, each time for a powerful effect. Each activation costs 1 Durability and has a 1-turn Cooldown. Every class gets their own Location card in Castle Nathria which represents where they claim their suspect was at the time of the murder, and synergizes with the themes of the class.

      Locations Gameplay Preview with Brian Kibler and Designer Leo Robles Gonzalez
      Want to get a longer look at the new Location card type? Join Brian Kibler and Game Designer Leo Robles Gonzalez as they explore the new Location card type, try them out in a couple games, and reveal some more new cards! Join them on Friday, July 1, at 11 a.m. (Pacific) on Twitch and Youtube!

      Prince Renathal Login Reward Available Now!
      Log in to Hearthstone to get your first hint at what Castle Nathria holds with the complimentary Prince Renathal Legendary minion!* Grow more powerful as you draw more souls to your cause with 40 life and a 40-card starting deck! Add him to your collection and see what you can do when you have more space to work with.

      * Limited one per account. After Patch 24.6, Prince Renathal will be granted upon opening your first Murder at Castle Nathria card pack instead of upon logging in.
      Pre-Purchase Murder at Castle Nathria
      The Murder at Castle Nathria Mega Bundle includes 80 Murder at Castle Nathria card packs, 5 Golden Murder at Castle Nathria card packs, two random Murder at Castle Nathria Legendary cards, the Sire Denathrius Warrior hero skin, the Denathrius card back, the Sandy Shores Battlegrounds Board, and 10 Mercenaries Packs!*

      The Murder at Castle Nathria Bundle includes 60 Murder at Castle Nathria card packs, 2 random Murder at Castle Nathria Legendary cards, and the Denathrius card back!

      * Battleground Perks are not included in the Mega Bundle pre-purchase this time. We’re reworking how Battlegrounds Perks and rewards work for next Battlegrounds season. Until then, some of the current Perks are being extended. Check out the Patch Notes and stay tuned for more details.

    • By Damien
      This thread is for comments about our Handbuff Paladin Deck.
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      A new Hearthstone update prepares the Tavern for United in Stormwind, launching August 3. Here are the official patch notes.
      The 21.0 patch prepares the Tavern for United in Stormwind, launching August 3. It also brings a new Hero and cosmetics for Battlegrounds, a major update for Duels, an Arena rotation, and more.
      You can check out all 135 new cards included in United in Stormwind on the card library here.
      Battlegrounds Updates
      NEW HERO
      Galewing Dungar’s Gryphon Choose a flightpath. Complete it to get a bonus!
      Players with Battlegrounds Perks will have early access to Galewing before it's formally released on August 10.
      Duels Updates
      When the 21.0 patch goes live on July 27, all players’ Duels ratings will be reset and the pool of eligible cards you can use to build your 15-card start deck will be updated as follows:
      (NEW) United in Stormwind Wailing Caverns Mini-Set Forged in the Barrens The Darkmoon Races Mini-Set Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Scholomance Academy (NEW) Kobolds & Catacombs Journey to Un’Goro One Night in Kharazan Whispers of the Old Gods Curse of Naxxramas Legacy (Basic/Classic) Core NEW PASSIVE TREASURES
      Party Replacement At the start of your turn, summon a 2/2 Adventurer with a random bonus effect.
      Inspiring Presence After you play a Legendary minion, reduce the cost of a random minion in your hand by (1).
      Greedy Gains Your minions have +2/+2 but cost (2) more (up to 10).
      Meek Mastery Your Neutral minions cost (1) less and have +1/+1.
      Legendary Loot At the start of the game, equip a random Legendary weapon.
      Deathly Death! After a friendly Deathrattle minion dies, destroy the minion with the lowest Health.
      Ooops, All Spells! At the start of the game, destroy all minions in your deck. Your spells cost (1) less and gain +2 Spell Damage.
      The following cards have been banned from between-game card buckets and will not be Discoverable:
      Final Showdown              Lost in the Park Defend the Dwarven District       Sorcerer's Gambit            Rise to the Occasion        Seek Guidance  Find the Imposter            Command the Elements The Demon Seed             Raid the Docks  Other Banned cards:
      Unstable Evolution is banned from card buckets but will still be Discoverable. Maestra of the Masquerade is banned from deckbuilding, card buckets, and will not be Discoverable. Seven new designer card buckets have been added as well:
      Furious Fel (Demon Hunter) AHHHH RATS!!!! (Hunter) Fire!!! (Mage) SI:7 (Rogue) ARRRRRRG! (Warrior) Auction House (Neutral) Live to Win (Neutral) Smart buckets have also been updated to include the two new card sets, and two previously missed card sets: Legacy (Classic/Basic) and Demon Hunter Initiate. Lastly, you’ll be able to find United in Stormwind cards in Duels card buckets after the patch goes live and before the expansion launches.
      Arena Rotation

      When United in Stormwind launches on August 3, the Arena will include cards from the following sets:
      United in Stormwind Forged in the Barrens Wailing Caverns Mini-Set Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Darkmoon Races Mini-Set The Witchwood Saviors of Uldum Rastakhan's Rumble Core Book of Heroes Illidan – Coming August 10

      After regaining his freedom, Illidan was eager to prove himself once and for all. But even as he journeyed far from his homeland and joined forces with new allies, the thirst for power never left him. It was only a matter of time before it interfered with his judgment, resulting in more dire consequences than ever before…Defeating all 8 bosses in this linear adventure will reward 1 Demon Hunter pack, containing only Demon Hunter cards from Standard.
      United in Stormwind Rewards Track & Tavern Pass
      When the Rewards Track refreshes when United in Stormwind launches, all players will automatically be granted any unclaimed rewards on both the free track and the Tavern Pass track (if purchased), and a completely new Rewards Track of unlockable loot will take its place.

      The Forged in the Barrens Tavern Pass will expire with the launch of United in Stormwind and a new Tavern Pass will be made available for purchase—offering a host of brand-new cosmetic rewards and XP boosts.

      Learn more about the United in Stormwind Rewards Track and Tavern Pass here.
      As a reminder, Battlegrounds Perks are now available as a standalone purchase, separate from the Tavern Pass.
      New Cosmetic Coins
      Two new Cosmetic Coins are being added with United in Stormwind, the Stormwind coin and the Lordaeron coin. The Stormwind coin is obtainable by completing the first 90 levels of the Rewards Track with the Tavern Pass. The Lordaeron coin is obtainable by collecting 135 unique United in Stormwind cards.

      Keep in mind that United in Stormwind will have a 35-card Mini-Set that will make it easier to reach both the 25 total United in Stormwind Legendary cards for the Archbishop Benedictus Diamond card reward and the 135 total United in Stormwind cards for the Lordaeron Cosmetic Coin. We’ll have more information to share about the United in Stormwind Mini-Set in the coming months.
      Bug Fixes & Game Improvements
      Fixed a bug where Shenanigans would not transform Soul Fragments into Bananas. Fixed a bug where Wicked Stab could be upgraded by cards that temporarily increase mana. Fixed a bug where Shan’do Wildclaw would not lay flat on the board. Fixed a bug where Defender would not play its VO when summoned by Noble Sacrifice. Fixed a bug where golden Soul of the Forest would not summon golden Treants. Fixed a bug where golden Ancestral Spirit would not summon a golden minion. Fixed a bug where golden Grave Rune would not summon golden minions. Fixed a bug where golden Primal Talisman would not summon golden minions. Fixed a Battlegrounds bug where Y’shaarj’s Battlegrounds Hero Power would not take its newly summoned minion into account when deciding which warband attacked first. Fixed a Battlegrounds bug where Baron Rivendare was causing visual issues when in a warband with golden Kaboom Bot. Fixed a Battlegrounds bug where Galakrond’s Greed was missing a tooltip for Discover. Fixed a Battlegrounds bug where Come One, Come All! Was missing a tooltip for Discover. Fixed a Battlegrounds bug where Avatar of N’Zoth was missing a tooltip for Deathrattle. Fixed a Battlegrounds bug where Sprout It Out! Was missing a tooltip for Taunt. Fixed a Battlegrounds bug where Hero Powers for Aranna Starseeker, Infinite Toki, Millhouse Manastorm, Nozdormu, and Tess Greymane were missing a tooltip for Refresh. Fixed a Duels bug where Diamond cards would only be Diamond in appearance for the first game of a run. Fixed a Duels bug where Lone Champion and minions summoned by Gift of Luminance were not buffed by Hold the Line. Updated the description of the Roguish Maneuvers Hero Power in Duels to be more accurate. Fixed a bug with Book of Mercenaries Guff where A Party of Adventurers will cast Against All Odds, even if they have board control. Fixed a bug where one of Lady Katrana Prestor’s emotes was showing incorrect text. Searching “Refund” in the Collection will now populate with cards eligible for a dust refund. Pressing and holding on the Rewards Track page arrows will now flip through the pages quickly. Fixed a bug where if a player disconnected from a ranked match, they’d get a message stating they won their last ranked game upon relogging.  

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