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Miracle Rogue

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Guest Shdow89

Wait, so this is a Wild set the? Since it uses Elven Minstrels? Are there any viable cards that would replace those in Standard?

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8 hours ago, mctanaka said:

How does Zilliax fit in?

The exact same way he fits in every other non-mech deck: with Rush, Divine Shield, Lifesteal and Taunt he'll get you at the very minimum one free trade, three health and force your opponent to either spend a small answer to get rid of him or give you three more health back. 

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I have been finding this deck surprisingly awkward. Many players have been heavily investing in Magnetic minions, giving them quite a bit of tempo advantage. Even the usually slow Priest can be surprisingly fast. Also, because of the prevalence of Magnetic, I've been getting zero value from Fan of Knives, because even Hunter decks have not been swarming the board with 1 health minions as they used to. If Fan of Knives is here just for the draw, then I'd suggest switching it to Shiv.

Also, because so many players have been preferring Magnetic, Sap and Kidnapper surprisingly efficient, since you are worried about one big minion instead of several small ones.

I'm not that good a player and I have just recently returned to Hearthstone, so it might be that I'm simply playing my cards the wrong way. On the other hand, I distinctly remember Rogue being a very fast deck, so I find it weird that a single new property (Magnetic) is able to outrun Rogue on this scale.

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Miracle Rogue is a fast deck overall, but it starts off slow and steady to build up fuel for the 'miracle', at which point you turn into a supersonic with fully open throttle, post-combustion and water injectors on. But a good aggro deck that goes all-out right out of the box can sucker-rush you down while you try to build up. Add to that, Mecha'thunChef Nomi (and to a lesser extent Shirvallah, the Tiger) have made it possible for other classes than Rogue to go 'miracle', making it desirable to powerdraw through the deck as fast as possible in order to reach their win condition.

I would counsel to keep FoK, though. While it's not great at dealing with a mech's main body, it is pretty convenient to deal with the numerous 1/1 bodies they tend to spawn on death.

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I get you. But I think the "miracle" condition of this deck is weak compared to others. I've been finding lots of surprisingly aggressive decks, so much so that I have to spend quite a bit of spells just to survive. Then, even when I reach the miracle condition, I have sort of run out of things to "miracle" with. Between swarms of murlocs and magnetic minions, I have been finding it consistently hard even to survive. I've been thinking of switching deck or even class altogether. ?

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