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Reddit Reacts to the Card Artwork Changes

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The recent unannounced changes to the artwork of 8 old cards were met with a mixture of outrage and sarcastic amusement. The community put its creativity to use to express themselves on this heated matter.

From people asking for Dust refunds to upvoting posts called "Felstalker" featuring the now old Succubus card art, it's safe to say that the community on Reddit didn't take these changes very well. Speculation run wild as to the reasoning behind this change with the most prominent theories being: maintaining PEGI ratings, trying to slip through the strict Chinese regulations on video games and ensuring that the game stays free of violence and oversexualisation.

Blizzard gave their own response on the matter: "The recent changes were applied to make those cards more visually cohesive and consistent with the art style of Hearthstone today". Dave Kosak added that the art on these cards didn't meet today's standards and the change had nothing to do with ratings or international regulations.

Needless to say, people weren't convinced. For example, quite a few noticed that a Succubus is featured in the chalkboard of this week's Tavern Brawl or that cards like Whirlwind remained unchanged.


(credits to u/BlackOctoberFox)

It's not just Succubus and Secretkeeper, though. Suggestive art is everywhere (who would have thought?). This is how the token spell Ysera Awakens would look with a green T-shirt:


(Credits: u/stonehearthed)

Male cards are no exception to this. The Lord of the memes, Jaraxxus himself, donned his most memeworthy T-shirt to hide his exposed torso:


(Credits: u/unsubbd)

Even professional players had strong opinions on the art changes. Pavel (2016 World Champion) proposed a change in the same spirit of the Lord Jaraxxus one:

Always ahead of their time, Kripparrian and his wife Rania had predicted the artwork changes from February(!) offering their set of hilarious changes:

It wasn't just the sexy cards that were "nerfed", though. Eviscerate, Headcrack, Bite and Deadly Shot depicted scenes with blood and violence. Since weapons are also used for violent acts, u/KennyThePenny1 offered this yummy alternative:


u/imicekczech went through the trouble of replacing the word "Blood" in all cards with the word "Ketchup". I particularly enjoyed Ketchup Warriors and Ketchup to Ichor. Here are two examples of his work (you can find the entire collection here) :


And here comes a combination of the above: no more "Blood" with some tasty card art!


(Credits: u/femapu)

Some Reddit users took it even further: ALL cards can contain potentially sensitive or offensive content so even unlikely candidates like Fireball, Doomsayer and more may need to be changed.

u/elchampi's proposal for future card updates has a cartoonish element that will definitely keep the children's card game Hearthstone children friendly!


Cutewing combines the cartoonish art style, along with a text box that will definitely hurt no-one's feelings! The "safer place" text (instead of remove from the battlefield) was heavily used on the meme cards posted on Reddit.


(Credits: u/thepanzer9)

Speaking of cartoons, Winnie the Pooh made his appearance too!


(Credits: u/Alodi98)

u/Pixel_Vult suggests that destroying a minion is too violent, offering this elegant change:


The last of all solutions is a simple one: new cards should have no art. I am definitely feeling neutral about this.


(Credits: u/jesusbeater69)

PS: When I first read about these card art nerfs, I started polishing my keyboard to write a scathing opinion article (which I might end up doing anyway after the reasoning they gave for these changes). For now, though, I hope you enjoyed this light-hearted post!

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3 minutes ago, Syrinx said:

That is not Barney (a purple dragon). That is Winnie the Poo (a stuffed yellow bear).

It's a meme about the Chinese president. He got butthurt when people started calling him that, he outright banned Winnie the Pooh and even set up online watch lists

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Oops it seems I got my children TV shows mixed up 😛

Nice, though! I didn't know the story with the Chinese president!

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