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Saviors of Uldum Legendary Priest Card Reveal: High Priest Amet

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South Korean streamer and YouTuber LookSam has shared a new Legendary Priest Minion from Saviors of Uldum designed around buffing Health.


The Legendary Priest Minion for Saviors of Uldum has been revealed by South Korean Streamer and YouTuber LookSam: High Priest Amet!

High Priest Amet


It's a 4-Mana 2/7 which sets the Health of every minion you summon to its own. (Despite some early mistranslations you may have seen, It does not cast Inner Fire on anything.)

It's a powerful effect if it sticks to the board, and at 7 Health it's not too unlikely that it does. It has particularly good synergy with the new Reborn keyword, as Minions returning to life with 1 Health will return with 7 instead.

Token-generating cards will be very powerful with Amet on the board; Sand Drudge, for example, will summon a swarm of 1/7 Taunt Minions, essentially a DIY Spreading Plague for Priest. The 1/1 beetles with Taunt generated by another recently revealed card, Infested Goblin, could also go from minor annoyances to towering walls in combination with Amet.

The effect gets even more powerful when you start buffing Amet's Health with Priest spells like Power Word: ShieldExtra Arms and Divine Spirit. And as with any Priest card that works well with these effects, there's a good chance that High Priest Amet will find a home in Combo Priests looking to finish you off with Inner Fire.

Watch the Korean reveal video below:

Check out our Saviors of Uldum hub for a comprehensive guide to the next expansion, including new cards, information on the Reborn mechanic, and more.

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I don't speak Korean... Can anyone explain why LookSam talks about Witchwood Grizzly, Damaged Stegotron and Convincing Infiltrator while these cards clearly do not benefit from the card he is revealing. Just as ways to protect High Priest Amet so he can stick on the board?

21 minutes ago, Lemon1 said:

It has particularly good synergy with the new Reborn keyword, as Minions returning to life with 1 Health will return with 7 instead.

Has this been confirmed? The text says "When you summon..." so I have my doubts. Is it "you" as "not your opponent", or "you" as "minion must be played from hand"?

Note that the effect could also be turned against the owner. If Amet takes a lot of damage but stays on the board, he could reduce the life of summoned minions to just a few hit points. Sure Priest can heal, but that costs mana, and you don't want to summon your high-life minions (traditional in Priest decks these days) with reduced life.

So, don't get me wrong, the card's effect does look powerful, plus a 2/7 body for 4 is pretty decent, but I'm afraid it will only serve the purpose if the deck is built around it, that is, has many low life minions. Which is completely opposite to traditional Priest decks. Plus building a whole deck around a single Legendary card seems pretty risky unless you have a reliable way to fetch it from your deck (which I don't think exist right now).

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3 hours ago, Smorod said:

I don't speak Korean... Can anyone explain why LookSam talks about Witchwood Grizzly, Damaged Stegotron and Convincing Infiltrator while these cards clearly do not benefit from the card he is revealing. Just as ways to protect High Priest Amet so he can stick on the board?

Not sure! He might have been noting that the "set" effect should happen after the battlecry - so Injured Blademaster would resolve as a 4/7. Honestly though I don't know, I'd be interested to hear it translated.

Edit: since writing this I've realized that this won't work, as Amet says "whenever" not "after". So I'm really not sure what LookSam was talking about with those cards!


Has this been confirmed? The text says "When you summon..." so I have my doubts. Is it "you" as "not your opponent", or "you" as "minion must be played from hand"?

It should work, based on similar interactions we've seen in the past. If a trigger effect requires a card to be played from hand, the card will say "play" (example: Underbelly Angler) whereas if any minion entering your side of the board works, it will say "summon" (eg Knife Juggler).

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It greatly benefits card with very low hp and high atk and rush...

Cards like Steel Rager, a reversed Swift Messenger, a reversed Gilnean Royal Guard or even Zilliax become really powerful since they go from 1-3 hp to 7.

The problem is make this guy survive and keep it high on hp since if they leave him with 1 hp all your minions turn to 1 hp (or 3 if you HP him before) making him quite useless even if he survived.

Probably the best way is turn 6 with Divine Spirit you turn him to 14 hp and your enemy will most likely send him to 5-7 if he doesn't have hard removal

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