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Patch 9.0.5 Build 37774: Chain Lightning Buff

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Blizzard buffed Shaman's Chain Lightning Chain Lightning in this week's 9.0.5 PTR build that is labeled as Release Candidate!



  • Chain Lightning Chain Lightning - Hurls a lightning bolt at the enemy, dealing [ 47% 63.5% of Spell Power ] Nature damage and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Affects 3 total targets.

No other notable class changes are present in the build. You can find a summary of all class changes coming in Patch 9.0.5 below.

6D5HKWY2GULD1465340163386.png Death Knight KONFY3G21NRT1465340163602.png Mage 4K4NG17DH5OC1465340163651.png Rogue

Death Knight 9.0.5 Class Changes

Mage 9.0.5 Class Changes

Rogue 9.0.5 Class Changes

742W2C4VQJ651465340163518.png Demon Hunter MD3875H6PEN31465340163613.png Monk TGVJ0Y6O051R1465340163670.png Shaman

Demon Hunter 9.0.5 Class Changes

Monk 9.0.5 Class Changes

Shaman 9.0.5 Class Changes

BIML5YS7P8XA1465340163522.png Druid FTPZBBV8LWHM1465340163625.png Paladin Y65BR5SJIAKM1465340163689.png Warlock

Druid 9.0.5 Class Changes

Paladin 9.0.5 Class Changes

Warlock 9.0.5 Class Changes

3AP8QPDFMH191465340163595.png Hunter MMF2M70OD4PY1465340163646.png Priest Q21ASBT2SDXX1465340163697.png Warrior

Hunter 9.0.5 Class Changes

Priest 9.0.5 Class Changes

Warrior 9.0.5 Class Changes

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    • By Starym
      We have the long-awaited upgrade of the quest log cap in today's hotfixes, as well as Cobalt Assembly tuning, gnolls getting less aggro-happy, class, quest, profession fixes, dungeon improvements and more.
      December 9 (Source)
      Fixed an issue where The Best at What I Do would lose or reset progress. Unfortunately, current achievement progress will reset for this fix. Classes
      Mage Fixed an issue where Energized Barriers was removing auras instead of just the associated snare effect. Monk Mistweaver Fixed an issue that caused Accumulating Mist to not apply its buff if Soothing Mist was channeled on targets other than the Monk. Priest Discipline Fixed an issue preventing Catharsis from triggering Atonement healing. Shaman Enhancement Fixed an issue where Static Accumulation did not always properly work for the entirety of the duration of Ascendance. Fixed an issue where Hailstorm’s maximum stacks could improperly be refreshed to a lower number when talented into Overflowing Maelstrom. Warlock Soulburn now lasts 20 seconds and can no longer be canceled. Spells affected by Soulburn are now correctly highlighted. Creatures and NPCs
      Fixed an issue where Brackenhide Gnolls in the Azure Span could pursue players over a much greater distance than intended. Dragonriding
      Fixed the target of the parachute when using ride-along. The passenger will now correctly get the parachute, not the driver. Dungeons and Raids
      Brakenhide Hollow Sentiu now shows up to help players out of the dungeon after they defeat Decatriarch Wratheye. Hackclaw’s War-Band Reduced damage for Rira Hackclaw’s Savage Charge on Normal and Heroic, allowing players a better chance to survive if things go wrong. The damage is not changed on Mythic. Halls of Infusion Gulp Swog Toxin no longer kills creatures and can only affect players. Improved the visual for the Primalist Galesinger’s Thunderstorm so it is easier to see when placed in the water. Nokhud Offensive The Raging Tempest Fixed a bug where Orb of Power does not grant players Surge of Power if the Stormsurge Totem is destroyed. Return to Karazhan Opera Hall: Westfall Story Corrected an issue where Thunder Ritual and Wash Away were doing an incorrectly high amount of damage in Mythic (but non-Keystone) difficulty. Ruby Life Pools Lord Stormsong Fixed an issue that was causing Ancient Mindbender to require too much damage to break. Items and Rewards
      Fixed an issue where Furious Ragefeather was not triggering from various damaging spells. Fixed an issue where Infurious Legrwraps of Possibility was providing the incorrect amount of Haste when triggered. Fixed an issue where some Dragonflight toys were not getting added to the collection. Professions
      Fishing With the increase in fishing activity in the Dragon Isles, the Tuskarr at the watering holes are now looking for 20 fish (was 10) to restock their best fishing holes. They will be granting the following rewards: 200 Iskaara Tuskarr reputation for the first turn-in of Islefin Dorado. 100 Iskaara Tuskarr reputation for the first turn-in of each type of common fish. 5 Iskaara Tuskarr reputation for subsequent turn-ins of all fish. The rare summoned lunkers are already immune to death grip, but the Elite lunkers are not which can make them trivial to defeat. The Elite lunkers (the ones summoned at fishing holes with Ominous Conchs) are now immune to Death Grip. Developers’ Note: Normal lunkers randomly found while Tuskarr are fishing (and those available in world quests) are still susceptible to Death Grip. Quests
      The maximum number of quests that a player-character may have has been increased to 35 (was 25). Developers’ notes: We’ve seen feedback about the quest log cap for a long time, and we agree. It’s time to increase it. Have fun taking on (up to) 10 additional adventures! Fixed an issue where players were unable to see PvP World Quests while in Valdrakken. Ohn’ahran Plains Fixed an issue that occasionally caused multiple Grand Hunts to run at the same time in the Ohn’ahran Plains. Thaldraszus Fixed an issue where credit was not being shared among party members during “Flying Rocs.” Fixed the interact range for objectives on “Time-Locked Timewalkers.” World Quests Updated tooltip to include Digging Spot on “Forgotten Grotto Relics.” The Waking Shores Fixed an issue where Djaradin in the Burning Ascent were not correctly giving credit for the quest objective in “Make a Statement.” Fixed an issue where multiple instances of NPCs would remain after turning in “The Shadow of His Wings.” Reputation
      Cobalt Assembly Arcane Health will no longer be offered beyond 5 stacks. Arcane Consumption will no longer be offered when in War Mode.
    • By Staff
      It's finally time! Sometime later today Blizzard will be increasing the quest log cap! 
      Quest Log (Source)
      We’ve seen feedback about the quest log cap for a long time, and we agree. It’s time to increase it. With a change coming soon today to all Dragonflight realms:
      The maximum number of quests that a player-character may have has been increased to 35 (was 25). Have fun taking on (up to) 10 additional adventures!
    • By Staff
      We have some very large class tuning coming with the start of Dragonflight Season 1, as tanks get some big changes and 5 DPS classes get tuned, in addition to some PvP adjustments as well.
      Class Tuning (Source)
      With the launch of Dragonflight Season 1, we’re making some tuning adjustments to classes during scheduled weekly maintenance on December 13.
      Tank Specializations
      We’ve been taking a long look at Tank survivability as we prepare for the beginning of Dragonflight Season 1. In general, we’ve found that the new talent trees have introduced a lot of power across all classes and specializations. Talents that were once exclusive through systems like the Talent Rows, Legendaries, or Covenants can now be equipped at the same time. Through our recent testing, we’ve determined that the damage done to tanks needs to be increased. While we’re thrilled that players are enjoying playing tanks in Dragonflight and want the role to be healthy, there are some negative effects that can come from tanks being too strong, that we want to avoid. We want healers to play a key role in keeping tanks alive, and tanks shouldn’t be able to easily solo large portions of encounters after the rest of their group have died.
      We’re adjusting the damage reduction passives on all of the tanks, effectively increasing the damage tanks take by 10%. We think tanks will still feel powerful after this change, and it will result in a more balanced gameplay experience for all players.
      Death Knight
      Blood Blood Fortification no longer reduces damage taken (was 10% damage reduction). Demon Hunter
      Vengeance Demonic Wards Rank 1 and Rank 2 passives have been removed, reducing Demonic Wards total damage reduction to 10% (was 20% damage reduction). Druid
      Guardian Ursine Adept no longer reduces damage taken (was 10% damage reduction). Monk
      Brewmaster Brewmaster’s Balance no longer reduces damage taken (was 10% damage reduction) Paladin
      Protection Aegis of Light no longer reduces damage taken (was 10% damage reduction). Warrior
      Protection Vanguard no longer reduces damage taken (was 5% damage reduction). Defensive Stance now reduces damage taken by 15% (was 20%). Damage reduction remains unchanged at 10% effectiveness in PVP. Damage Specializations
      A number of changes below are targeted at reducing the passive healing provided to several DPS specs. While some amount of passive healing can be a perk for some specializations, we think these particular abilities are providing too much benefit, particularly compared to more active options.
      Demon Hunter
      The Hunt now heals for 10%/20% (as Havoc/Vengeance) of damage dealt to the marked target for 20 sec (was 25%/50% for 30 seconds). Charred Warblades now heals for 3% of Fire damage dealt (was 5%). Fixed an issue that unintentionally permitted Fodder to the Flame’s heal effect to crit. Havoc Essence Break damage reduced by 8%. Priest
      Shadow Vampiric Touch healing reduced to 30% of damage dealt (was 50%). Devouring Plague healing reduced to 30% of damage dealt (was 50%). Rogue
      Leeching Poison’s leech bonus reduced to 5% (was 10%). Assassination Poison Bomb’s chance to trigger reduced to 4/8% per combo point (was 5/10%). Outlaw Dispatch damage increased by 5%. Pistol Shot damage reduced by 6%. Subtlety Black Powder damage reduced by 5%. Fixed a bug that caused Secret Technique to interact incorrectly with Cold Blood. Warlock
      Fel Synergy now causes Soul Leech to heal you for 15% of the absorption it grants (was 25%). Soul Leech now grants shields up to 5% of maximum health (was 10%). Demon Skin now increases Soul Leech’s absorption up to 10% of maximum health (was 15%). Warrior
      Fury Gushing Wound damage and healing reduced by 10%. Bloodthirst damage increased by 1%. Bloodbath damage increased by 1%. Developers’ notes: Bloodthirst and Bloodbath damage has been increased to compensate for the Gushing Wound damage reduction. Player versus Player
      In addition to the above game-wide Tank changes, we felt that certain tank specializations have been over performing in PvP. Alongside this, there were several DPS specializations that had self-healing higher than we were comfortable with. Most of the listed changes listed below are meant to make adjustments to address these concerns.
      Demon Hunter
      Developers’ notes: With the new talent trees, Demon Hunter Sigils have become stronger than we’d like in PvP, specifically the duration Sigil of Misery, so we are targeting talents that were contributing to that. Additionally, Demon Hunters’ damage in PvP is higher than we have been comfortable with so we are reducing the damage from Essence Break, in addition to last week’s reduction for The Hunt.
      Sigil of Misery PvP duration reduced to 4 seconds (was 5 seconds). Concentrated Sigils duration increase value reduced by 50% in PvP combat. Precise Sigils duration increase value reduced by 50% in PvP combat. Extended Sigils duration increase value reduced by 50% in PvP combat. Developers’ notes: In order to display correct PvP values, the tooltip for Extended Sigils will be changed in a future update. Fodder to the Flame heal effect reduced by 40% in PvP combat. Havoc Consume Soul heal effect when consuming a Demon Soul reduced by 60% in PvP combat. Essence Break damage reduced by 20% in PvP combat. Death Knight
      Blood Blood for Blood increases the damage of Heart Strike by 30% (was 60%). Shattering Bone damage reduced by 25% in PvP combat. Druid
      Guardian Moonfire damage reduced by 20% for Guardian Druids in PvP combat. Thrash damage reduced by 20% for Guardian Druids in PvP combat. Brambles damage reduced by 50% in PvP combat. Rage of the Sleeper reflect damage reduced by 50% in PvP combat. After the Wildfire healing reduced by 40% in PvP combat. Sharpened Claws increases the damage of Thrash and Swipe by 10% (was 25%) in PvP combat. Tooth and Claw increases the damage of Maul by 20% (was 40%) in PvP combat . Paladin
      Protection Word of Glory healing reduced by 30% in PvP combat (Protection Paladin only). Light of the Titans healing reduced by 40% in PvP combat. Guardian of the Forgotten Queen cooldown increased to 5 minutes. Mage
      Fire Combustion can no longer be dispelled. Developers’ notes: We feel that the counterplay to Combustion, a major self-cast offensive cooldown, did not feel appropriate as it was easily dispelled. We are hoping with this change that it will prompt more creative solutions to counterplay the ability. We didn’t want to make this change previously, due to balance concerns, but now feel it is an appropriate time to bring it in line with other major cooldowns. Rogue
      Soothing Darkness heal effect reduced by 50% in PvP Combat. Assassination Hemotoxin (PvP Talent) healing reduction effect reduced to 35% (was 40%). Subtlety The Rotten damage bonus for Backstab and Shadowstrike reduced to 30% (was 50%) in PvP combat. Developers’ notes: Shadowstrike was hitting too hard, leaving minimum room for counterplay for opponents and taking too much damage in a single stun. Warrior
      Fury Bloodthirst now restores 2% of your health in PvP combat (was 3%). Slaughterhouse now decreases healing taken by 3% per stack (was 5% per stack). Slaughterhouse now stacks up to 12 times (was 8 times). Slaughterhouse duration increased to 9 seconds (was 6 seconds). Slaughterhouse duration is no longer refreshed when adding stacks. Protection Shield Charge damage reduced by 25% in PvP combat. Booming Voice now increases the damage you deal by 10% (was 20%) in PvP combat.
    • By Stan
      SimulationCraft have a preliminary pre-raid DPS simulation for Vault of the Incarnates up on their site. Check out how your spec performs in a simulated Patchwerk-style environment before the raid opens! 
      DISCLAIMER: The simulations are a work in progress and for actual logs, we'll need to wait for the raid to open on December 12. The simulation has been conducted using a Patchwerk boss fight and character templates with an average 422 item level. 
      Not all specializations have been implemented yet.
      SimulationCraft is open source and you can contribute to making it better!
      Pre-Raid Vault of the Incarnates Patch 10.0.2 DPS Simulation
      Created with Highcharts 4.2.3 Damage per Second(Click title for burst)96,04789,57789,46586,83185,85885,00484,72284,30380,20878,24077,27376,00450,63147,30346,732T29_Shaman_Enhancement_GambaT29_Shaman_EnhancementT29_Shaman_Enhancement_PhysT29_Death_Knight_Frost_DWT29_Death_Knight_FrostT29_Death_Knight_UnholyT29_Shaman_ElementalT29_Death_Knight_Frost_2hT29_Monk_Windwalker_SerenityT29_Monk_Windwalker_SEFT29_Druid_BalanceT29_Priest_ShadowT29_Warrior_ProtectionT29_Death_Knight_BloodT29_Paladin_ProtectionT29_Shaman_Enhancement_Gamba● Damage per Second: 96,047.0 Created with Highcharts 4.2.3 Damage Taken per Second(Click title for burst)29,19223,28818,170398T29_Death_Knight_BloodT29_Warrior_ProtectionT29_Paladin_ProtectionT29_Priest_Shadow Created with Highcharts 4.2.3 Heal and Absorb per Second14,7351,697952T29_Death_Knight_BloodT29_Warrior_ProtectionT29_Paladin_ProtectionT29_Death_Knight_BloodMaximum: 22,878.3Upper quartile: 15,589.0Mean: 14,735.2Median: 14,661.7Lower quartile: 13,784.1Minimum: 8,711.4  
      Source: SimulationCraft
    • By Starym
      Well, the speed-completionists are getting a lot of work done, from the speed leveling, to Glory of the Hero, and now we have a payer maxing out all Dragonflight Renown!
      Tobias-the-Fox managed to get very well-known among the Dragon Isles denizens, getting all the Renown bars filled up and grabbing the Popular Around the Isles achievement along the way. So what does something like this "cost"? Well, apparently 7 days and 13 hours of /played time since DF launch! There's also a large amount of irony as the game still tells the player to ""Raise your Renown with the major factions of the Dragon Isles to continue the campaign.", but they can't! You can check out the full details of how they did it below.
      Here are some comments from Tobias-the-Fox, the speed-completionist:
      No exploits were used in the making of this achievement.
      Total /played at max level, 7 days 13 hours. I was the first to Valdrakken, I believe, and then got Expedition shortly after, Maruuk over the next couple of days, and Iskaara has taken me the last three days to finish. In the process, I got enough Expedition tokens to take an alt from 0 renown to 25, heh.
      Now, I at last feel like I can take a break. It was tons of fun racing, grats to those who came before me (Expedition, Iskaara - I got it with totems, by the way, not fishing) and I have to say it's the most fun I've had with WoW in quite a few years.
      -Signed, Server First Level 80 of Burning Blade (that was also an epic adventure)
      Edit: Oh, btw, if anyone is curious, the campaign still says "Raise your Renown with the major factions of the Dragon Isles to continue the campaign." Yeah, sure game, I can't though!
      I indeed have no life. Disability sucks. Please don't be like me. ?
      There's specific ways to grind each faction with repetitive content in unlimited ways. Something Blizzard hasn't done for quite a few expansions. Kinda neat, I guess? I'm happy to not feel a strong obligation to treat the game as a daily task, though. I want to enjoy my other hobbies, too!
      [The mini guide]
      Valdrakken is just Obsidian Keys till your eyes bleed. I did it before everyone and their mythic raid guild started spamming the place, and I only used the hyperspawn stuff on the last day because it was starting to get difficult to do it normally. My route was, with good pullers and the Stolen Rocket Hop, to pull the entirety of middle, half of lava, the other half of lava, then vault south, then vault north, then middle should be respawned again. That strat is likely not going to work as well since dead shards are hard to get.
      Maruuk was just Grand Hunting Party spamming, and it was a nice break from the heavy focus of having to orchestrate those huge Djardin pulls.
      Iskaara was 40-50 hours of farming totems. I don't have the patience for fishing, so I went the chests route. Figured out the best time-per-rep pathing and slowly learned all of the spawn locations. Did you know that in WoW, each chest "group" in the majority of cases consists of three different spawn points that will change? If it's in one of these locations, it won't be in the other two. Brackenhide area has a whopping five chest spawns, and there's at least a dozen more in my routing path that I was collecting with a friend. Respawn is about 2-3 paths through, so I had to shard hop some, but I made sure to try to help with whoever's group I joined. World quest, group quests, rare killing, etc. I'd help while my friend would locate the Bracken chests with Detection.
      Expedition is funny because I got it alongside Valdrakken. I had some sort of weird bug with Wrathion where he always gave me an epic crate. I wasn't the only one who was stuck like that, and it gave 1 Valdrakken toke and 3 Expedition tokens every time. I actually thought for the longest time that I was getting epic boxes because I was best friends with the other dragon and he was bribing me. Doesn't matter though. I ended up with 2000 Dragon Isles Artifacts from the Iskaara farm, which is enough to take my alt (with DMF) from Renown 0 to Renown 25. XD
      I also ended up with 400 Primal Chaos, so can we please offer these as part of Crafting Orders? I will *never* be able to use this many. Also, 50k resources, though I've burned through most of them with buying all available renown items.
      Actually I try to binge the games I play because otherwise I tend to lose interest or feel like it's a chore. It's so nice to feel WoW *not* being a chore right now. I can choose to come back and do stuff if I want, or I can poke at other things. I won't fall behind, because I can surge ahead when I need to.
      And yeah, I enjoyed it. I am not going to complain I'm bored, or that there's nothing to do, because that's what I want. I want there to be nothing major to do. Then, I can do the stuff that's simply fun and random. Toy or pet hunting, seeing the sights, collecting dragon transmog from rares, and more.
      For the last 5 years, WoW has felt like a chore, and like I'm getting pulled in too many directions, none of them fun. Now, I'm thinking maybe I won't feel that way. Bi-weekly WQs is wonderful (though I'd enjoy the climbing and photography quests a bit more frequently, stuff like that?) and gives me a breather from the game throughout the week. I think I'm going to like that in the long run.
      Oh and there's still far from "nothing to do" for me. I wanna collect all the things, see all the sights! Then when there really is "nothing" to do, maybe try to figure out some of these last little secrets. :3
      I scare me, too. Promise. So much farming. So many hours.
      Now now, I took proper care of myself during all of this aside from sleeping 4-hours or less per day average. Though I really have to thank my roommate for helping me with meals during much of this grind.

      Congratulations on getting it done and on some well-deserved rest!
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