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Free-to-Play Hero Rotation: Week of February 15th

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It's nice to see things back to normal, and this is a pretty mixed week, with some good options for every class. Unlike last week which was the Tank/Bruiser paradise. Also, Butchers back *sigh*. Honestly surprised we hadn't seen him for as long as we did.



There's nothing wrong with Alex, absolutely nothing wrong. But... This is QM, where even GIGANTIC GLOWING SIGNS ON THE FLOOR aren't enough to get people here to get their healing. At least it's not as bad as Ana where people constantly juke your shooting health into them and act like thats your fault, but that's a whole other thing.



This guy is a beast. He's not quite the unkillable 1 on 1 murder machine that some bruisers are (Diablo etc). At least, he's not anymore. But he's still super good and Talents like Shield Battery and Force of Will can really make him hard to kill with him blade dashing about the place. Try to get good swap + Blade Dash combos going if you can, but don't worry if you can't.



Okay, for someone to be at the top, somebody has to be at the bottom, and for Bruisers, that sadly, is Arthas. Guy should have had a rework long before this, but here we are. Still, being a bruiser means he's still not too bad as they're a pretty fun and easy to use class all round really. He's got Slow effects for days and a decent root, although the timing is a little finicky. Try both Heroics as I think both are actually pretty good for what they do.



Some of you don't remember what he was like when he was first introduced for 20000 gold and it shows. Successive nerfs have left him with only his Firebreath as his real source of damage, so I recommend going all in on that side of things and hopefully you'll get somebody with some decent crowd control effects to help you set that up. Still INCREDIBLY OPRESSIVE to fight against and absurdly powerful. Even Cho'Gall pales in comparison and he takes up two character slots. Sure they nerfed Skyfall, but it's STILL a 100% reliable way of preventing the enemy from channelling objectives with zero vulnerability. Again, I want you to consider what he was like on release. Those were dark times man, and in my mind the beginning of Tychus's QM redemption arc.



A superlative tank, D.Va is very hard to deal with and has some great tools for survival and a keep-away in the form of her Self-Destruct. Do keep in mind that losing the mech still counts as half a kill for your opponent though. So play safe. Very good as an offlaner and ok as a jungler (but not really her primary focus) she's a good Tank.



D.Va is a good tank, ETC is a GREAT tank. He stuns! He pushes people back! He self heals! He has THE BEST AOE CROWD CONTROL HEROIC IN THE GAME! He's got an amazing toolkit of skills to help the rest of his team win teamfights, from having a button that allows you to stop a teamfight that's going south and walk away to being able to pick off enemy heroes trying to retreat when the shoe is on the other foot. Even the most braindead of QM players know that a MoshPit = Free Damage, and ETC is a hero who delivers. Great great tank, if a little short of damage even by the standards of that class.



I have never clicked with Kael's playstyle cadence. It just never clicks for me, buttons don't feel in the right place. But I more than respect his damage output in the hands of those that do. A very pure backline mage, Kael can vomit out damage if allowed to spellcast, and specialises in teamfight chaos that punishes the enemy for bunching up. He has two good Heroics, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE REALISE THAT PYROBLAST IS SITUATIONAL AS HELL. Yes, I know, Phoenix is less cool looking, I know. But Jesus H Christ COULD YOU STOP CASTING PYROBLAST ON VARIAN. Or Nazeebo (iceblock) or Jaina (Iceblock again) or Dahaka (Submerge) or when playing against a Medivh, or a Tracer? Maybe? There's something weird going on with her and her rewind vs Pyroblast.

Just... just use against the Vala and make her life a living hell.


Li Li

Want to play a healer? But don't want to worry about things like "skill shots" or "skill" in general? Want to have extra movespeed at basically all times so you can never be easily caught? Well, here's your Hero.

You press Q. Sometimes E. In a teamfight you press R for one of the most opressive Teamfight Heroics in the game. Sometimes you press W on a hero who is low on health? That's it. There's nothing else. If you get saddled with that "Play 3 games with a Healer" quest, and you just can't be arsed. Just put your brain into neutral and do LiLi three times. You will contribute, and nobody will notice that you were watching Bargain Hunt on the TV the whole time.



I've seen some division in the community over how good she is. People who take One in the Chamber say she's good, people who pick Anti-Armour rounds say she's bad. So pick One in the Chamber and play a good version of Nova. Easy. A very nasty burst assassin who roams the lanes looking to help laners with pick-offs. Ultimately you need to work on your Snipe game to get her to work. Also, pick Orbital in small, close battlegrounds where the enemy has an easier time walking back to his structures to hide behind against your triple tap. Also, all rules concerned PyroBlast also apply to Triple Tap. With One In The Chamber she actually can do a bit of jungling, even without stacks of Bribe... but honestly you want Bribe, as getting three stacks of it, walking behind enemy lines and bribing the best camp you can find is part of her gameplan.



I don't know why this Hero is classed as a Melee Assassin and not a Bruiser. Even Cassia is a bruiser now, and she's less tanky than Qhira. Hell, DAHAKA is almost less Tanky than Qhira. Except Qhira is doing Asssassin tier damage as well. Horrible and opressive to play against, to play with, just spin to win whenever fights start going against you, vomit out DOT because OF COURSE SHE HAS THAT and then press a button to heal at any point you like. HORRIBLE League of Legends tier character and kit design.

Really strong though, so whatever, a wins a win right?



Man, even without all the rest of the stuff, just making his Wall a basic skill makes this guy amazing. The transition from Support to Ranged Assassin was a kind one to Tassadar. Blocking off peoples retreats, or their access to you, throwing down Psionic Storms on the ground, throwing lasers about the place and two really decent battleground dependant heroics. Tass is a great backline Teamfight Hero with EXCELLENT laning, sieging and jungling utility. Lots of fun stuff to be doing, but he isn't necessarily a good solo roamer and ganker or anything. Still get's his old escape back at later levels if you feel like you need it.



Feels like we haven't seen Butch in a while in these rotations. But here he is. So... I know that QM is meant for people who want to test out heroes and such... but seriously if you pick Butcher in QM you are a kind of a monster. This is an assassin who isn't going to contribute until he makes his stacks, and you can't just safelane to make those like you used to before his rework made him catagorically worse. He's the very height of feast or famine assassins in the game. If you see a Butcher in your team, you have a moron you have to babysit for over half the game, and if he starts putting talent choices into Charge talents (aside from Meat Shield because that whole talent tier is kind of trash), just leave. Right there.

Hamstring build is probably your best option of actually contributing and getting kills early on, Charge just gets you killed unless you are very very careful with it.  Furnace Blast requires some pretty precise timing to get absolutely right, whilst Lamb to the Slaughter is a bit more user friendly to get results from. Brutal Strike should be always picked, as should Enraged (nothing wrong with Crippling Slam, but Enraged just has more general utility and can get you out of a jam) Best advice I can give is DON'T USE CHARGE unless you're certain it will get a kill. Don't charge into the enemy team. Don't start teamfights. Finish them.

He DESPERATELY needs a rework though. I can't emphasise this enough. Like, remove the quest reward extra damage and just pack that into the meat stacks general attack gain. Then make it so Regen Spheres give 5 Meat Stacks, I mean ,they're shaped like hearts it's weird that they don't anyway. So now you have better options for just laning. I have strong feelings about Butcher and how he is to play with.



Because they wanted to throw Butcher a bone since he's on rotation they gave him this all he can eat Nordic Buffet. TLV never really recovered from the XP Orb change, and now the only way to really use them is to just roll around as a big group... in a week when Kael is also on rotation as well. Even if TLV were good these days I wouldn't recommend them on this week of all weeks. Cool concept... but a lot of work for minimal reward.



I used to bully Deathwings with a Corrosive Saliva Roachling Build. Everyone gangster until the Roachlings start doing %health damage. Generally though you want to abuse her Volatile Acid talent to hurl banelings across the goddamn map at people and buildings. Don't pick Creep talents, players in QM target that stuff as if it gives out  XP. On big maps use Nydus Worms to set up double and maybe even triple lane pushing whilst the rest of your team contests the objective. On smaller ones, maybe give the Maw a go. There's a couple of different ways of building Zaggy these days and all of them aside from Creep build are pretty good, so give them a go.

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