Tassadar Build Guide “Executor, I stand ready!”

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General Information

Welcome to our guide for Tassadar, a Ranged Support in Heroes of the Storm. Within these pages, you will find everything required to understand how best to play this hero, in both different map styles and team compositions.

1. Tassadar's Overview

Tassadar is a ranged support Hero with both great offensive and defensive potential. He is often seen as a "Semi Support" since he is capable of dishing out significant damage while protecting his allies with powerful shields at the same time. Tassadar is one of the most versatile Heroes in the game, which makes him fit into many different team compositions.

2. Tassadar's Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Strong shields with relatively low cooldown
  • +Psionic Storm Icon Psionic Storm provides great waveclear
  • +Counters stealthed Heroes by using Oracle Icon Oracle
  • +Heavy AoE damage while in Archon Icon Archon form
  • +Fantastic escaping possibilities thanks to Dimensional Shift Icon Dimensional Shift
  • +Allows a variety of talent builds
X Weaknesses

3. Tassadar's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Templar's Will Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Templar's Will Icon
Level 4 Khala's Embrace Icon
Level 7 Mental Acuity Icon
Level 10 Force Wall Icon Archon Icon ?
Level 13 Adun's Wisdom Icon
Level 16 Phase Disruption Icon Psionic Echo Icon ?
Level 20 Force Barrier Icon Twilight Archon Icon ?

The Templar's Will Build focuses on enhancing Tassadar's Basic Attacks with the help of Templar's Will Icon Templar's Will. At Level 10, both Heroic Abilities are viable. While Force Wall Icon Force Wall prevents enemy Heroes from running away, Archon Icon Archon causes Tassadar's Basic Attack to hit even harder. All in all, we recommend this Build if your team already features a solid Support but lacks damage, especially if the enemy team has no Blinds to prevent your Basic Attacks from hitting.

Offensive Support Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Psi-Infusion Icon
Level 4 Khala's Embrace Icon
Level 7 Psionic Projection Icon
Level 10 Archon Icon
Level 13 Adun's Wisdom Icon Nullification Icon ?
Level 16 Psionic Echo Icon
Level 20 Twilight Archon Icon

The Offensive Support Build focuses on boosting Tassadar's offensive capabilities, most importantly his Psionic Storm Icon Psionic Storm and Archon Icon Archon abilities. We recommend this Build if your team already features a solid Support but lacks the damage to take down enemy priority targets.

4. Tassadar's Synergies and Counters

V Tassadar synergizes with

Tassadar is the perfect match for Warriors and Assassins who require special protection in order to unfold their true potential. As such, Heroes like Artanis or Illidan will greatly benefit from the protection Plasma Shield Icon Plasma Shield provides, while the Lifesteal makes them much more resilient. Valla, for the same reasons, synergizes extremely well with Tassadar, especially if combined with another Support.

X Tassadar is countered by

Tassadar does not really get countered by a lot of Heroes, however, there are a few that can cause some problems for him. First and foremost, Varian's Shattering Throw Icon Shattering Throw talent allows him to break Tassadar's shields very quickly. Furthermore, Tassadar is susceptible to Silences, which makes Alarak a rather uncomfortable opponent to face.

5. Tassadar's Maps

Tassadar's stronger maps
Braxis Holdout Haunted Mines Infernal Shrines Towers of Doom
Tassadar's average maps
Blackheart's Bay Cursed Hollow Dragon Shire Garden of Terror Hanamura Temple Sky Temple Tomb of the Spider Queen Volskaya Foundry Warhead Junction
Tassadar's weaker maps
Battlefield of Eternity

Tassadar is an extremely versatile Hero, which makes him perform decently on most maps. However, the truly shines on battlegrounds on which he can fully utilize his Plasma Shield Icon Plasma Shield defensively against pushing Map Objectives, such as Golems or Punishers. We usually do not recommend picking Tassadar on Battlefield of Eternity, due to his low single target damage against Immortals.

6. Tassadar's Tips and Tricks

  • Using Oracle Icon Oracle causes Tassadar to dismount. If possible, make sure to use it first and mount up after.
  • Tassadar is a formidable solo laner. Try to harass your opponents with basic attacks by using Plasma Shield Icon Plasma Shield on yourself as soon as you notice your enemy fights back.
  • Plasma Shield Icon Plasma Shield can be used on allied Structures. Use this to buy your team more time while defending.
  • If your team is retreating, remember that Psionic Storm Icon Psionic Storm can be used to dismount pursuing enemies.

7. Tassadar's Role in the Current Meta

Tassadar is a true allrounder that fits into a variety of team compositions thanks to his great utility. He acts as a Semi Supporter, which means he is usually not capable of keeping an entire team alive on his own. However, his Plasma Shield Icon Plasma Shield is an excellent tool to protect individual targets from burst damage, while his Psionic Storm Icon Psionic Storm provides great waveclear and AoE damage in team fights. Tassadar works really well when protecting fragile assassins like Illidan or Jaina, and counters Stealthed Heroes like Nova or Zeratul because of his Oracle Icon Oracle ability. Unlike other Heroes, Tassadar can be played efficiently on all of the maps currently available.

8. Changelog

  • 30 Jan. 2018 (talents page): Changed Khaydarin Resonance from Recommended to Not Recommended.
  • 29 Jan. 2018 (talents page): Updated Khala's Light description and updated Tassadar's Talent Builds.
  • 03 Sep. 2017 (talents page): Changed Force Barrier from Not Recommended to Situational and updated several other talent descriptions.
  • 07 Aug. 2017 (this page): Removed Tassadar's Full Support build.
  • 06 Jul. 2017 (talents page): Updated Adun's Wisdom's description.
  • 06 Jul. 2017 (abilities page): Updated Tassadar's Plasma Shield description.
  • 09 Jun. 2017 (talents page): Changed Khala's Embrace from Not Recommended to Recommended and updated Talent Builds.
  • 04 May 2017 (talents page): Updated several of Tassadar's talent descriptions.
  • 28 Feb. 2017 (talents page): Updated Khaydarin Resonance in accordance with the latest Balance Update.
  • 31 Jan. 2017 (talents page): Changed some Level 7 and Level 13 talent recommendations.
  • 25 Jan. 2017 (this page): Guide moved to the new format and updated following the changes in Valeera's patch.
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