Croconys Seashore Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lost Ark

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This page provides the locations for all Mokoko Seeds in Lost Ark's Croconys Seashore.


Croconys Seashore Mokoko Seed Locations

Croconys Seashore Mokoko Seeds
  • Mokoko Seed #1 is located near some barrels and a palm tree.
  • Mokoko Seed #2 is located on the fishing dock, near the water wheel.
  • Mokoko Seed #3 is in the middle of the beach under a grass patch.
  • The fourth Seed is located betwixt a grouping of palm trees.
  • Mokoko Seed #5 is obscured from vision by a large tree.
  • Mokoko Seed #6 is near some barrels of fish.
  • Mokoko Seed #7 can be found in plain site against a rock wall.
  • Mokoko Seed #8 can be found under vegetation near a mossy rock wall.
  • Mokoko Seed #9 is on a wooden balcony.
  • Mokoko Seeds #10 and #11 are behind a strong barricade. It will break... eventually.
  • #12 and #13 can be claimed by climbing up a vine wall.
  • Mokoko Seed #14 can be located under a giant tree.
  • Mokoko Seed #15 is at the top of a large wooden structure, hidden by ivy.
  • You will find the 16th Mokoko Seed near the water's edge, obscured from vision by ivy.
  • The seventeenth Mokoko Seed is next to a treasure chest on a small island.
  • The last (finally) Mokoko Seed is located at the edge of the beach near a dilapidated boat.

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