Season of Discovery Holy Paladin Healer Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities

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On this page, you will learn how to optimize the rotation of your Holy Paladin Healer, depending on the type of damage your group is receiving while doing PvE content in WoW Classic - Season of Discovery. We also have advanced sections about cooldowns, procs, and others in order to minmax your healing output and your mana efficiency.


Healing Rotation

When playing a Healer, you typically do not use a rotation, but more so you must determine which of your abilities to use in order to do the most healing while using the least resource and causing the least amount of over-healing. Familiarizing yourself with the tools available to you as a Holy Paladin is absolutely crucial to best optimize your Mana usage, especially in the lower level bands where Mana is likely to be a major issue.


Abilities for Holy Paladin

  • Holy Light Icon Holy Light is a large, single-target heal that casts very slowly. This can be used to preemptively heal incoming damage, but will often times lead to over-healing thus making it a less than optimal choice in most situations.
  • Divine Light Icon Divine Light is another powerful heal that will offer the same things Holy Light does while also providing an absorb shield for any overhealing that it does. This makes it a very powerful spell, especially when the group isn't taking super heavy damage as you will gain extra absorb healing for the future.
  • Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light is a very quick, efficient heal. While Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light does heal less than Holy Light Icon Holy Light, it costs considerably less mana and synergizes incredibly well with talents like Illumination Icon Illumination and the Rune Sacred Shield Icon Sacred Shield. This will be the ability you are casting primarily in order to avoid wasting Mana over-healing.
  • Holy Shock Icon Holy Shock is an instant cast heal that can be quite expensive but powerful. Anytime you need emergency healing or find yourself in need of a cast on the move, make use of Holy Shock.
  • Keep Sacred Shield Icon Sacred Shield active on the primary damage recipient at all times.
  • Beacon of Light Icon Beacon of Light should be kept active on a target at all times.
  • While it is not an ability, ensure you are keeping the Sheath of Light Icon Sheath of Light buff active by auto attacking for a considerable amount of bonus spell power.
  • Ensure you have the Aura of your choosing active. This will often times be Devotion Aura Icon Devotion Aura, but feel free to switch to any school of magic resistance if you find yourself taking a lot of that type of damage.


As a Holy Paladin, the seal you will be using can greatly benefit your group. Seal of Light Icon Seal of Light can apply a debuff that will heal anyone who attacks the target you judged and Seal of Wisdom Icon Seal of Wisdom can return Mana to anyone attacking the target you judged. As we transition into larger group content this can be quite useful as the amount of healing done per Mana spent will often be well worth it. If you find yourself struggling with Mana, consider going into Seal of Martyrdom Icon Seal of Martyrdom and auto attacking the boss with it active.



Blessings are incredibly powerful buffs unique to Paladin. Each Paladin is able to have one blessing active per friendly target, so make sure if you are playing with another Paladin to coordinate who is giving what blessing to each party member. Remember that with utility abilities like Blessing of Freedom Icon Blessing of Freedom and Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection, this will remove the buffs; make sure to reapply them after using either of these.

Blessing of Freedom Icon Blessing of Freedom removes all snaring/slowing effects and makes the target immune to them for the duration of this buff. This is an incredibly powerful tool both for avoiding slows, but in some cases completely ignoring boss mechanics.

Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection makes the target immune to all Physical damage. It can also be used to remove pesky stuns like Kidney Shot Icon Kidney Shot. This blessing shines especially on caster DPS who either pulled aggro or find themselves in the middle of a pack of mobs.

Blessing of Might Icon Blessing of Might increases the Attack Power of the friendly target for 5 minutes, extended to 10 minutes with Enhanced Blessings Icon Enhanced Blessings.

Blessing of Wisdom Icon Blessing of Wisdom increases the Mana per 5 of the friendly target for 5 minutes, extended to 10 minutes with Enhanced Blessings Icon Enhanced Blessings.

Blessing of Salvation Icon Blessing of Salvation Reduces the threat the the friendly target generates by 30% for 5 minutes, extended to 10 minutes with Enhanced Blessings Icon Enhanced Blessings.

Blessing of Light Icon Blessing of Light Increases the amount of healing the target receives with Holy Light Icon Holy Light and Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light for 5 minutes, extended to 10 minutes with Enhanced Blessings Icon Enhanced Blessings.



Auras are passive buffs the Paladin can choose which will benefit allies within 30 yards. These range from extra resistances against specific schools of magic to less spell casting push back. Each Paladin may only have one Aura active at a time, so make sure to coordinate if there is another Paladin in your group.

Concentration Aura Icon Concentration Aura gives a 35% chance to ignore spell push back when taking damage.

Frost Resistance Aura Icon Frost Resistance Aura increases Frost resistance of all party members.

Fire Resistance Aura Icon Fire Resistance Aura increases the Fire resistance of all party members.

Devotion Aura Icon Devotion Aura increases the Armor value of all party members.

Retribution Aura Icon Retribution Aura causes Holy damage to anyone who attacks a friendly target this aura active.



Lay on Hands Icon Lay on Hands is a massive heal that heals a friendly target for the Paladin's total max health. This costs all of your current Mana, so make sure only to use this in an absolute emergency. If you are specced into Improved Lay on Hands Icon Improved Lay on Hands then it will also provide a massive armor buff to the target.

Divine Sacrifice Icon Divine Sacrifice is a powerful cooldown that greatly reduces the incoming damage of your party. This ability redirects 30% of all incoming damage to the Paladin and will automatically cancel itself after 10 seconds or if the Paladin goes below 20% health.

Divine Protection Icon Divine Protection renders the Paladin immune to all physical damage for 8 seconds. During this time the Paladin will not be able to cast any physical attacks or melee swing. This is a weaker version of Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield and should only really be used in a situation where Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield is unavailable.

Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield protects the Paladin from all incoming damage and spells for 10 seconds but increases attack speed by 100% while it is active. This is an incredibly strong cooldown that can be used not only to mitigate damage but in some cases completely trivialize mechanics.

Divine Intervention Icon Divine Intervention should only be used as wipe protection in a situation where your group is certainly going to die. The Paladin sacrifices themselves to shield an ally from all attacks and spells. This effect will render the target completely immune for 3 minutes though they will not be able to move or act while the buff is active.



Hammer of Justice Icon Hammer of Justice stuns the target. This can act as a psuedo interrupt and should be used often to mitigate as much damage as possible.

Cleanse Icon Cleanse cleanses a friendly target, removing 1 disease, poison and magic effect.

Purify Icon Purify purifies a friendly target, removing 1 disease and poison effect.

Turn Undead Icon Turn Undead fears an Undead target for 15 seconds.

Sense Undead Icon Sense Undead shows the location of all nearby Undead on your mini map.


5-Second Rule

In WoW Classic, for the 5 seconds following using a Mana-consuming ability your character will not regenerate Mana outside of your MP5 stat. Once you have gone 5 seconds without spending Mana your Spirit will kick in and greatly increase your mana regen. This can be difficult as a Holy Paladin due to our reliance on constantly casting Flash of Light Icon Flash of Light, so always ensure you have Blessing of Wisdom Icon Blessing of Wisdom active on yourself.



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