Shen'dralar Reputation Farming Guide

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The Shen'dralar, meaning "Those Who Remain Hidden" in Darnassian is the name of a faction of Highborne Night Elves who reside in Eldre'Thalas, today most commonly known as the Dire Maul.

The importance of Shen'dralar in WoW Classic comes from the Fire Resistance trinkets that they offer (one trinket per class). They also reward 3 leg/head enchants: Arcanum of Focus Icon Arcanum of Focus, Arcanum of Protection Icon Arcanum of Protection, Arcanum of Rapidity Icon Arcanum of Rapidity.

In this guide, we will learn about the story of the Shen'dralar, how to earn reputation with them, and how to get the aforementioned rewards.


Lore of the Shen'dralar

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The Shen'dralar were Queen Azshara's most revered arcanists, charged with the storage and safekeeping of her most precious tomes. Within the walls of Eldre'Thalas the Queen's most important demands were processed — often in secret. Led by Prince Tortheldrin, the Shen'dralar dutifully obeyed their queen. They journeyed into the misty heart of Kalimdor's southern jungles and established a grand city called Eldre'Thalas.

The Shen'dralar defended their city as best they could during the War of the Ancients. As legend has it, it is said that the Ancient Goldrinn came to their aid to help them defend their city against the Burning Legion.

When the Great Sundering later decimated the world, Eldre'Thalas narrowly escaped destruction. Only the efforts of Tortheldrin and his followers spared the city. Together, they wove a great spell to shield Eldre'Thalas from the destructive forces of the Sundering. Although they had saved their city, then Shen'dralar soon discovered that the Well of Eternity had been consumed in the Sundering. Without the fount of power to draw on, Tortheldrin and his followers saw their immortality greatly diminished. The Shen'dralar soon fell into a deep lethargy and languished in their isolated sanctuary.

Tortheldrin eventually formulated a plan to revitalize the Shen'dralar. He forged pylons in the halls of the west wing of Eldre'Thalas, constructing a prison to house a new source of power behind a grand force field: A demon named Immol'thar. To the shock of the other Shen'dralar, Tortheldrin had covertly summoned and bound the terrifying creature to siphon the demon's power and give it to his followers. Any objections were quickly settled once the other Shen'dralar experienced the demon's energy for themselves. Though dark and volatile, Immol'thar's power was invigorating and addictive, more so than the Well of Eternity had been. The siphoned energies would sustain the Highborne's magic, allowing those within the walls of Eldre'Thalas to feed their endless and growing magical pangs. Had the demon broken free of its bonds, it would have destroyed what little was left of Eldre'Thalas.

In the ensuing years, the Shen'dralar continued to be isolated from the rest of Night Elf society, and so their subsequent dangerous actions went unnoticed by their distant kindred. They were never exiled from Kalimdor, nor have any Shen'dralar become High Elves or Blood Elves.

Thousands of years passed and the power required to keep Immol'thar imprisoned while sustaining life within Eldre'Thalas began to shift. The cost to keep Immol'thar bound grew to overshadow the rate at which energy could be siphoned and distributed. The once net gain turned to loss. Almost overnight, Tortheldrin's seemingly ingenious plan unraveled, and his access to the demon's magic was gone. Not only had the Shen'dralar lost their immortality once again, but they had also grown hopelessly addicted to Immol'thar's potent energies. Desperate to regain his power, Tortheldrin and his Shen'dralar loyalists began murdering their fellow Highborne. At least one Highborne, named Azj'Tordin, has escaped death at the hands of Prince Tortheldrin, but most have not been so lucky. Their spirits now wander the corridors and courtyards of Dire Maul.

Tortheldrin's treacherous plan worked. Having thinned the population, the remaining elves could draw on Immol'thar's power indefinitely. With the Shen'dralar's numbers diminished, Tortheldrin and his followers abandoned much of their once-glorious city. The greater part of Eldre'Thalas fell into darkness and despair. Soon, other creatures from the surrounding jungles moved in to stake their claim to the crumbling elven refuge.


Gaining Reputation

Your Shen'dralar reputation will start from "Neutral" after first you interact with them. Beyond that, you will be able to increase your reputation by turning in Librams and Class Books.

Each Libram or Class Book will award you 500 reputation and turning in more Librams will keep awarding you reputation. There is also one dungeon quest with extra reputation.



Shen'dralar faction rewards mainly consists of quest rewards, as previously mentioned.

Class Books can be turned in once and award you a class trinket. Librams can be turned in repeatedly for obtaining Arcanums to enchant Head or Leg items and for gaining more reputation. All are listed below in detail.


Class Books

Details Rewards


All Librams drop from bosses mobs in Dire Maul. They can be turned in, along with extra mats, to Lorekeeper Lydros for Shen'dralar reputation and a leg/head enchant. Elven Legends (Alliance) or Elven Legends (Horde) needs to have been completed before you can turn in Librams.

Materials Rewards
  • Reputation
    • 500 reputation with Shen'dralar
  • Enchant

Additional Quests

Finally, we have 5 additional quests that award Shen'dralar reputation.



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