Season of Discovery Hunter Melee DPS Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities

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On this page, you will learn how to optimize the rotation of your Melee DPS Survival Hunter, in WoW Classic - Season of Discovery. We also have advanced sections about cooldowns, procs, and others in order to minmax your damage efficiency.



The Melee Hunter rotation is based entirely around using your only available melee abilities on cooldown. The rotation is quite simple with little room for variation.



Including your new Runes, your abilities are Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite, Raptor Strike Icon Raptor Strike, and the new Flanking Strike Icon Flanking Strike. You also have the option to use Carve Icon Carve for AoE.


Melee Hunter PvE Rotation

Your rotation as a Melee Hunter involves a priority list. Keep all of the below abilities on cooldown while always staying in melee range to not miss auto-attacks.

  1. Flanking Strike Icon Flanking Strike;
  2. Raptor Strike Icon Raptor Strike;
  3. Mongoose Bite Icon Mongoose Bite;
  4. Carve Icon Carve.

Ranged Weaving

Hunters are unique in that they have both a melee and a ranged basic attack with separate cooldowns and short animation times. While most ranged Hunters will try to optimize their rotation by weaving in melee attacks, melee Hunters have the choice to do the opposite. If you did want to optimize a bit, you would want to run out into range every ~10 seconds to do a single auto-shot plus a Multi-Shot Icon Multi-Shot. You could optimize this further by doing it slightly more frequently with Serpent Sting Icon Serpent Sting as well, but you risk running out of mana with too many ranged shots.


Cooldowns for PvE as a Hunter

Other than racial abilities, Melee Hunters will not have any cooldowns to use.