Season of Discovery Hunter Melee DPS Gear and Best in Slot

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On this page, you will find the best PvE gear and best in slot items for your Melee DPS Survival Hunter in WoW Classic - Season of Discovery.


Melee Hunter Season of Discovery Best in Slot

This is the gear we recommend as the best possible items available in the third phase of Season of Discovery for your Melee Hunter. This list assumes a stat priority of:

Hit > Agility > Crit > Attack Power > Stamina

This list excludes any items that are bound to you as soon as they are crafted in order to avoid making any profession feel required. For more information on the stats that you should be looking for, check out the stats page listed below.

This list is made up of dungeon/world drops, world event rewards and quest rewards.


Phase Best in Slot

Sunken Temple Phase 3 Gnomeregan Phase 2 Blackfathom Depths Phase 1

Sunken Temple (Phase 3) Beast Mastery Hunter Best in Slot

This list is made up of Sunken Temple raid drops, world drops, profession gear, quest rewards and dungeon drops. As Horde you will have access to the quest for Rune of the Guard Captain Icon Rune of the Guard Captain, this is our second strongest trinket but as Alliance you should opt for Avenger's Void Pearl  Icon Avenger's Void Pearl.

Helm Knight-Lieutenant's Chain Helmet  Icon Knight-Lieutenant's Chain Helmet Honor Vendor
Neck Bloodstained Charm of Valor  Icon Bloodstained Charm of Valor Sunken Temple
Shoulders Shrieking Spaulders  Icon Shrieking Spaulders Leatherworking
Back Panther Fur Cloak  Icon Panther Fur Cloak Sunken Temple
Chest Dread Hunter's Chainmail  Icon Dread Hunter's Chainmail Sunken Temple
Wrists Void-Powered Slayer's Vambraces  Icon Void-Powered Slayer's Vambraces Engineering
Hands Foul Smelling Fighter's Gloves  Icon Foul Smelling Fighter's Gloves Sunken Temple
Waist Hyperconductive Goldwrap  Icon Hyperconductive Goldwrap Engineering
Legs Dread Hunter's Chausses  Icon Dread Hunter's Chausses Sunken Temple
Feet Albino Crocscale Boots Icon Albino Crocscale Boots Sunken Temple
Rings Drakeclaw Band of the Berserker  Icon Drakeclaw Band of the Berserker
Band of the Wilds  Icon Band of the Wilds
Sunken Temple
Sunken Temple
Trinkets Rune of the Guard Captain Icon Rune of the Guard Captain/Avenger's Void Pearl  Icon Avenger's Void Pearl
Roar of the Guardian  Icon Roar of the Guardian
Job Opening: Guard Captain of Revantusk Village/Blackfathom Deeps
Emerald Wardens — Exalted
Main-Hand Degraded Dire Nail  Icon Degraded Dire Nail Sunken Temple
Off-Hand Julie's Dagger  Icon Julie's Dagger World Drop
Ranged Weapon Precisely Calibrated Boomstick Icon Precisely Calibrated Boomstick Engineering

Gnomeregan (Phase 2) Melee Hunter Best in Slot

Helm Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl  Icon Glowing Gneuro-Linked Cowl Leatherworking
Neck Gnomeregan Peace Officer's Torque  Icon Gnomeregan Peace Officer's Torque Gnomeregan
Shoulders Troggslayer Pauldrons  Icon Troggslayer Pauldrons Gnomeregan
Back Prototype Parachute Cloak  Icon Prototype Parachute Cloak Gnomeregan
Chest Blazewind Breastplate  Icon Blazewind Breastplate Quest reward in the Badlands from Tremors of the Earth (A) or Broken Alliances (H)
Wrists Forest Stalker's Bracers Icon Forest Stalker's Bracers Exalted with the Warsong Gulch Faction reputation
Hands Bonk-Maestro's Handguards  Icon Bonk-Maestro's Handguards Gnomeregan
Waist Darkvision Girdle  Icon Darkvision Girdle Gnomeregan
Legs Electromantic Chausses  Icon Electromantic Chausses Gnomeregan
Feet Electromantic Grounding Sabatons  Icon Electromantic Grounding Sabatons Gnomeregan
Rings Ironspine's Eye Icon Ironspine's Eye
Ring of the Underwood Icon Ring of the Underwood
Scarlet Monestary - Graveyard
World Drop
Trinkets Gyromatic Experiment 420b  Icon Gyromatic Experiment 420b
Avenger's Void Pearl  Icon Avenger's Void Pearl
Gnomeregan final boss quest item
Blackfathom Depths final boss quest item
Melee Weapons Mekkatorque's Arcano-Shredder  Icon Mekkatorque's Arcano-Shredder
Cogmaster's Claw  Icon Cogmaster's Claw
Ranged Weapon Bloodlash Bow  Icon Bloodlash Bow Stranglethorn Vale Blood Moon event reward

Blackfathom Deeps (Phase 1) Best in slot

This list is made up of dungeon/world drops, world event rewards and quest rewards.

Helm Twilight Slayer's Cowl  Icon Twilight Slayer's Cowl Blackfathom Depths
Neck Sentinel's Medallion Icon Sentinel's Medallion Honored with the Warsong Gulch Reputation
Shoulders Mantle of Thieves Icon Mantle of Thieves Zone Drop in Razorfen Kraul
Back Cape of the Brotherhood Icon Cape of the Brotherhood Edwin VanCleef in Deadmines
Chest Twilight Slayer's Tunic  Icon Twilight Slayer's Tunic Blackfathom Depths
Wrists Forest Leather Bracers  Icon Forest Leather Bracers World drop bind on equip
Hands Void-Touched Leather Gloves Icon Void-Touched Leather Gloves Leatherworking
Waist Cord of Aquanis  Icon Cord of Aquanis Blackfathom Depths
Legs Troll's Bane Leggings Icon Troll's Bane Leggings World Drop BoE
Feet Twilight Slayer's Footpads  Icon Twilight Slayer's Footpads Blackfathom Depths
Rings Ring of Precision Icon Ring of Precision
Band of the Iron Fist  Icon Band of the Iron Fist
World Drop
Blackfathom Depths
Trinkets Avenger's Void Pearl  Icon Avenger's Void Pearl Blackfathom Depths final boss quest item
Melee Weapon Guardian's Trident  Icon Guardian's Trident Blackfathom Depths
Ranged Weapon Azshari Arbalest  Icon Azshari Arbalest Blackfathom Depths


  • 03 Apr. 2024: Updated with Sunken Temple BiS.
  • 20 Feb. 2024: Updated with Gnomeregan BiS additions.
  • 04 Feb. 2024: Updated for phase 2.
  • 16 Dec. 2023: Guide updated.
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