Season of Discovery Retribution Paladin DPS Guide

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Welcome to our DPS Retribution Paladin guide for WoW Classic - Season of Discovery, tailored for PvE content. Here, you will learn how to play the Paladin class as a DPS Retribution Paladin. Click the links below to navigate the guide or read this page for a short introduction.



Retribution Paladin has received a major rework in the Season of Discovery, alleviating many of the issues with the Class, while also adding some fun tools and abilities allowing you to maximize your damage. Retribution Paladin has undergone many major changes throughout Season of Discovery and has made former Rune abilities Seal of Martyrdom Icon Seal of Martyrdom and Exorcist Icon Exorcist baseline allowing us to easily fill what was once a sizable gap in our rotation where the major focus was Auto Attacking. While not only being an incredible damage dealer, Retribution Paladin offers some of the games most powerful buffs and life-saving cooldowns in the form of their unique Blessings. Abilities such as Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection can be used to immediately stop physical damage on an ally close to death or even just allow them to play more dangerously while the buff is active.

Retribution Paladin is one of the most highly sought-after DPS in Season of Discovery due to their massive contributions to groups, in the form of incredible damage output, as well as their powerful Blessings and Auras. Should you decide to play a Retribution Paladin you will have absolutely no issue finding groups for all kinds of content, but especially Dungeons, Raids and Battlegrounds.

Strengths icon Strengths
  • +Incredible single target/cleave DPS
  • +Powerful unique buffs
  • +Immense soloing capabilities
  • +Great solo/group utility in the form of cooldowns
Weaknesses icon Weaknesses
  • -Extremely Mana reliant
  • -Gear dependent
  • -Limited mobility

Season of Discovery

Paladin has received some major changes in the Season of Discovery version of Classic World of Warcraft, and with those changes come many new ways to play one of the games' original classes. Below we have included guides to keep you current on not only Season of Discovery changes, but general game play tips and lists so you are best prepared to tackle the new adventures that await you in the Season of Discovery on your retribution Paladin.

Through the addition of entirely new abilities and runes, the rotation, gearing options, and talent decisions for retribution Paladin has changed drastically with the coming of Season of Discovery. Use the guides located in the Table of Content at the top of this page to find all the information you'll need to master this new game mode!


Rune Engravings

Make sure to check out our Rune Engravings guide to best understand what each rune does for your Paladin. Likewise, if you're unsure where to locate these runes, we've listed the location for every Season of Dicovery Rune in the guide below to help you find the best available runes for your clas!.



Professions have always been a big part of Classic WoW but are made even more important in Season of Discovery with the addition of many new recipes.

Engineering provides tons of situationally useful goodies that will help you in combat both in PvP and PvE either to deal more damage or sometimes even a niche defensive cool down to mitigate or even entirely avoid incoming damage or crowd control.

Blacksmithing now provides even more great gear with the new recipes found in Season of Discovery. Many of the new Epic crafted items are Bind on Pickup so you will need the respective profession to use the items.



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