Season of Discovery Protection Paladin Tank Stat Priority

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On this page, you will find out the optimal PvE stat priority for your Protection Paladin Tank in WoW Classic - Season of Discovery. We first present the stat priority, before delving into more complex explanations.


Stat Priority for Protection Paladins


Defensive Stats

  1. Stamina;
  2. Strength;
  3. Agility;
  4. Armor;
  5. Intellect;

Threat Generation Stats

  1. Hit Chance (to 6%);
  2. Strength;
  3. Spell Damage;
  4. Intellect;

Stats Further Explained



1 point of Stamina equals 10 hit points, having a high amount of Stamina as a tank is crucial to be able to survive any kind of encounter but especially against spell casters are you are not able to dodge, block, or parry incoming spell damage. Stamina is the most reliable as it is a flat increase to health as opposed to other mitigation stats.



Strength grants a flat increase to your Attack Power stat as well as giving a slight amount of block rating, due to the addition of abilities in Season of Discovery this stat has become even more valuable as a you can now generate a significant amount of threat with physical damage in addition to what you were already able to do with spell damage modifying abilities.



Agility provides dodge rating and a very slight amount of crit, while this stat can help your threat/survivability it is often not worth losing out on either Stamina or Strength to obtain.



Armor causes you to take less physical damage, while this is a great stat to have you do not really need to target it as all gear naturally comes with it and the majority of mail gear you will be targeting is of highest armor values currently available.



1 point of Intellect equals 15 Mana and a small amount of spell crit. Intellect is an incredible stat for Paladin as especially early on mana can be an issue but due to many changes made in Season of Discovery you will not have to worry anywhere near as much about this stat.


Hit Chance

Hit Chance increases your chance to hit, which is the single largest way to increase your threat generation, missed abilities generate 0 threat so when possibly target this stat though there is a very minimal amount available at this level range. Reaching the 6% hit cap required for bosses in Gnomeregan is not realistic with gear currently available though any hit you are able to add is extremely valuable but should not be prioritized over defensive stats.


Spell Damage

A considerable amount of Paladin threat comes from Spell Damage though in Season of Discovery many of the new tools available to us such as Divine Storm Icon Divine Storm scale with our Attack Power as opposed to Spell Damage. This stat is still a key part of playing Protection Paladin as it will bolster your abilities such as Seal of Righteousness Icon Seal of Righteousness and Holy Shield Icon Holy Shield to deal more holy damage when attacking.



  • 11 Feb. 2024: Updated for Phase 2.
  • 16 Dec. 2023: Guide updated.
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