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Classic Blacksmithing Profession Guide

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Blacksmithing is one of the core armor crafting professions, allowing you to craft armor that will help you as a new 60 and potentially last for multiple phases. In this guide, we focus on the important items that this profession offers.



Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing are the core armor-crafting professions in WoW Classic. Blacksmithing allows you to craft Mail and eventually Plate armor, which specifically is gear for Warriors and Paladins. Alternatively, you can choose to specialize in crafting weapons as a Weaponsmith, and will be able to make useful weapons for almost every class.

Blacksmithing uses ores and metals to craft. It can be quite expensive to level and maintain, so pairing it with Mining can be quite beneficial, especially early on when materials will be more expensive. Mining will allow you to farm your own materials without needing to buy them on the Auction House.



Leveling any profession comes down to using the profession, usually to craft items. Blacksmithing is no different. You will want to craft items that are hard, which means they will be color coded as orange in your Blacksmithing menu. If you cannot craft something orange, yellow is an acceptable alternative. Green recipes will very rarely level you up, while gray recipes will never level you. There is not strictly one way to leveling Blacksmithing, and the best choices for what items to make to level can vary depending on what materials you have available.

If you want a more concrete guide on what to level to get from 1-300, check out this Blacksmithing leveling guide over at wow-professions.com.





For 1-75, you will be an Apprentice. You will want to find Journeyman Blacksmiths, who can be found in any major city along with other bigger towns in some early zones, such as Tognus Flintfire in Dun Morogh and Dwukk in Razor Hill. Early levels and skills are not hard to come by; just visit a major city to find a trainer if you find yourself stuck.



For 75-150, you will be a Journeyman. You will want to find Expert Blacksmiths, who can be found in Undercity, Thunderbluff, Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Ironforge. To find their exact locations, speak to a guard in the city.



To level past 150, you must be learn Blacksmithing IconExpert Blacksmith. As you go up in levels, trainers become more scarce. For Expert, you have three options.



The final levels of Blacksmithing, 225-300, require Blacksmithing IconArtisan Blacksmith. To become an Artisan, you must go to Brikk Keencraft in Booty Bay.



Blacksmithing is one of the select few professions in WoW Classic that offers specializations within the profession. As a Blacksmith, you can choose to become an Armorsmith IconArmorsmith or a Weaponsmith IconWeaponsmith. Once you are 200 in Blacksmithing, you can pick up the quest for whichever specialization you want to choose from a Blacksmithing trainer.



Becoming an Armorsmith allows you to specialize in crafting armor. Specifically, you will be able to learn how to craft tons of new Rare and Epic pieces that have Fire Resistance on them. Pieces like Dark Iron Helm Icon Dark Iron Helm are important for Plate-wearers that want to raid in Molten Core and eventually in Blackwing Lair, where having lots of Fire Resistance can be critical, especially as a tank. Fire damage is quite prevalent, and these pieces will be sought after early on.

There are two Armorsmith trainers, Grumnus Steelshaper in Ironforge for Alliance and Okothos Ironrager in Orgrimmar for Horde.

While most of the pieces that you will be able to learn how to craft are based around Fire Resistance, there are a few other important pieces that can be quite good. Those are listed below. The recipes for these are random world drops.

  • Lionheart Helm Icon Lionheart Helm — the recipe for this is a random world drop, but has a better chance to drop from Ragnaros in Molten Core. This is far and away the best helmet for some Plate wearers, and is highly sought after, especially by DPS Warriors. For some specs, this will continue to be BiS all the way through every phase of WoW Classic, making it a worthwhile investment.
  • Stronghold Gauntlets Icon Stronghold Gauntlets — has alright stats, but also makes you immune to disarm effects. These can be useful in PvP.

Below is the complete list of all Armorsmith-exclusive pieces that you will eventually be able to craft, should you become and Armorsmith.



Unlike Armorsmiths, Weaponsmiths instead focus entirely on crafting powerful weapons. Once you become a Weaponsmith, you will have the choice to specialize even further into becoming a master smith for a specific weapon type: swords, axes, or maces.

There are two Weaponsmith trainers, Ironus Coldsteel in Ironforge and Borgosh Corebender in Orgrimmar.

Below is the list of Weaponsmith-exclusive weapons that you will be able to craft.


Master Swordsmith

To become a Master Swordsmith, you will need to travel to Winterspring and speak with Seril Scourgebane. Complete his quests, and you will become a Master Swordsmith.

Below is the list of exclusive Swords that you will be able to craft as a Master Swordsmith.


Master Axesmith

To become a Master Axesmith, you will need to travel to Winterspring and speak with Kilram. Complete his quests, and you will become a Master Axesmith. The most important Axe that you will be able to craft is Arcanite Reaper Icon Arcanite Reaper, the plans for which drop from Bannok Grimaxe in Lower Blackrock Spire. The Arcanite Reaper is one of the best Two-Handed weapons in the game before stepping into raids, making it quite important to anyone who uses Two-Handed weapons, such as Retribution Paladins.

Below is the list of exclusive Axes that you will be able to craft as a Master Axesmith.


Master Hammersmith

To become a Master Hammersmith, you will need to travel to Winterspring and speak with Lilith the Lithe. Complete his quests, and you will become a Master Hammersmith. One of the most important Maces that you will be able to craft is Hammer of the Titans Icon Hammer of the Titans, the plans for which drop from Maleki the Pallid in Stratholme. The mace has a chance on hit to stun your target for 3 seconds, making it excellent for PvP.

Below is the list of exclusive maces that you will be able to craft as a Master Hammersmith.



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