The Defilers Reputation Farming Guide

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The Defilers are a Horde Icon H Horde faction introduced in Phase 4 alongside the Arathi Basin battleground. You can increase this reputation by playing and completing Arathi Basin objectives and quests, and various gear is made available at each reputation tier.

The Alliance has its own Arathi Basin faction, and you can learn more about The League of Arathor in our guide for them.


Who are the Defilers?

The Defilers are the Horde Icon H Horde faction reputation for the Arathi Basin battleground, and are composed of Forsaken warriors, who currently fight The League of Arathor for control of Arathi Highlands and its resources.


Location of the Defilers

You can find a flight path, the quartermaster, and quest givers for this faction north of Hammerfall, around 73,30 in the Arathi Highlands.


Gaining Reputation with the Defilers

The main way to gain reputation is by playing Arathi Basin and controlling bases, which will give you points towards winning the battleground and reputation whenever you hit certain point thresholds.

If you win, you will also receive 3 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor Icon Arathi Basin Mark of Honor, which can be turned in for additional reputation. Losing only awards 1 Arathi Basin Mark of Honor Icon Arathi Basin Mark of Honor.

There are also a few one shot quests which you can complete for a reputation boost, all given by Deathmaster Dwire.

  • The Battle for Arathi Basin! requires you to cap every point in the map except for the Farm. Being close to a point being capped counts towards completion.
  • Take Four Bases requires you to control 4 bases at the same time and is given at Friendly reputation.
  • Take Five Bases requires you to control all 5 bases at the same time and is given at Exalted reputation. While the awarded reputation is of little importance at this point, you will also get Battle Tabard of the Defilers Icon Battle Tabard of the Defilers for your display of dominance!

Also of note is For Great Honor, which requires you to turn in 3 Marks of Honor of each battleground, but gives a larger reputation boost for all battleground factions than separately turning in the marks for each individual battleground. This makes it much more efficient, overall, if you need to level up all of the reputations.


Quartermaster and Rewards

Rutherford Twing is the Defilers quartermaster and sells various consumables and powerful gear, which is easily comparable to Molten Core and Onyxia's Lair equipment at Exalted. This makes Arathi Basin a very popular destination, as all you need to get your hands into this gear is a little bit of time, with zero RNG involved.


The Defilers Gear Rewards

Item Required Reputation Item Type
Defiler's Talisman Icon Defiler's Talisman Friendly Trinket
Defiler's Cloth Girdle Icon Defiler's Cloth Girdle Honored Belt
Defiler's Leather Girdle Icon Defiler's Leather Girdle Honored Belt
Defiler's Lizardhide Girdle Icon Defiler's Lizardhide Girdle Honored Belt
Defiler's Chain Girdle Icon Defiler's Chain Girdle Honored Belt
Defiler's Mail Girdle Icon Defiler's Mail Girdle Honored Belt
Defiler's Plate Girdle Icon Defiler's Plate Girdle Honored Belt
Defiler's Cloth Boots Icon Defiler's Cloth Boots Revered Boots
Defiler's Leather Boots Icon Defiler's Leather Boots Revered Boots
Defiler's Lizardhide Boots Icon Defiler's Lizardhide Boots Revered Boots
Defiler's Chain Greaves Icon Defiler's Chain Greaves Revered Boots
Defiler's Mail Greaves Icon Defiler's Mail Greaves Revered Boots
Defiler's Plate Greaves Icon Defiler's Plate Greaves Revered Boots
Ironbark Staff Icon Ironbark Staff Exalted Staff
Mindfang Icon Mindfang Exalted Dagger
Defiler's Epaulets Icon Defiler's Epaulets Exalted Shoulders
Defiler's Leather Shoulders Icon Defiler's Leather Shoulders Exalted Shoulders
Defiler's Lizardhide Shoulders Icon Defiler's Lizardhide Shoulders Exalted Shoulders
Defiler's Chain Pauldrons Icon Defiler's Chain Pauldrons Exalted Shoulders
Defiler's Mail Pauldrons Icon Defiler's Mail Pauldrons Exalted Shoulders
Defiler's Plate Spaulders Icon Defiler's Plate Spaulders Exalted Shoulders
Deathguard's Cloak Icon Deathguard's Cloak Exalted Shoulders

Defilers Consumables

Item Required Reputation Item Type
Superior Healing Draught Icon Superior Healing Draught Friendly Healing Potion
Superior Mana Draught Icon Superior Mana Draught Friendly Mana Potion
Defiler's Silk Bandage Icon Defiler's Silk Bandage Friendly Bandage (125 First Aid)
Defiler's Mageweave Bandage Icon Defiler's Mageweave Bandage Friendly Bandage (175 First Aid)
Defiler's Runecloth Bandage Icon Defiler's Runecloth Bandage Friendly Bandage (225 First Aid)
Defiler's Field Ration Icon Defiler's Field Ration Friendly Food / Drink
Defiler's Iron Ration Icon Defiler's Iron Ration Friendly Food / Drink
Defiler's Enriched Ration Icon Defiler's Enriched Ration Friendly Food / Drink


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