Season of Discovery Shadow Priest DPS Talents and Runes

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On this page, you will find out the best PvE talents for your Shadow Priest in WoW Classic — Season of Discovery, as well as advised runes.


Shadow Priest DPS Talent Build

Your talent build as an Shadow Priest is fairly set in stone, all of your talent points will be required in the Shadow tree in order to unlock Shadowform Icon Shadowform which is an absolutely massive DPS increase compared to options outside of the tree.


Gloves — Shadow Word: Death Icon Shadow Word: Death

Pants — Homunculi Icon Homunculi

Chest — Void Plague Icon Void Plague

Waist — Mind Spike Icon Mind Spike

Feet — Dispersion Icon Dispersion

Shadow Word: Death Icon Shadow Word: Death is our default in the glove slot due to the considerable amount of damage it deals, while Penance Icon Penance is quite strong it unfortunately will remove you from Shadowform Icon Shadowform which is too much of a loss to be practical in a rotation. Mind Sear Icon Mind Sear should be considered when clearing trash and especially on bosses that require a lot of AoE.

Homunculi Icon Homunculi deal a considerable amount of damage on their own but much more importantly apply Armor reduction, Attack Speed slow and reduce Attack Power of any target they hit. While Shared Pain Icon Shared Pain has very niche uses it will almost always be better to default to Homunculi Icon Homunculi. Power Word: Barrier Icon Power Word: Barrier is a strong utility option to consider in a situation where your group is taking a massive burst of damage but losing out on Homunculi Icon Homunculi is not only a personal dps loss but their powerful debuffs can be difficult to replace on the target so only consider swapping in a situation where you will otherwise not survive.

Void Plague Icon Void Plague is another incredibly powerful damage over time effect. With Mind Spike Icon Mind Spike becoming the primary filler for Shadow Priest this lessens the value even more of Twisted Faith Icon Twisted Faith. With the other options being geared towards healing we will almost always default to Void Plague Icon Void Plague.

Mind Spike Icon Mind Spike takes a massive role as the primary filler ability in the Shadow Priest rotation and the other two Runes in the waist slot are geared more towards healing than DPS.

Dispersion Icon Dispersion is an absolutely incredible cooldown not only for mitigating incoming damage but also regenerating mana, this ability can also be used while stunned, feared and silenced while also removing snaring effects. Mana is still something you must consider as a Shadow Priest so this will help greatly with that though the addition of Shadowfiend Icon Shadowfiend does make Pain Suppression Icon Pain Suppression another viable choice for this slot if you find yourself in a situation where you need to reduce incoming damage on an ally instead of yourself.

More engravings are likely to come out as we reach higher level caps so make sure to checkout our general Runes guide to get a better understanding of what all tools you have available to your Priest.


Notable Shadow Priest Talents

The Shadow Priest talent tree is filled with passive effects that bolster not only your Shadow damage dealt but abilities to reduce your threat and otherwise make you more elusive.

Shadow Weaving Icon Shadow Weaving is a stacking effect that increases the amount of Shadow Damage a target takes, this is an incredibly strong debuff not only for the Priest but any other Shadow Damage dealer as well, while this is a great increase in personal DPS it really shines in large format content with other Shadow Damage dealers.

Vampiric Embrace Icon Vampiric Embrace apples a debuff to your target causing party members to be healed for 20% of Shadow damage you deal for 1 minute. This debuff has become even more valuable in Season of Discovery with the removal of the debuff cap, allowing Shadow Priests to offer a considerable amount of passive healing to their parties just by applying this debuff and continuing to do their DPS rotation.

Shadow Reach Icon Shadow Reach increases the range of your Shadow damaging abilities by 6% per rank this added ranged allows Shadow Priest to avoid dangerous situations while still managing to do their full DPS rotation. Abilities such as Mind Flay Icon Mind Flay are notorious for their incredibly short range.

Shadowform Icon Shadowform one of the most iconic abilities in the game Shadowform causes you to deal 15% additional Shadow Damage, reduces incoming Physical damage by 15% and in Season of Discovery reduces the mana cost of your Shadow spells by 50%.