Priest DPS Molten Core Gear

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items from Molten Core for your Priest DPS in WoW Classic. For more gearing advice, please refer to our Priest DPS Gearing and Best in Slot guide.


Molten Core Best in Slot List for Shadow Priests

Below, you will find the best-in-slot items for Shadow Priests Molten Core and Onyxia, along with pre-raid items where applicable.

Slot Item Source
  • Crimson Felt Hat Icon Crimson Felt Hat
  • Choker of the Fire Lord Icon Choker of the Fire Lord
  • Burial Shawl Icon Burial Shawl
  • Sapphiron Drape Icon Sapphiron Drape
  • Robe of Winter Night Icon Robe of Winter Night
  • Sublime Wristguards Icon Sublime Wristguards
  • Felcloth Gloves Icon Felcloth Gloves
  • Ban'thok Sash Icon Ban'thok Sash
  • Mana Igniting Cord Icon Mana Igniting Cord
  • Ring of Law (Ok'thor the Breaker) in Blackrock Depths
  • Various bosses in Molten Core
  • Fel Infused Leggings Icon Fel Infused Leggings
  • Skyshroud Leggings Icon Skyshroud Leggings
  • Snowblind Shoes Icon Snowblind Shoes
  • Maleki's Footwraps Icon Maleki's Footwraps
  • Azuregos world boss in Azshara
  • Maleki the Pallid in Stratholme
  • Ring of Spell Power Icon Ring of Spell Power **
  • Songstone of Ironforge Icon Songstone of Ironforge (Alliance)
  • Eye of Orgrimmar Icon Eye of Orgrimmar (Horde)
  • Maiden's Circle Icon Maiden's Circle>/li>
  • Various bosses in Molten Core
  • The Princess's Surprise (Alliance)
  • The Princess Saved? (Horde)
  • World drop BoE
  • Briarwood Reed Icon Briarwood Reed (damage)
  • Shard of the Scale Icon Shard of the Scale (regen) ***
  • Burst of Knowledge Icon Burst of Knowledge (damage)
  • Mindtap Talisman Icon Mindtap Talisman (regen) ***
One-Hand Aurastone Hammer Icon Aurastone Hammer Garr in Molten Core
  • Fire Runed Grimoire Icon Fire Runed Grimoire
  • Anathema Icon Anathema (from The Eye of Divinity Icon The Eye of Divinity)
  • Staff of Dominance Icon Staff of Dominance
  • Bonecreeper Stylus Icon Bonecreeper Stylus

** Note 1: While Ring of Spell Power Icon Ring of Spell Power is not unique and can be equipped in both ring slots, it can be difficult to obtain two. Fordring's Seal Icon Fordring's Seal is a great replacement for the second slot until you can obtain your second Cauterizing Band Icon Cauterizing Band.

*** Note 2: Regen trinkets are great at increasing overall damage, as Mind Blast Icon Mind Blast in particular is mana hungry.



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