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Tavern Brawl Blood Magic - Standard

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Easiest One Turn Kill I have ever seen.  Violet Illusionist = Your spells cost nothing + Arch Mage Antonidas = Infinite free fireballs.

You can also throw in Sorcerer's apprentices and molten reflections to drop spell costs

Violet Illusionist = Must have common card in ANY brawl deck for this UNLESS you run a 0 spell deck for whatever reason.

I faced a priest who coined out Violet Illusionist turn 2. He then played "Free from Amber" twice and I had to concede against The Lich King and Ysera turn 2...

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Okay, normally I'd be raging about how pointless this stupid brawl is, but if you want a quick win, here's one possible way:

Class: Druid
2xInnervate, 2xMoonfire, 2xClaw, 2xStonetusk Boar, 2xWrath, 2xMark of Y'Shaarj, 2xFeral Rage, 2xGnash, 2xViolet Illusionist, 2xBite, 2xSwipe, 2xNourish, 2xStarfire, 2xUltimate Infestation.

Last two cards don't really matter. Take Lunar Visions if you have them for more card draw, but any spell will do. Mulligan for InnervateViolet Illusionist and Ultimate Infestation. Draw like crazy, aim everything at face, enjoy turn one lethal.


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I like the brawl.

But I totally understand your point of view Keizoku.

The more you tweak your deck, the more you think about it and the more effective you make it (like in your example) the more pointless the brawl tends to get.

Up to "Leathal Turn 1".


But if you just make a deck without too much thinking about it you can have some fun with the brawl.

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