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Countess Ashmore Reveal: The Witchwood

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Countess Ashmore has the potential to draw 3 cards while creating a 6/6 for just 7 Mana. That is, if you can meet her demanding deckbuilding restrictions.


Right after we got a game-changing new card in Town Crier, Countess Ashmore has come along to keep the hype train rolling:


636585915984658987 (1).png

Card image courtesy of Hearthpwn.com


Countess Ashmore is obviously really good. Drawing 3 cards and getting a 6/6 for 7 Mana is insane, and you don't need me to tell you that. So instead of exploring her obvious upsides, let's talk about her downsides.

Countess Ashmore can't go in a normal deck. I haven't run the numbers, but my gut tells me that you need to run 5 or 6 total Rush, Lifesteal, and Deathrattle cards in your deck to get value from her Battlecry, with at least 1 card from each keyword. You'll be extremely happy if she draws 3 cards, still quite pleased if she draws 2, but disappointed if she draws just 1 or 0. Though you won't have to design your deck to facilitate her Battlecry quite as much as you have to with Master Oakheart, you still might need to dig around for some less than stellar cards to make her work. Every class can run juicy Deathrattle minions such as Cairne Bloodhoof and Bloodmage Thalnos, and I'd anticipate that most classes should have access to a decent enough Rush minion by the end of The Witchwood spoilers, but a decent Lifesteal minion might prove to be a problem for most of the game's classes. Priests can get double duty off of Obsidian Statue with Countess Ashmore, but are Hunters really going to run Bloodworm to make this card work? I don't think so.

This all leads me to believe that Countess Ashmore will be excellent in Priest and Warlock, the classes that naturally support the Lifesteal keyword, but that she might be a bit lackluster outside of those classes unless we get a decent neutral Lifesteal minion before the spoilers are over. I don't think control decks will want to put Pumpkin Peasant in their list just to get value for Countess Ashmore. However, I'd bet that Warlocks will be perfectly happy to put a ho-hum Rush minion or two into their deck so they can draw a Voidlord and an Amethyst Spellstone off her.

Which decks do you think Countess Ashmore will fit best in? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our Witchwood Hub for more information on the upcoming expansion.


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I would compare this to The Curator. Same cost, quite similar ability, one has Taunt, the other better stats.

The Curator saw quite a bit of play, often with "only" Dragons and Beasts in your Deck. So I would go so far as to say: even if you miss one of the keywords completely in your deck, this might still be worth playing.

So yeah, I could see this in all sorts of midrange or control-decks. Similar to the The Curator: if it happens to fit, it may fit quite well (so if you would play some Deathrattles, Lifelinkers and/or Rush-Minions anyways).

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I'll point out the extremely strong synergy with Gilnean Royal Guard the 3/8 8 mana rush/divine, you have it with 8 atk the turn after ready to play on curve. Azure Drake 2.0 playable with any class without thinking much.

Probably my first craft after Witchwood hits, the possibilities on this card are endless...

It's like a tutor for Leeching Poison in Kingsbane for example, or in Warlock for Spellstone

Probably the best in card in the whole set Dr. Boom 2.0 

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İf you are able to put dragons, beasts and murlocs in the same deck for Curator, you will do the same for this. Also, this card might see play in slow r paladin decks with cards like Tirion.

Dont know, she doesnt seem bad.

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Seems strong. It’s weaker than Curator against Aggro due to the lack of taunt (and primordial drake was a big pull against Aggro). But if you’re pulling three things that’s great. You can probably just pull two and be happy. Unless you’re running wep deathrattles or powerful lifesteal spells I think running rush minions with it is essential. Lifesteal and deathrattle minions generally do little the turn they’re played, I think you need to be drawing something with initiative with this.

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I am not sure you can pull a Leeching Poison (and similar cards) with this, I know it says card, not minion, but the card must have the keyword as an ability not giving/gaining it somehow. For the same reason you can't get a Corpsetaker by drawing/discovering a minion with the keywords on it, except for "battlecry" because it actually has a battlecry on its own.

I'm not sure if they'll change that but for now you could surely pull a Kingsbane with her but not the Leeching Poison imo.

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Countess Ashmore while Dollmaster Dorian and Spiritsinger Umbra are on the field

And in wild you can include Baron Riverdare too

Easy way to activate your voidlords or obsidian statues


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