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Tavern Brawl: Six-Shooter

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The new constructed Tavern Brawl this week requires you to make a deck of six cards.

This deck cannot have any duplicates, so you need to have one of each card. Once you have drawn your entire deck, your six cards will be reshuffled into it.

Some cards, like Beneath the Grounds, The Darkness, Fal'dorei Strider and Iron Juggernaut, seem to be banned.

Decks that have proven successful so far are OTK Priest, Jade Druid and Aggro Mage. Feel free to add any suggestions!

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Shaman (4-0):

Tunnel Trogg

Jade Claws

Totem Golem

Flamewreathed Faceless

Jade Lightning

Jade Spirit


Budget friendly, too fast for jade druids, just make sure you get turn one Tunnel Trogg, turn two Claws or Golem.

I'm sure you can fit in Aya somehow but I don't have her.

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