Death Knight Legendary Powers and Armor in Shadowlands

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An overview of Death Knight Legendary Powers and Armor available in Shadowlands.


Death Knight Legendary Armor

Legendary Armor pieces are named after Base Items, so two Legendary Armor pieces will share the same name, but have different Legendary Powers attached to them.

You can find more about crafting Legendary Armor in our Runecarving Guide.

Base Items are blank armor templates that are required to craft Legendary Armor in Shadowlands.

For more information about Base Items, please refer to our Base Items Guide.


General Legendary Powers

In addition to the Death Knight-specific powers presented in this page, there are 8 generic Legendary Powers in Shadowlands that are accessible to all classes. You can find them in our general Legendary Powers Guide.


Death Knight Legendary Powers

We divide Legendary powers into general, available to all classes, class-wide, available to all specializations within the same class, and specialization-specific, available to just one specialization. Legendary powers can only be imbued on Base Items and occupy specific armor slots, as outlined below.


Class-Wide Death Knight Legendary Powers

The following Legendary powers are available to all specializations:


Blood Death Knight Legendary Powers

The powers listed here are intended for Blood Death Knights.

To find out the best Legendaries for Blood Death Knight, please refer to our dedicated guide:


Frost Death Knight Legendary Powers

Here we list Legendary powers available to Frost Death Knights in Shadowlands.

To find out the best Legendaries for Frost Death Knight, please refer to our dedicated guide:


Unholy Death Knight Legendary Powers

Legendary powers included in this section are those of Unholy Death Knights.

To find out the best Legendaries for Unholy Death Knight, please refer to our dedicated guide:


General Legendary Powers

You can find a list of all general Legendary Powers shared between all classes and their effects in our General Legendary Powers Guide.


Covenant-Specific Death Knight Legendary Powers

In this section, we list all the new Death Knight Legendary Powers added in Patch 9.1. You can unlock them by reaching Renown 48 with your Covenant.

  • Abomination's Frenzy Icon Abomination's Frenzy (Wrist/Hands/Feet) — Abomination Limb Icon Abomination Limb's duration is increased by 4 seconds and the frequency it grants Bone Shield Icon Bone Shield (Blood), Rime Icon Rime (Frost), Runic Corruption Icon Runic Corruption (Unholy) is increased by 2 seconds. Additionally, enemies pulled by Abomination Limb take 10% increased damage from you for 12 seconds.
  • Final Sentence Icon Final Sentence (Head/Shoulder/Back) — When Shackle the Unworthy Icon Shackle the Unworthy spreads, instantly gain a Rune and your damage is increased by 3%, stacking up to 15% for 18 seconds.
  • Insatiable Hunger Icon Insatiable Hunger (Legs/Feet) — When Swarming Mist Icon Swarming Mist ends it deals (89.16% of Attack Power) Shadow damage to 5 nearby enemies, healing you for 25% of the damage dealt. The damage is increased by 2% for every 1 Runic Power spent while Swarming Mist was active.
  • Rampant Transference Icon Rampant Transference (Chest/Waist) — The strength gained from Death's Due Icon Death's Due is increased by 2% and persists for 2 seconds longer. While standing within your Death's Due your Runic Power generation is increased by 20%.

Class-Specific Legendary Powers

Legendary powers available to other classes in Shadowlands can be found below.



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