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Free-to-Play Hero Rotation: Week of January 11th

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I'm a little rusty, so correct me if I'm wrong, but here's the QM report.



To Play As: A very solid bruiser that is well worth the go. Don't be afraid of his 3 Spirits Heroic, this isn't DOTA, it's very easy to use and vomits out damage. If anything it's easier than the barrel to get results with.

To expect if you see one in your team: Nothing to worry about, may pick Barrel over the other Heroic, but that's not the end of the world like it would be with JR.


Deckard Cain

To Play: Remember when Potions had a 3 second cooldown not 4? Pepperidge Farm remembers. He's fine, but definitely one of those high skill floor healers like Ana, where the main frustration is your own team-mates avoiding your attempts to heal them. Still more forgiving than her though.

As teammate: Have some compassion and try not to juke his attempts to help you. Either Heroic is fine.



To Play: VERY good ranged Assassin, great damage, good escape that also provides shields, not tanky per-se, but definitely harder to kill than some other Assassins on this list. Don't get the laser unless you have a good setup for it like a Mosh Pit or similar. Gale is absolutely great for objective based maps as well. You see one as a teammate, he might be good, he might feed. He'll pick laser though regardless of what anyone else chooses.



To Play: I can never get good results with him outside of Shuriken Build, he's got escapes and damage mitigation for days, but you have to remember not to use those as your engages, and if you're still shakey with him you should go X-Slash as another soft escape/damage mitigator. It's VERY easy to start feeding with him. He's another OW hero with a health pool that only Murky would envy. On team? Pray he knows what he's doing.



She jungles! She waveclears! She provides AoE damage in team-fights! A genuine triple threat, but like all ranged assassins she'll melt if she get's caught out. She has a shield talent that can help in a pinch if it's taken, but it's really to help her stay alive in a chaotic teamfight. You might see her avoiding teamfights to waveclear or take mercs when you would prefer her in the scrum, and it's hard to say who would be in the right.


She's a bit more user friendly than she was, but for new users it's still pretty easy to overcommit and start feeding. She CAN do ferocious damage and is great for chasing wounded heroes down, but first time players will have trouble getting her ability combo off, and there are easier assassins on rotation this week. Hope for the best if you see one, but, understand it could go wrong for them very badly.



Solid. Solid as a rock. It's next to impossible to mess up as Muradin. He is the Ur-Tank, the apex, the alpha to whom all others are derived. He will take a lick and keep on ticking. He stuns, he tanks, he escapes, he engages, he slows! Haymaker is funny, but unless you know what you're doing Avatar form is just easier to use. Even the most inexperienced of players will struggle not to perform with Muradin.



One of those former Support classes who reported Abathur to HR and got demoted to "Ranged Assassin", Nazeebo is excels at waveclear, is decent at jungling and is great in a teamfight. Unlike most Assassins, with his trait he can be pretty tanky as those stacks build up, so he's more forgiving than some. Both Ults are situational, Garg is great for "Channel at an Objective" maps, whilst Spirit does a lot more damage from a longer distance than Nazeebo usually needs to be, and can go through walls. If you see one, be prepared to get constantly caught in his Zombies. Constantly.



THE SKILL FLOOR IS TOO DAMN HIGH. An entirely skillshot based assassin, if you get into the guts of her talent tree she can actually be pretty monstrous as an Autoattacker on the side, but in the main, you are hitting people with tiny sweetspot skillshots and if that works, damage! If not. DEATH. First time players will really struggle with this aspect, but sometimes they'll get lucky and it'll look like they've been using her for years.



In ancient times, Jimmy was the vanilla of vanilla heroes, they added some salt and pepper to that and now he's a very very solid reliable allrounder who excells at nothing but does everything well. Always a pleasure to see on the team.



There was a decent chunk of time when they kept buffing Slambarian build on her and it was glorious. You'd just melt teams in seconds with it. All nerfed now. It's still the only way I'd player her, saving her spin for harvesting health off creepwaves, but there's some back and forth over Poison Spear Vs Battle Rage as to whether you value instant damage to heroes, or if you want the heal. You'd be surprised how often 10% health get's you out of a jam. The extra jungling speed is neat too, but you look at both.

If seen in the wild, expect them to be doing constant beyblade impressions regardless of effect.



He claims he came here to play. But in reality, Stitches isn't playing around, this guy is an archetype as old as the genre almost, and even if you can't hookshot to save your life you can literally build him into a monstrous Tank/Bruiser hybrid so terrifying that doesn't matter. He's easier to misbuild compared to Chen or Muradin, but even then you're still left with a decent tank who can hookshot... some of the time.



Someone once said "You can't be a frontline tank! Your heal support" to Uther. And he took that personally. You want to heal things AND beat the *filtered* out of people at the same time? Well oh boy have we got a hero for you! Want a Heroic that rivals ETC's Mosh Pit for Teamfight utility? Well come on down and give Uther a go. I literally do not remember a single instance when I've played with an Uther and thought "wow, this guy isn't pulling his weight." I've thought "These are some weird talent picks, what's going on here" but that's usually closely followed by "Oh, nevermind, now I get it." As I wade, unkillable and unstoppable through fire and murder.



Exists. I guess? Shoot health into people, but it's not a skillshot so that's easier. But Uther's right there. What are you doing man. Tits are temporary, Holy Paladins are eternal.


As always, look through any heroes talent tree before you dive in on a new character, it costs nothing to at least try to let the poor randos playing with you have a good game.

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