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Muradin Build Guide “It's hammer time!”

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General Information

Welcome to our guide for Muradin, a Tank in Heroes of the Storm. Within these pages, you will find everything required to understand how best to play this hero, in both different map styles and team compositions.


Muradin's Overview

Muradin is one of the most durable Tanks in the game. He excels at disrupting enemy targets by Slowing and Stunning them with his Basic Abilities. Being a hard engaging initiator, he is capable of dictating the pace of team fights and Skirmishes. Muradin players are expected to draw the attention of the enemy to themselves, which allows their teammates to take an advantageous position. By the same token, Muradin has to use his crowd control abilities to peel for his fragile allies, notably Assassins and Healers.


Muradin's Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Very hard to kill
  • +Strong self-sustain, if needed
  • +Several crowd control abilities and interrupts
  • +Dwarf Toss Icon Dwarf Toss is a great gap-closer and a useful escape ability
  • +Allows flexible talent builds depending on the enemy team composition
X Weaknesses

Muradin's Talent Build Cheatsheet

Level 1 Perfect Storm Icon
Level 4 Thunder Burn Icon
Level 7 Give 'em the Axe! Icon Skullcracker Icon ?
Level 10 Avatar Icon
Level 13 Healing Static Icon
Level 16 Stoneform Icon
Level 20 Rewind Icon Unstoppable Force Icon ?

The Tank Build combines decent survivability with outstanding offensive tools to threaten the enemy backline and frontline alike. This Build is suited for most game situations you are going to find yourself in. At Level 7, Skullcracker Icon Skullcracker can be a great choice against foes that are using channeled abilities and are thus susceptible to getting interrupted by its mini-stun. Unstoppable Force Icon Unstoppable Force at Level 20 can be replaced by Rewind Icon Rewind if you require more precise timing over your crowd control. This can become extremely important if the rest of your team does not have a lot of Stuns, Roots, or Slows.

Bruiser Build

Talent calculator »
Level 1 Dwarf Block Icon Perfect Storm Icon ?
Level 4 Thunder Burn Icon
Level 7 Give 'em the Axe! Icon Skullcracker Icon ?
Level 10 Haymaker Icon
Level 13 Bronzebeard Rage Icon Healing Static Icon ?
Level 16 Dwarf Launch Icon Stoneform Icon ?
Level 20 Rewind Icon

The Bruiser Build is a lot more aggressive than the Tank Build. Focusing on damage related talents, such as Haymaker Icon Haymaker at Level 10 and Bronzebeard Rage Icon Bronzebeard Rage at Level 13 provides Muradin with plenty of pressure to wreak havoc in the enemy backline. At Level 16, Stoneform Icon Stoneform can be a solid alternative to Dwarf Launch Icon Dwarf Launch, especially if the enemy team features a lot of burst damage. All in all, it is important to highlight that we usually only advise to consider this build if your team hast at least one additional frontliner.


Muradin's Synergies and Counters

V Muradin synergizes with

Being able to follow up on Muradin's Storm Bolt Icon Storm Bolt with a devastating burst damage combos is what makes Kerrigan, Jaina, and Tyrande ideal partner. In terms of Supports, Rehgar's Earth Shield Icon Earth Shield at Level 13 scales extremely well with Muradin's high health pool, especially while in Avatar Icon Avatar form.

X Muradin is countered by

Muradin is fairly hard to counter, however, there are a few Heroes that can cause him a hard time. First and foremost, Heroes with percentage based damage, such as Tychus' or Malthael can shred Muradin's health very quickly, especially while in Avatar Icon Avatar. Heroes like Jaina or Alarak, on the other hand, can hinder Muradin's movement and deal huge amounts of burst damage.


Muradin's Maps

Muradin's stronger maps
Alterac Pass Dragon Shire Garden of Terror Infernal Shrines
Muradin's average maps
Battlefield of Eternity Blackheart's Bay Braxis Holdout Cursed Hollow Hanamura Temple Sky Temple Tomb of the Spider Queen Towers of Doom Volskaya Foundry Warhead Junction
Muradin's weaker maps

Muradin is good on most maps, however, he excels on maps like Infernal Shrines, Dragon Shire, or Garden of Terror, where he can use his innate resilience and strong rotations to enable plays for his entire team.


Muradin's Tips and Tricks

  • Stoneform Icon Stoneform should be used during Avatar Icon Avatar to increase its efficiency.
  • Thunder Clap Icon Thunder Clap is crucial to shut down nimble Assassins like Illidan or Valla.
  • Thunder Burn Icon Thunder Burn has incredible synergy with Healing Static Icon Healing Static, as the second explosion causes to heal Muradin as well.
  • Although Muradin is a great initiator, it is sometimes necessary to use Storm Bolt Icon Storm Bolt defensively in order protect your backline from engaging enemy Heroes.

Muradin's Role In The Current Meta

Muradin has one of the most well-rounded kits in the game. He is resilient, mobile, and offers strong crowd control. All these features make him a formidable choice in the current Anomaly.

Muradin a very resilient Tank thanks to his large health pool and his Second Wind Icon Second Wind trait. Storm Bolt Icon Storm Bolt and Thunder Clap Icon Thunder Clap provide him with exceptional crowd control, that can be used to either engage the enemy or peel for his allies. In terms of mobility, Dwarf Toss Icon Dwarf Toss proves to be a very effective ability that enables him to close in on fleeing enemies, as well as to escape dangerous situations. Talent-wise, Muradin is equipped with a variety of powerful options. Thunder Burn Icon Thunder Burn greatly reduces the attack speed of enemy Assassins, Stoneform Icon Stoneform adds an activatable Regeneration bonus to your Second Wind trait, and Rewind Icon Rewind allows Muradin to chain his Storm Bolt and Thunder Clap abilities in order to disrupt his enemies even more effectively.



  • 14 Feb. 2020 (talents page): Updated Muradin's talents and added the newly introduced Dwarf Block.
  • 13 Dec. 2019 (this page): Added an entry about the current Anomaly to the guide.
  • 24 Jun. 2019 (abilities page): Updated Muradin's abilities in accordance with the new class system.
  • 24 Jun. 2019 (talents page): Updated Muradin's talents and builds.
  • 23 May 2019 (talents page): Updated Muradin's talents and builds in accordance with the latest Balance Update.
  • 09 Nov. 2017 (talents page): Updated Heavy Impact's description.
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  • 17 Oct. 2017 (talents page): Updated various parts of the page for the Junkrat patch.
  • 17 Oct. 2017 (abilities page): Added "It's Hammer Time!" to Muradin's abilities section.
  • 01 Dec. 2016 (this page): Moved guide to new format.
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