Overwatch Hybrid Game Mode Guide

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Table of Contents

Hybrid Maps

The Hybrid Game Mode is, as the name implies, a Hybrid between the Point Capture and Payload Game Modes.



In this section, we explain the Quick Play rules. In Competitive mode, while generally similar, there are some notable differences when it comes to determined the winner. We explain this in our Competitive Rules guide.

In Hybrid, the attackers start out with the objective of capturing a point in the allotted amount of time (5 minutes). Once this happens, a payload will be unlocked at the location of the captured point, which the attackers must then push forward to its final destination.

Each of the 3 Hybrid maps has 2 checkpoints for the payload to reach along its path. After capturing the payload, you receive 3 minutes of additional time and each checkpoint reached adds another 2 minutes.

The individual elements of the Hybrid Game Mode work exactly as they do in their original Game Modes.



On Hybrid maps, Overtime is triggered in exactly the same way as in Payload and Point Capture maps.



There are currently 3 Hybrid Maps in Overwatch.

  • Hollywood
  • King's Row
  • Numbani