Pharah Guide “Death from above.”

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Pharah Portrait
  • Pharah Personal Details Real Name: Fareeha Amari, Age: 32
  • Pharah Occupation Occupation: Security Chief
  • Pharah Geographical Origins Base of Operations: Giza, Egypt
  • Pharah Affiliation Affiliation: Helix Security International

Pharah (Fareeha Amari) Guide Overview

Pharah is an offensive hero who uses her trusty Rocket Launcher Icon Rocket Launcher to blow up enemies from the skies. Although a straightforward character, Pharah's mobility and her projectile dps is tricky to master. As with any hero, becoming a master of Pharah's abilities takes a lot of practice, but this trial and error can pay dividends on a player's skill rating.

Pharah has one of the best vertical movement abilities in the game, which is called Jump Jet Icon Jump Jet. Similar to Winston's Jump Pack Icon Jump Pack, Jump Jet launches Pharah high into the air in a matter of seconds, helping her scout out enemies and reign terror from above.

Once Pharah is in the air, she can use her passive ability, Hover Jets Icon Hover Jets, to remain among the clouds. When compared to Jump Jet, Hover Jets is a more sustainable way to stay above the fray, but the upward momentum of Hover Jets is only a fraction of Jump Jet's launch. Therefore, when used, Hover Jets is more of a small boost upwards rather than a swift rise.

One of the more interesting parts of Pharah's kit, Concussive Blast Icon Concussive Blast is a crowd control ability that can be used to push enemies away or towards a specific area on the map. Additionally, Concussive Blast can be used in conjunction with Pharah's other mobility abilities to send her careening across the skies. Either use is a helpful tool when used correctly.

Last, but not certainly not least, we have Pharah's Barrage Icon Barrage. Barrage is an extremely high projectile dps ultimate that bursts down practically any hero it is directed at. Although the ultimate deals loads of damage, Pharah must remember that once the ability is used, she will be stationary in that position for three seconds. Therefore, a bad use of Barrage can cost Pharah more than a wasted ultimate.


Pharah's Strengths

  • Players can deal extremely high damage, especially when scoring direct hits with Rocket Launcher Icon Rocket Launcher.
  • Players have a large amount of mobility.
  • Players can scout out the enemy team's movements and warn allies.
  • Players are seemingly impervious to enemies who have no long range damage.
  • Players can attack enemies from various angles due to flight abilities.
  • Pharah's playstyle is simple in concept.

Pharah's Weaknesses

  • Rocket Launcher is heavily countered by enemy barriers.
  • Jump Jet may leave Pharah exposed to enemy attacks and make it difficult for her allies to heal her.
  • Using a projectile dps hero means players must expertly anticipate enemy movements to be effective.
  • Bad Pharahs can single-handedly lose games.
  • Pharah is hard to master.

Pharah Synergies

Pharah works best with allies who can keep her alive or follow up her damage. For this reason, Mercy is one of the best allies for Pharah as she can use her Caduceus Staff Icon Caduceus Staff to heal Pharah when she takes damage, or help Pharah dish out damage with its damage-boosting effect. Genji can follow up Pharah's damage no matter where the enemy is thanks to his Cyber-Agility Icon Cyber-Agility, and Swift Strike Icon Swift Strike is an easy clean up ability that works well against enemies who are low from direct Rocket Launcher Icon Rocket Launcher hits. Similarly, D.Va is a fantastic tank that pairs well with Pharah as she can use her Boosters Icon Boosters to either protect Pharah with Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix, or attack enemies who are low from Pharah's rockets.


Pharah Counters

Pharah is typically countered by long-range weapons that deal massive burst damage. For this reason, a practiced Widowmaker is easily one of the best counters available. Against a sharp Widowmaker, Pharah will either have to stay grounded in order to stay out of Widow's sights, or she runs the risk of getting instantly killed by Widow's Kiss Icon Widow's Kiss. In a similar vein, Hanzo's Storm Bow Icon Storm Bow is a strong Pharah-deterrent, as it too can instantly kill the flying soldier. If Hanzo lands a body shot, he can simply follow up his own shot with Storm Arrows Icon Storm Arrows to secure the kill. D.Va is a hard counter to Pharah for other reasons. She can erase all of Pharah's rockets with her Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix; and she can use her Boosters Icon Boosters to attack Pharah or run into her while she uses Barrage Icon Barrage (having the potential to make Pharah kill herself with her own missiles).


Pharah Is Strong Against

Pharah is strong against heroes who are grounded and rely on securing picks on the enemy to perform their duties. Winston is heavily countered by Pharah since his "monkey business" cannot typically reach Pharah while she is in mid-air. Doomfist thrives on securing picks on enemy players, but Pharah's Concussive Blast Icon Concussive Blast keeps Doomfist away from her team, easily breaking his damage-dealing combos.


Pharah TL;DR Tips

  • Anticipating enemy movements is crucial to success. Before placing shots, remember to think about the current objective, whether the enemy knows you are aiming at them, and the target's current health.
  • Concussive Blast Icon Concussive Blast should be used to put Pharah in position to use her Barrage Icon Barrage.
  • On Attack, Barrage should be used on the backline. On Defense, Barrage should be used on the frontline (preferably above a doorway).
  • Just because Pharah can fly, it does not mean she should. If you are low, it may be better to stay grounded and get healed before taking flight.
  • Concussive Blast has a large number of uses but a long cooldown, think through the current situation to identify the best use.
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