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Doomfist Portrait
  • Doomfist Personal Details Real Name: Akande Ogundimu, Age: 45
  • Doomfist Occupation Occupation: Mercenary
  • Doomfist Geographical Origins Base of Operations: Oyo, Nigeria
  • Doomfist Affiliation Affiliation: Talon

Role in the Current Meta

Doomfist fits very comfortably into the incredibly powerful dive compositions that are currently being run at every level of the game. He synergises perfectly with the two favoured tanks, Winston and D.Va, and heavily counters one of the most favoured defense picks, Reinhardt. You will often see him picked in the traditional 2-2-2 composition, replacing one of the former DPS picks, such as Tracer or Genji, especially on attack.

For defense, Doomfist is less likely to be picked due to this need to extend into the enemy team to properly be able to take out targets. Given the risky style of play, he will often find himself dying too soon without the full support of his team and allowing an opening for the enemy team to push in.


Doomfist Synergies

Doomfist is an extremely dive-centred hero and, given how fragile he can become when caught in the wrong spot, he looks to combo with heroes that can protect him and help him to retreat or secure kills. With her long-range healing and Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade, Ana is a perfect aid to Doomfist when he dives in for his combo. Doomfist works well with any of the "dive" tanks, since they ensure the backline is harassed while Doomfist singles out a target and finishes them off or, in the case of Zarya, simply feeds her charge by diving in with her Projected Barrier Icon Projected Barrier.


Doomfist Counters

Doomfist struggles heavily when he cannot catch the target he is aiming for and, given that Soldier: 76 will often take the high ground, he is likely to take a huge amount of damage before even reaching him to engage. Pharah and her ability to stay airborne is also a huge problem for Doomfist since he simply cannot catch her in his combo. Another ideal counter to Doomfist is being able to use Sombra's Hack Icon Hack on him, completely shutting down his mobility and damage and essentially making him a large training target. Orisa works incredibly well against Doomfist given her ability to shut down his combo by simply using Fortify Icon Fortify, as well as slowing him down with Halt! Icon Halt!.


Doomfist Is Strong Against

Doomfist is an excellent counter to both Genji and Reinhardt given that their survivability depends on the use of their Deflect Icon Deflect and Barrier Field Icon Barrier Field abilities respectively, but Doomfist can ignore both with his attacks. He excels against heroes that simply cannot move away when engaged and, once Ana has used her Sleep Dart Icon Sleep Dart, she becomes an easy pick off for him.


Doomfist TL;DR Tips

  • Comboing abilities in any order is the most efficient way of finishing off enemies that you face. See our combo section on the abilities page for more details on this.
  • Rocket Punch Icon Rocket Punch can be used as an efficient gap closer to put pressure on an enemy, regardless of the amount of damage coming from it.
  • Overextending as Doomfist can be incredibly dangerous, especially when trying to engage an entire team. Focus on a target and bring them down before deciding if you need to retreat or not.
  • If a fight is turning against you, use one of your mobility abilities to simply disengage and heal up. Doomfist has a huge hitbox for his health pool and can find himself being targeted down quickly.
  • Use Meteor Strike Icon Meteor Strike to focus a single enemy, such as a backline support that can be quickly removed from the fight, rather than wasting it and trying to hit the whole enemy team.
  • You can only use Meteor Strike Icon Meteor Strike to move to higher ground if there is a physical wall to climb up to it. If there is not one, you will move under it.
See our Abilities page for further information

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