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Torbjörn Portrait
  • Torbjörn Personal Details Real Name: Torbjörn Lindholm, Age: 57
  • Torbjörn Occupation Occupation: Weapons Designer
  • Torbjörn Geographical Origins Base of Operations: Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Torbjörn Affiliation Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly)

Overview of Torbjorn (Torbjorn Lindholm)

Torbjörn is a damage hero who relies heavily on deployable turrets to defend objectives and kill enemies. Due to Torbjorn's kit and play style, he is typically used best as a defensive hero.

Torbjorn's Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun includes a primary and secondary fire best used in specific scenarios. His primary fire launches an arcing projectile that can hit medium to long range targets. His secondary fire is a shotgun-blast projectile best used in close-quarters combat.

In addition to his Rivet Gun, Torbjorn also has a close-range melee weapon called Forge Hammer Icon Forge Hammer. Forge Hammer is not known for its deadliness, but it can be used to repair Torbjorn's turrets, making it an effective tool during combat.

Torbjorn's main ability is called Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret. As the name suggests, Torbjorn deploys a mini-turret that automatically tracks and shoots enemies who are within its distance and line of sight. While good on its own, Torb's turret is an integral part of Torbjorn's finishing abilities.

Overload Icon Overload is a self-centered buff that increases Torbjorn's hit points through armor. In addition to the armor, Torbjorn also receives a boost to his attack, reload, and movement speed.

Molten Core Icon Molten Core is Torbjorn's ultimate ability. Molten Core turns Torbjorn's primary weapon into a molten slag spewer. This lava-like substance sticks to the floor and harms any enemy who travels through its path. The magma deals high amounts of damage, but it is especially effective against armor hit points.


Torbjorn's Strengths

  • Can deal massive amounts of damage when left unchecked.
  • One of the few damage characters whose primary role is defense and damage.
  • Can sit in the backline with the healers.
  • Can lockdown choke points and objectives thanks to turret.
  • Weapons are versatile for any situation.
  • Small character model.

Torbjorn's Weaknesses

  • Easy to play, difficult to master.
  • Coordinated teams easily negate Torbjorn's turret.
  • Mid-range Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun shots are hard to land
  • Molten Core Icon Molten Core is only effective if enemy team plays into its hand.

Torbjörn Synergies

Torbjorn is best when he is defending other backline heroes or he is fighting with his tanks on the frontline. Reinhardt is arguably the best tank for Torbjorn because his Barrier Field Icon Barrier Field can protect Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret and force enemies to attempt to fight close-quarters, where Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun excels. The sheer firepower of McCree and an Torbjorn with Overload Icon Overload is a force to be reckoned with, and both heroes can deal massive amounts of damage in short and mid-range fights. Zenyatta helps Torbjörn with his Orb of Discord Icon Orb of Discord and also has an unmatched ability to draw flankers to himself. When flankers do come, Torbjorn's turret and Rivet Gun help him protect Zenyatta from getting overwhelmed.

Torbjörn Counters

Torbjorn struggles against long-range damage and heroes who can circumvent Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret. Widowmaker's Widow's Kiss Icon Widow's Kiss deals extreme long-range damage, which limits Torbjorn's positioning options. Pharah can fly over choke points and deal massive damage with Rocket Launcher Icon Rocket Launcher, making Deploy Turret and Molten Core Icon Molten Core obsolete. Zenyatta's Transcendence Icon Transcendence nullifies Molten Core Icon Molten Core completely, and can help teams push past choke points with ease.

Torbjörn Is Strong Against

Torbjorn is strong against heroes whose main goal is to harass enemies in close quarter fights. Winston is often no match for Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun, especially when backed by Overload Icon Overload. Doomfist enjoys going behind the enemy and getting picks, but Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret makes that difficult, and Torbjorn is not a good target for Doomfist to dive. Lastly, Brigitte rallies her team together for slow assaults, but Torbjorn's Molten Core Icon Molten Core can easily thwart such plans.

Torbjörn TL;DR Tips

  • Torbjörn can be played one of two ways: he can either babysit the backline or deal massive amounts of damage on the frontline. Typically, against dive, you babysit backline, whereas against slow moving teams (like triple tank, deathball, etc.), you want to sit on the frontline.
  • Wait to use Overload Icon Overload when enemies engage up close, rarely use Overload when you cannot use the secondary fire of Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun.
  • Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret is best used behind friendly barriers or in corners that overlook the objective/choke point.
  • Shoot Molten Core Icon Molten Core in front of enemies for maximum damage.
  • Shoot Molten Core Icon Molten Core in spurts, instead of holding down the primary-fire keybind.
  • Try to hit healers and flankers with Rivet Gun Icon Rivet Gun's primary fire so Deploy Turret Icon Deploy Turret shoots those targets instead of enemy tanks.
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