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D.Va Portrait
  • D.Va Personal Details Real Name: Hana Song, Age: 19
  • D.Va Occupation Occupation: Pro Gamer (formerly), Mech Pilot
  • D.Va Geographical Origins Base of Operations: Busan, South Korea
  • D.Va Affiliation Affiliation: Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army

Overview of D.Va

D.Va is arguably one of the most difficult tanks to play in all of Overwatch. When D.Va starts in spawn, she controls (for gameplay purposes, is) a 600-health mech with close range weapons: Fusion Cannons Icon Fusion Cannons, Micro Missiles Icon Micro Missiles, a movement ability: Boosters Icon Boosters, and a protective shield: Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix. However, when D.Va's mech is destroyed, she disembarks and is simply a human with a pistol: Light Gun Icon Light Gun, and a dream: Call Mech Icon Call Mech.

As D.Va, you can help your team in two ways. You can either harass and disrupt enemies by using your low-cooldown Boosters (that allow you to fly anywhere for 2 seconds) to reach slow opponents who then face D.Va's Fusion Cannons and Micro Missiles, or you can focus on protecting your team by utilizing Defense Matrix and the mech's large frame (keep in mind that you cannot shoot D.Va's Fusion Cannons while Defense Matrix is active).

Your high resilience makes you ideal for harassing and killing DPS or support heroes who are split from their team. Your size and Boosters ability allow you to peel for ally heroes. Last but not least, D.Va can use her Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct ultimate in a handful of crafty ways that have huge impacts on the match. Self-Destruct can either zone the enemy team for several seconds, force a team to split for easy picks, or simply kill opponents outright.


D.Va's Strengths

  • Excellent close-range damage when Micro Missiles Icon Micro Missiles are available
  • Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix protects D.Va and allies from some of the deadliest ultimates in the game
  • Her ultimate (Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct) deals massive Area of Effect damage and is excellent at zoning the enemy team in crucial scenarios
  • Versatile mobility thanks to Boosters Icon Boosters
  • High resilience and difficult to finish off due to her multiple forms
  • Viable in almost every composition and on every map

D.Va's Weaknesses

  • Medium-range damage is low, and long-range damage is nonexistent
  • Large and easy-to-hit headshot hitbox

D.Va Synergies

As D.Va is a large part of the perfect dive team composition, many of her synergies are other members of dive comps. Most notably, Winston is a major factor in D.Va's high win rates in both competitive and professional Overwatch play. Winston can keep up with Boosters Icon Boosters by using his Jump Pack Icon Jump Pack. Once the two get in position, they can easily jump enemy support players who are split from their team. For many of the same reasons as Winston, Genji is another player who can leech off of D.Va's size and mobility. When these two team up (especially with Dragonblade Icon Dragonblade and Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix) they can be seemingly unstoppable. Last but not least, D.Va's capabilities are compounded when Mercy takes to the skies. Mercy can follow D.Va by using her Guardian Angel Icon Guardian Angel to keep up with the gamer as she uses Boosters to engage enemies. If D.Va meets an early end, Mercy can use Resurrect Icon Resurrect to buy D.Va another life where she can instantly use her Call Mech Icon Call Mech ability.

D.Va Counters

The largest counters to D.Va's high mobility and moderate close-range Damage Per Second are heroes who can self-sustain, survive D.Va's Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct, and prolong fights when D.Va engages them. For this reason, Roadhog, Zarya, and Brigitte all counter D.Va's playstyle. Roadhog can use his Chain Hook Icon Chain Hook to pull in D.Va and deal massive damage, and he can use Take A Breather Icon Take A Breather to survive self-destruct. Zarya can protect herself from D.Va's attacks with her Particle Barrier Icon Particle Barrier and can protect allies from self-destruct with Projected Barrier Icon Projected Barrier. Additionally, Zarya's primary fire Particle Cannon Icon Particle Cannon beams through Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix. Finally, Brigitte can use a number of abilities to keep herself alive against a D.Va. Brigitte's Barrier Shield Icon Barrier Shield and Inspire Icon Inspire abilities both prolong D.Va from securing a kill on Brigitte while Brigitte's teammates attack the enemy with only one tank. Additionally, Brigitte's large health pool and armor helps fend off D.Va's assault.

D.Va Is Strong Against

Between D.Va's mobility and her Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix, she has little to fear from heroes who are slow and cannot deal sustained burst damage. Zenyatta has no crowd control abilities, which means D.Va can waltz up to Zenyatta and lay down an offensive combo with little to worry about. In a similar vein, D.Va can fly to Widowmaker while using Defense Matrix to block any of Widow's shots before she makes contact. Once D.Va is attacking Widowmaker in close range, it should only be a matter of time until the huntress falls.

D.Va TL;DR Tips

  • D.Va can be used offensively or defensively, but D.Va players must make protecting their teammates their top priority. D.Va shines when she coordinates with her allies, so leaving them behind is rarely a good idea.
  • Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix should rarely be used preemptively unless D.Va is jumping a dangerous enemy.
  • D.Va gets the most out of Defense Matrix when she uses it to save allies when enemies are clearly trying to finish the kill.
  • Only use Boosters Icon Boosters offensively to engage an enemy who is alone, or to jump in with teammates.
  • Micro Missiles Icon Micro Missiles used with Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix can deal damage that the enemy cannot repay (depending on who the opponent is).
  • D.Va should always use Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct with a particular goal in mind. Haphazardly throwing the bomb over a wall does not count as a goal.
  • When out of mech, do not be afraid to kill yourself or switch off D.Va to gain a new mech before the next team fight occurs.
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