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Brigitte Portrait
  • Brigitte Personal Details Real Name: Brigitte Lindholm, Age: 23
  • Brigitte Occupation Occupation: Mechanical Engineer, Adventurer
  • Brigitte Geographical Origins Base of Operations: Gothenburg, Sweden (formerly)
  • Brigitte Affiliation Affiliation: None

Overview of Brigitte

Brigitte is an Off Support who, unlike other supports, shines brightest when used on the front lines. In fact, her primary damage (and the main vehicle for her area of effect heal Inspire Icon Inspire) comes from a far-reaching melee attack called Rocket Flail Icon Rocket Flail. Additionally, Brigitte is equipped with her Barrier Shield Icon Barrier Shield that protects her (and possibly one other teammate) from incoming damage. Therefore, when comparing Brigitte to other heroes, she is most like Reinhardt, and could be placed as a "support-tank"

Brigitte surpasses all other support heroes as the "tankiest" support in Overwatch. She has a health pool of 250, made up of 200 Regular Health and 50 Armor. Her ultimate, Rally Icon Rally, can increase Brigitte's health pool to 350, with 200 regular health and 150 armor. Brigitte also has some of the best Self-Sustain of all Overwatch supports, with only Moira's Biotic Grasp (RMB) Icon Biotic Grasp (RMB) healing more personal damage in the thick of a fight. Although Brigitte's Inspire Icon Inspire does not self-heal as much as Moira's Biotic Grasp, it does simultaneously heal other allies, making Inspire arguably one of the best heals in the game. To fight Brigitte's inability to use Inspire to heal allies from afar, Brigitte can use Repair Pack Icon Repair Pack to help out from a distance.

As if a self-heal, a shield, and an insta-heal were not enough, Brigitte also has incredible Utility abilities. Brigitte's Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash can be used to stun a pesky Flanker while her Whip Shot Icon Whip Shot can help Peel enemies off of allies.

Brigitte's Rally Ultimate is an area of effect armor boost which grants allies up to 100 extra armor. This ultimate is the perfect rallying ability (hence the name) for teams who need to coordinate a push.

One of the best things about Brigitte is that she is easy to play due to her simple mechanics. Players should be able to master her quickly, helping players round out their hero utilization should they typically steer clear of the support role. Additionally, Brigitte's ease of use allows players to default to her when they need to Fill for a poor Team Composition. Also, the simplicity of her mechanics should help new players get a feel for the support role without having to rely heavily on team members or skill shots.

Brigitte works best with teams who gather around her and fight together. Due to her lack of Mobility, Brigitte is not the best support to pick when allies choose a highly mobile composition. However, when enemies choose a dive composition, Brigitte acts as a direct counter to her opponents' plans.


Brigitte's Strengths

  • High self-sustain (when compared to other supports)
  • Extremely tanky
  • Straightforward and simple mechanics
  • Viability that scales with skill level
  • Can fend for herself

Brigitte's Weaknesses

  • Poor mobility
  • Lacks efficient medium and long range healing
  • Lowest DPS potential of all supports

Brigitte Synergies

Brigitte works best when used with teammates who fight alongside her and deal a good amount of damage. Therefore, Roadhog and Reaper are two of the best synergy picks. A combination of Roadhog's Chain Hook Icon Chain Hook followed by Brigitte's Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash has the potential to melt any enemy in the Overwatch universe. Additionally, Brigitte makes a good team with Roadhog thanks to her Rally Icon Rally by giving him a total of 700 health. Concerning Reaper: health Death Blossom Icon Death Blossom with a free 150 heal buffer thanks to Repair Pack Icon Repair Pack — enough said. Last but not least, Moira is the support of choice in aiding Brigitte due to her ability to stay in the middle of a fight and perform massive Area of Effect healing with her Biotic Grasp (LMB) Icon Biotic Grasp (LMB). When not healing, Moira can help teammates focus down enemies using Biotic Grasp (RMB) Icon Biotic Grasp (RMB) and Biotic Orb Icon Biotic Orb.

Brigitte Counters

Anyone who can deal massive Area of Effect damage is going to be a great pick against Brigitte. Therefore, both heroes that primarily use explosives as their weapons of choice are considered hearty counters to Brigitte's abilities. Pharah, due to her airborne tactics, is the first pick against an opposing Brigitte. Staying out of reach while dealing massive damage is always a good thing, and Pharah's Barrage Icon Barrage is in many ways a direct counter to Brigitte's Rally Icon Rally. Junkrat, for reasons similar to Pharah, is a great choice against Brigitte. Brigitte should be frightened by Junkrat's Mobility, high-damage dealing capabilities, and his RIP-Tire Icon RIP-Tire. Last but not least, Sombra can use one ability, Hack Icon Hack, to disable almost all of Brigitte's abilities. Most notably, Sombra's Hack takes away all of Brigitte's Crowd Control abilities and her self-preservation shield. Once hacked, Brigitte is an easy target for the enemy team to converge on.

Brigitte Is Strong Against

Never thought this day would come, but a support actually counters both Tracer and D.Va. Brigitte's Inspire Icon Inspire is a handful for both Duelists due to its ability to elongate fights. When either enemy tries to come close to Brigitte, Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash or Whip Shot Icon Whip Shot can be used to stop them in their tracks. Additionally, Barrier Shield Icon Barrier Shield protects Brigitte from taking damage from a distance (specifically blocking D.Va's Micro Missiles Icon Micro Missiles). Barrier Shield can also be used to block both hero's ultimates, Pulse Bomb Icon Pulse Bomb and Self-Destruct Icon Self-Destruct.

Brigitte TL;DR Tips

  • It is fun to use Rocket Flail Icon Rocket Flail like you are Reinhardt, but your true potential lies in healing your team with Inspire Icon Inspire and looking for opportunities to Crowd Control opponents.
  • Use Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash to: cross gaps, jump in front of allies who need cover, and to duel enemies.
  • Never use Rally Icon Rally when a powerful enemy ultimate is already in use. Rally takes time to assist allies, so it should be used proactively instead of reactively.
  • If under fire, use Barrier Shield Icon Barrier Shield to hide while Inspire Icon Inspire heals you over time. If you are close to death and Inspire is not trigged, try to Shield Bash Icon Shield Bash an enemy, trigger Inspire Icon Inspire by using Rocket Flail Icon Rocket Flail, then hide behind Barrier Shield Icon Barrier Shield.
See our Abilities page for further information

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