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Roadhog Portrait
  • Roadhog Personal Details Real Name: Mako Rutledge, Age: 48
  • Roadhog Occupation Occupation: Enforcer (formerly), Bodyguard
  • Roadhog Geographical Origins Base of Operations: Junkertown, Australia (formerly)
  • Roadhog Affiliation Affiliation: Junkers (formerly)

Roadhog suffered greatly at the hands of his recent nerfs. With the reduction to his damage, he can no longer eliminate important targets alone unless he gets lucky with the spray of his primary fire. Due to this, Roadhog is seeing far less play than he was previously, especially on the attacking side. Given his ability to counter Winston, he is still picked on defense, but is nowhere near as impactful as he was previously.

On maps with ledges that can lead to environmental kills, Roadhog can still eliminate large targets very quickly, but this requires precise timing and aim to pull off.

You can most certainly still play him, but you must play more cautiously than before, especially given the buffs to his biggest counter, Reaper.


Roadhog Synergies

Roadhog is incredibly strong during any kind of stalemate choke point situation. His Chain Hook Icon Chain Hook is perfect for engaging the enemy team without actually putting him or his teammates in danger. Any hero that can guarantee a kill on a hooked enemy works very well with Roadhog, such as Reinhardt jumping in front of the enemy with his Barrier Field Icon Barrier Field or Mei using her Ice Wall Icon Ice Wall to block them off from their team. Ana fills a similar role with her Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade.


Roadhog Counters

Roadhog suffers from the same issue that many other tanks do, and that is their size. He is a huge target with a large amount of health, so any hero that can capitalise on this, such as Reaper or Zenyatta, can be a big problem for him. Roadhog's other main issue occurs when he encounters heroes that can stop his hook combo, such as Zarya or D.Va.


Roadhog Is Strong Against

Since the changes to Roadhog's damage output and Chain Hook Icon Chain Hook, he now mainly thrives against targets that have a larger hitbox. This ensures that, after hooking the enemy target, he can maximise his damage on them. For smaller characters with tiny HP pools, such as Tracer, Roadhog has the potential to one-shot them without hooking.


Roadhog TL;DR Tips

  • Use your Chain Hook Icon Chain Hook to eliminate targets from a fight instantly by pulling them off the map.
  • When using your Take A Breather Icon Take A Breather, try to move away from the enemy team so that you are not an easy target to feed ultimates from.
  • Use your alternate fire to take down enemy barriers quickly.
  • Your Whole Hog Icon Whole Hog, when used alone, is better used to try and pin one enemy and kill them than just to spray at multiple enemies and feed enemy healer ultimates.
  • Use your melee attack after your hook combo to ensure a kill after the rework to the Chain Hook Icon Chain Hook.
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