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Ana Portrait
  • Ana Personal Details Real Name: Ana Amari, Age: 60
  • Ana Occupation Occupation: Bounty Hunter
  • Ana Geographical Origins Base of Operations: Cairo, Egypt
  • Ana Affiliation Affiliation: Overwatch (formerly)

Overview of Ana (Ana Amari)

Ana is an off support who uses her various utility abilities to heal and boost her allies while shutting down hostile efforts from afar.

Ana is a "sniper" in her own right, as her Biotic Rifle Icon Biotic Rifle has a scope that lets Ana take shots at range (similar to Widowmaker. However, her sniper rifle can heal allies or damage enemies depending on who she shoots. Therefore, Biotic Rifle is a versatile weapon that lets Ana accomplish her goals no matter the situation.

If an enemy attempts to take on Ana up close, a skilled Sleep Dart Icon Sleep Dart shot will incapacitate her foe for a prolonged duration. Sleep Dart is arguably one of the hardest abilities to hit, but when it does find its mark, it can be devastating to enemy flankers and off tanks.

Similar to Ana's Biotic Rifle, Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade is a weapon that can heal allies and harm enemies, sometimes doing both with one toss! The grenade is an area of effect projectile that saturates the ground, healing allies and giving them a healing buff while harming enemies and giving them a healing debuff. Therefore, just like Biotic Rifle, Biotic Grenade (when accurately thrown) can be used to help Ana's team no matter the situation.

Ana's last utility ability is her ultimate, Nano Boost Icon Nano Boost. Nano Boost is an ally single target ability that instantly heals her target, grants him or her a damage boost, and gives him or her a massive damage reduction buff. All that to say, Nano Boost is the holy grail of utility abilities thanks to its various properties.


Ana's Strengths

  • High single-target healing from a distance
  • One of the few characters who can zoom into their weapon
  • Straightforward and simple mechanics
  • Viability that scales with skill level
  • Nano Boost Icon Nano Boost is a great tool for maximizing an ally who is carrying

Ana's Weaknesses

  • Total lack of mobility
  • Multi-target healing is practically non-existent
  • Highly susceptible to flankers
  • Healing output is contingent on player's aim

Ana Synergies

Ana is best paired with allies who have high health and can perform their functions better when receiving consistent heals. Reinhardt falls into both of these categories, as his ability to soak damage greatly increases when Ana is healing him with Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade and Biotic Rifle Icon Biotic Rifle. Bastion can focus less on repairing himself and more on killing the enemy team when Ana is on his side giving him aid. Lastly, Brigitte is free to swing her Rocket Flail Icon Rocket Flail like mad when Ana is keeping her topped off.

Ana Counters

Anyone who has high mobility and can stop Ana's healing in one way or another is a good counter. Genji is a strong pick against Ana thanks to his Cyber-Agility Icon Cyber-Agility, Swift Strike Icon Swift Strike, and Deflect Icon Deflect. D.Va is an effective counter as she can use her Boosters Icon Boosters and Micro Missiles Icon Micro Missiles to harass Ana and can use her Defense Matrix Icon Defense Matrix to erase a number of Ana's abilities. Lastly, Lúcio can use his Crossfade Icon Crossfade to help his team overrun Ana's position, or he can confront Ana on high ground thanks to Wall Ride Icon Wall Ride.

Ana Is Strong Against

Ana is strong against slow heroes who rely on massive healing abilities to perform their functions. Roadhog is primary suspect one in this category, as he is an easy target for Sleep Dart Icon Sleep Dart and loses his self sustain thanks to Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade. The second hero that falls in this category his Zenyatta, as his mobility is low, opening him up to an easy sleep dart, and the effectiveness of Transcendence Icon Transcendence relies on its ability to heal allies, something Ana can negate with Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade.

Ana TL;DR Tips

  • If you have to decide between attacking enemies or healing allies with Biotic Rifle Icon Biotic Rifle, you should always heal.
  • While Biotic Grenade Icon Biotic Grenade can be used to deny enemy healing, it can also be used to secure a kill if an enemy is low.
  • Nano Boost Icon Nano Boost should be used in conjunction with ally ultimates for best results.
  • Sleep Dart Icon Sleep Dart can be used to shut down an enemy ultimate or channel ability like Pharah's Barrage Icon Barrage or McCree's Deadeye Icon Deadeye.
  • Nano Boost should rarely be used with coordinated ultimates like Zarya's Graviton Surge Icon Graviton Surge as it is typically overkill; however, a good Biotic Grenade is most effective with such ultimates.
See our Abilities page for further information

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