Season of Discovery Destruction Warlock DPS Leveling

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Welcome to our leveling guide for Destruction Warlock. Here, you will learn how to efficiently level your Warlock in Classic - Season of Discovery.


Destruction Warlock Leveling Talents

Destruction Warlocks nuke enemies down faster than most, if not all classes in the game thanks to the hard hitting Chaos Bolt Icon Chaos Bolt rune and all the fire damage and crit you gain from not only your talents, but other runes as well. Killing your targets is simple as well. Put up an Immolate Icon Immolate and cast Incinerate Icon Incinerate, then one Chaos Bolt Icon Chaos Bolt after so it can benefit from the 25% Fire damage buff from Incinerate Icon Incinerate. You can use Shadowburn Icon Shadowburn to finish off your mob, or let Immolate Icon Immolate or your demon finish off the mob, while you start nuking the next enemy down.

For this build all of your points will be in the Destruction tree besides three points that will go into Improved Imp Icon Improved Imp to buff his damage by 30%, as well as give you 30% more Stamina from Blood Pact IconBlood Pact. The Imp does a ridiculous amount of damage so the three points will be worth it. As for the Destruction tree, start by putting five points into Cataclysm Icon Cataclysm. This talent isn't amazing, but you need five points somewhere to open up the next tier of talents and seeing as you will never cast Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt, you might as well put them into Cataclysm Icon Cataclysm, plus some mana back is better than no mana back. Your next five points will go into Bane Icon Bane as this will reduce the cast time of your main DoT Immolate Icon Immolate. Aftermath Icon Aftermath is only a chance at dazing and not worth it. After that put two points into Improved Firebolt Icon Improved Firebolt to reduce the cast time of your Imps Firebolt IconFirebolt. Then put five points into Devastation Icon Devastation to increase your chance to crit by 5%. The next point is Shadowburn Icon Shadowburn, which is used largely as either a finisher or for whenever you need to move during the encounter. This point is optional and can be put into any talent of your choice, this was just the highest DPS option and is amazing to finish the mob off. The next two points go into Destructive Reach Icon Destructive Reach to simply increase the range of all your Destruction spells by 20%. After that get Ruin Icon Ruin as this increases the damage of critical strikes by 100%, making all your crits do insane damage. Then put four points into Improved Immolate Icon Improved Immolate to buff the initial damage of your Immolate Icon Immolate by 20%. Then put your last three points into Emberstorm Icon Emberstorm, which will buff all your fire damage by 6% and is very nice since all of your spells are fire damage. You also have the choice of removing two points from Improved Imp Icon Improved Imp and instead putting them into Emberstorm Icon Emberstorm for the extra 4% Fire damage.


Rune Engravings

  • Gloves — Chaos Bolt Icon Chaos Bolt
  • Pants — Incinerate Icon Incinerate
  • Chest — Demonic Tactics Icon Demonic Tactics
  • Belt — Shadow and Flame Icon Shadow and Flame
  • Boot — Demonic Knowledge Icon Demonic Knowledge

While there are many options of runes this phase, the ones above do the most damage and sim by far the highest if you plan to DPS as a Demonology Warlock. Incinerate Icon Incinerate is your bread and butter filler for Destro and 100% mandatory. You'll be using this more than any other spell in your arsenal. This does great damage while also buffing your fire damage by 25%.

While there are many great options for Chest runes, I prefer Demonic Tactics Icon Demonic Tactics for the 10% critical strike chance. Master Channeler Icon Master Channeler is a great option to take if you'd prefer the self healing from Drain Life Icon Drain Life. The only reason I don't take this is because mobs die far too fast to gain a lot of value from the Drain Life Icon Drain Life and I like to live on the edge of crits.


Chaos Bolt Icon Chaos Bolt is the only option for rune choice here. This is the hardest hitting spell in the game and should be kept on cooldown as much as possible, as long as you have your Fire buffs up.

Demonic Knowledge Icon Demonic Knowledge is another mandatory rune for Destruction as this simply increases your spell damage by 10% of your current demons total Stamina and Intellect. For example, if your pet has 50 Stamina and 50 Intellect, that equates to a total of 100, therefore you would gain 10 spell damage. This is also buffed by Blessing of Kings Icon Blessing of Kings. The other options in this rune slot are really weak and won't really ever be used. Shadow Flame IconShadow Flame is an AoE ability and Dance of the Wicked Icon Dance of the Wicked is a tanking rune.

All of the belt runes are good options to use, but Shadow and Flame Icon Shadow and Flame comes out ahead. This rune makes it so whenever you crit with your Fire spells, you will get a 10% buff to your Fire damage for 10 seconds. It also can buff your Shadow if you crit with Shadow, but you won't be using too many Shadow spells. Invocation Icon Invocation is a unique rune that makes it so whenever you refresh Immolate Icon Immolate, when there is at most 6 seconds left on the DoT, it will istantly deal whatever damage was remaining from the DoT. For example, Immolate Icon Immolate is a 15 second DoT. Refreshing this at 9 seconds will give you the last two ticks that were remaining on the Immolate Icon Immolate. This allows you to get the full damage of teh 15 second DoT after 9 seconds. Grimoire of Synergy Icon Grimoire of Synergy gives both you and your demon a chance to buff the other by 5% whenever they deal damage. This sounds nice, but once again loses out to Shadow and Flame Icon Shadow and Flame.

More Engravings are likely to come out as we reach higher level caps, so make sure to checkout our general Runes guide to get a better understanding of what all tools you have available to your Warlock.