Classic Warlock DPS Guide

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Welcome to our Warlock DPS guide for WoW Classic, tailored for PvE content. Here, you will learn how all you need to know to play the Warlock class as DPS. We will go over your spells and your talents, explaining what to take and how to use them. We also delve into aspects such as stats, enchants, and gear.

1. Warlock DPS Overview

2. Introduction

Warlocks are the masters of demonic energy, able to summon demons and use dark magic on their foes. Whether it is placing curses on your enemies or shooting powerful bursts of shadow or fire magic, Warlocks are exceptionally strong damage dealers with a large toolkit. Warlocks have a wide variety of unique spells that give a strong sense of class identity while giving you strong utility options. Spells like Ritual of Summoning Icon Ritual of Summoning and Create Soulstone Icon Create Soulstone allow you to do things that no one else can do, making you vital to any group composition. You also have your demons, each with their own set of abilities, many of which are incredibly powerful in both PvE and PvP.

3. Warlock Strengths

  • Strong levelers, both solo and in a group
  • Strong damage for both AoE and single target
  • Unique utility, especially with the ability to summon
  • Powerful debuffs that are required in raids
  • Extremely durable in PvP due to Sacrifice IconSacrifice

4. Warlock Weaknesses

  • High competition for gear
  • Lots of "chores", specifically farming Soul Shard Icon Soul Shard
  • Shadow Bolt Icon Shadow Bolt can be partially resisted
  • Generates tons of threat compared to other DPS

5. Best Horde Races for Warlocks

Horde races are very even, and you are free to choose between both Orc and Undead based on whichever sounds more appealing. Neither offers any meaningful benefit in PvE, but both offer their own powerful PvP racial abilities.

5.1. Overview of Horde Races for Warlocks

5.1.1. Undead

  • Will of the Forsaken Icon Will of the Forsaken is a 2-minute cooldown that makes your immune to all Fear, Sleep, and Charm effects for 5 seconds. This will also break you out of any current effects.
  • Cannibalize Icon Cannibalize is a 2-minute cooldown that lets you channel to consume a nearby corpse, regenerating 7% of your total health every 2 seconds for 10 seconds for a total of 35% health.
  • Underwater Breathing Icon Underwater Breathing allows you to breath underwater for 300% longer than normal.
  • Shadow Resistance Icon Shadow Resistance increases your shadow resistance by 10.

While Undead do not offer a straight damage increase, they are a popular choice for Warlocks for good reason. Will of the Forsaken Icon Will of the Forsaken is considered to be one of the strongest PvP racial abilities in the game, allowing you to effectively counter other Warlocks, Priests, or anyone who uses one of these effects as a control ability. Additionally, sometimes there are fear abilities from bosses (such as in Onyxia's Lair) that allow you to immune them, meaning you can avoid a mechanic and do extra damage instead.

5.1.2. Orc

  • Axe Specialization Icon Axe Specialization increases your skill with Axes by 5, which increases your chance to hit and lowers your chance to be parried or deal a glancing blow with axes.
  • Blood Fury Icon Blood Fury is a 2-minute cooldown that increases your base melee Attack Power by 25% for 15 seconds and reduces healing effects on you by 50% for 25 seconds.
  • Command Icon Command increases your pet damage dealt by 5%.
  • Hardiness Icon Hardiness increases your chance to resist stuns by 25%.

Orcs are about even with Undead for both PvP and PvE, meaning you can choose whichever one you like more. While Undead have Will of the Forsaken Icon Will of the Forsaken, Orcs have Hardiness Icon Hardiness, which is also considered to be one of the most powerful PvP racial abilities in the game. The ability to sometimes immune stuns is amazing against anyone with a stun, specifically against Rogues. For PvP the choice of race comes down to what you would prefer to be better against, Fears or Stuns. In PvE Command Icon Command provides a small marginal benefit if you have a pet, but that will only be the case with the SM/Ruin build, which most Warlocks will not use.

6. Best Alliance Races for Warlocks

The best Warlock Alliance race for both PvE and PvP is Gnome.

Gnomes offer Expansive Mind Icon Expansive Mind for 5% more intellect, making Gnome the best race in the game for Warlocks in PvE. No other racial offers a meaningful damage increase making PvE an easy choice. For PvP, Gnomes also have Escape Artist Icon Escape Artist, which allows you to get out of roots and snares. This is an incredibly useful ability for PvP against abilities like Entangling Roots Icon Entangling Roots and Frost Nova Icon Frost Nova, and is going to offer you a significant advantage compared to Human's Perception Icon Perception. Additionally Gnome's Engineering Specialization Icon Engineering Specialization lets you get a max rank of 315 in Engineering, making your Arcanite Dragonling Icon Arcanite Dragonling more powerful when used, which is a bonus in PvP.

6.1. Overview of Alliance Races for Warlocks

6.1.1. Gnome

Expansive Mind Icon Expansive Mind is a strong passive for both PvE and PvP, increasing your Mana pool and spell crit chance through your Intellect. Engineering Specialization Icon Engineering Specialization is also worth mentioning since Engineering is the most popular and most powerful profession in the game. Lastly Escape Artist Icon Escape Artist is a powerful tool in PvP, which can save your life while being kited or trying to kite someone who is slowing or rooting you.

6.2. Human

Humans do not offer any benefit for Warlocks in PvE, but do offer Perception Icon Perception for PvP. However, Perception can be hard to use since you need to predict when a target is Stealthed nearby and is not up all of the time.

7. Best Professions for Warlocks

The best profession to have as a Warlock is Engineering. It provides powerful items that you can use in both PvE and PvP content to either deal damage or help you get out of a tough spot. For more information on what Engineering can offer, you can check out our Engineering Guide.

Tailoring is another great choice for Warlocks. There are several great items that are crafted through Tailoring, making it a useful profession early on when you are trying to gear. You also will want Tailoring for later in Zul'Gurub when your can make the Bloodvine Vest Icon Bloodvine Vest set, which is an incredibly powerful caster set.

While Engineering and Tailoring are great professions, the likely more important thing to think about is how you plan to make gold. Gold is incredibly important in WoW Classic for a number of reasons and will be quite hard to come by, especially at the start. Check out the Warlock Goldmaking section for more information on other potential professions for making gold.

8. Changelog

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