Maraudon Orange Wing Dungeon Guide

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Maraudon is a dungeon with 3 wings that each require different levels and setups depending on which one you are attempting. For the Orange wing (Foulspore Cavern), we recommend gathering a group of at least Level 45 players, with level 47 being recommended for a smooth run. This wing can be completed in under 30 minutes.

The other wings are Maraudon Purple and Maraudon Inner.


Quests in Maraudon

It is important that you pick up the dungeon quests for the Orange wing of Maraudon before heading inside, as you can get a variety of loot from them, as well as a solid chunk of experience.

The quests are all outlined in our separate dungeon quest guide for this instance.


Entrance Location

The entrance to Maraudon is in Desolace (30, 62). Find the temple-looking doors that mark its outdoor entrance and adventure inside, following a linear path and slaying Centaurs until you arrive at three distinct path options.

This guide will be focusing on what is behind the orange path, to the right. Keep heading through it and you will eventually reach the instance portal to the Foulspore Caverns area of Maraudon.


If you are going in underleveled, Mages are excellent choices due to their CC and slowing abilities, which will work wonders against the dangerous slimes present in the dungeon.

For optimal speed when experience grinding, you will want to run a spell cleave setup (mostly as many Mages as possible for their AoE damage and CC abilities). A pure melee group is discouraged for this particular dungeon due to the slime enemies having immense melee damage, compensated by their slow speed, which makes them easy for ranged to kill. Thus, having at least one ranged player will help you a lot on these.

Regardless, you should be able to clear the dungeon with any group setup.


Layout of Orange Maraudon

The layout of this dungeon is very linear. Follow the natural progression of the dungeon and you will eventually find Razorlash near the end of this wing's area. Past him is Celebras the Cursed and Inner Maraudon.


Notable Trash in Orange Maraudon

The green slimes, Creeping Sludge, are a huge problem for melee groups, as they melee hit for immense amounts, and are thus extremely dangerous to engage directly. Make sure to kill them, or at least gain aggro on them with ranged classes, as their weakness is their very slow speed.

Also, watch out for roaming Celebrian Dryad packs, which move around very fast and can quickly turn a regular pull into trouble for your group.


Bosses in Orange Maraudon



Noxxion is a Level 48 elite poison elemental which you will find midway through the dungeon, in his own orange lake.

He will cast some area of effect poison attacks, so make sure your healer is ready with area of effect heals if needed.

Eventually, he will spawn adds and disappear until you finish them off. Because they have low health, doing this should not be problematic for most groups.


Loot from Noxxion

Item Required Level Slot
Noxxion's Shackles Icon Noxxion's Shackles 46 Bracers
Heart of Noxxion Icon Heart of Noxxion 46 Trinket
Noxious Shooter Icon Noxious Shooter 46 Wand


Razorlash is a Level 48 elite plant which you will find at the end of this specific dungeon wing, just before entering the shared part with Celebras the Cursed. You can find him inside a small cave at the end of the dungeon path.

While this fight is mostly tank and spank, he will do a lot of tank damage and also cleaves, so make sure the tank faces him away from the rest of the group.


Loot from Razorlash

Item Required Level Slot
Vinerot Sandals Icon Vinerot Sandals 46 Boots
Chloromesh Girdle Icon Chloromesh Girdle 46 Belt
Brusslehide Leggings Icon Brusslehide Leggings 46 Legs
Phytoskin Spaulders Icon Phytoskin Spaulders 46 Shoulders

Celebras the Cursed

Celebras the Cursed is a Level 49 elite keeper of the grove. You will find him right before the start of Inner Maraudon, alongside some treant guardians.

Dealing with these is the main difficulty of the fight, as he will simply create more if you kill them. Therefore, focus your attacks on him while letting your party members crowd control the treants, which will be easy to kill after the boss is dead.


Loot from Celebras the Cursed

Item Required Level Slot
Grovekeeper's Drape Icon Grovekeeper's Drape 47 Cloak
Soothsayer's Headdress Icon Soothsayer's Headdress 47 Head
Claw of Celebras Icon Claw of Celebras 47 Fist Weapon


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