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Scarlet Monastery is a dungeon with four wings, each of which has its own bosses, quests, and loot. The level range of the wings spans from Level 29, the lowest recommended level for the Graveyard wing, to Level Level 42, the highest recommended level for the Cathedral wing.

The Scarlet Monastery is one of the final strongholds of the Scarlet Crusade, a group of fanatics devoted to destroying all remnants of the Scourge on Azeroth.

The Crusaders within believe that any race beyond humans are capable of bringing the Scourge back to the world and must be eradicated.


Scarlet Monastery Dungeon Wings

The Scarlet Monastery is a large instance, being divided into 4 different wings. Below you can find out guides for each individual wing and their unique encounters and challenges that await you.


Scarlet Monastery Graveyard Wing

The Graveyard wing of the instance has been taken over the undead and, when entering, players will find themselves in the middle of a battle between the Scourge that have resurfaced there, as well as the Crusaders attempting to destroy them.


Scarlet Monastery Library Wing

The Library wing is home to the more studious of the Scarlet Crusade, mainly being made up of the Priests and Monks that are training to become fully fledged members of the Crusade, as well as the numerous Wizard mobs that look after the library.


Scarlet Monastery Armory Wing

Just as the Library serves as a learning ground for the students of the Priesthood and the Wizards of the Crusade, the Armory acts as the same for many of the more combat focused of the group. The Armory also serves as a factory for constructing and storing the weapons and armour of the Crusade.


Scarlet Monastery Cathedral Wing

The Cathedral serves as the base for the entire Monastery, with the most powerful servants of the Crusade residing there, as well as their leader, High Inquisitor Whitemane and the military commander, Scarlet Commander Mograine.


Location of Scarlet Monastery

Scarlet Monastery is located in Tirisfal Glades, to the north-east of Undercity. Players should take the eastern road away from Undercity, before breaking off to the north east. Follow the path all the way up the hill until you reach the instance.

Once inside the monastery, you will find the 4 wings upstairs.


Quests in Scarlet Monastery

Scarlet Monastery features quests that are both wing-specific, as well as ones that must be completed in multiple wings. You can find out where to obtain all of them, as well as how to complete them, in our quest guide for Scarlet Monastery.


The Scarlet Key

When players first attempt the Scarlet Monastery, they will find that two of the wings are held behind locked doors (the Cathedral and Armory wings). In order to open these doors, players will need The Scarlet Key Icon The Scarlet Key.

This key is looted from a chest in the Library wing. This chest is found in the room of Arcanist Doan and can be opened after killing him.



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