100th Tavern Brawl: A Cavalcade of Brawls

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Hearthstone is celebrating the 100th Tavern Brawl with a trip down memory lane.

Each class in this Brawl is associated with a previous Tavern Brawl. The class that you pick decides which set of rules you play by. In all instances, however, you will receive a pre-constructed deck. The rules and Brawls associated with each class is outlined below, with a link to our original article on the Brawl where possible.

DruidIdols of Azeroth (45th, 58th Brawls)

This deck is comprised of 30 Raven Idol.

Hunter: Randomonium (18th, 28th, 39th, 59th, 67th Brawls)

This deck is made from random Hunter cards and neutral cards. At the start of each turn, all of your cards will change their Mana cost, although it will never go to 0, or above their original cost.

Mage: Too Many Portals! (7th, 14th, 43rd Brawls)

This deck has 7 random Mage spells, and 23 Unstable Portal.

Paladin: Servant of Yogg-Saron Tryouts (57th, 77th, 98th Brawls)

The deck is built entirely of random minions. When a minion is cast, it casts a random spell from any class, with targets also being randomly selected. 

PriestCloneball! (52nd, 89th Brawls)

Your deck will consist of 7 random Legendary minions, each copied three additional times. There is also a card called "Offensive Play" which costs 0, and reduces the cost of the next Legendary minion you play, and all copies of that minion, by 3 Mana.


Rogue: Valeera's Bag of Burgled Spells (76th, 96th Brawls)

This deck consists of 30 random spells. When a spell is cast, a random minion which has equal Mana cost to the spell, is summoned.

ShamanParty Portals! (64th, 81st Brawls)

As the name suggests, this deck is full of random portals. You will also start with an indestructible minion which reduces the cost of all your portals by 1 (and makes amusing comments about the opponent's play).

WarlockShiftCon (55th, 71st Brawls)

The deck is mainly comprised of Shifter Zerus cards, with a few spells thrown into the mix.

Warrior: Banana Brawl! (2nd Brawl)

This Brawl has been edited so that your deck is random rather than constructed by the player. Whenever one of your minion dies, you are given a banana which can be used to buff other minions.

This Brawl is a fun celebration of nearly two years of Brawls.

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I've had a 5 brawl daily waiting since last week so I was happy to see a bit of normality returned to the brawl. Hunter made very short work of the 5 wins too, most of the time pulling of disgusting board states by turn 3.

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I was playing rogue, and had spells in my hand, all costed more than 4 mana. My opponent was priest. It was turn 5, he spammed 'Well played', I was like 'NO!', then he slammed Loatheb on board. The turn after, again I had nothing cheaper than 4 mana, he again spammed 'Well played' and dropped another one on board. Same thing happened a turn after as well.

At turn 8, he played something else (Sneed's Old Shredder to be exact), I had a divine shielded 1/1 on board, with a dagger with 1 charge left and he was at 14, didnt even try to kill the little guy, or heal himself.

I topdecked Fireball, then went for Tinker's Sharpsword Oil, hit for exact lethal, of course after spammed 'Greetings' for 4 times.

I added the guy, he ignored :)

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2 hours ago, KingMe said:

Apparently a turn 3 Call of the Wild = an instant win. lol 

I can confirm that turn 1 highmane into turn 2 CotW isn't all too bad either.

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I suppose asking for something new from Blizzard was too much to ask, so we get this RNG-fest instead.

The difference in consistency between classes is just painful. Either play Shaman or Rogue or avoid this Brawl altogether.

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