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Tavern Brawl: All-Star Squad

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All-Star Squad returns this week in the Tavern.

This week's Tavern Brawl requires you to choose a class and then pick a single card. You will get 22 copies of that card, as well as 8 random class cards. This is the 107th Tavern Brawl.

Some ideas that worked the previous time:

New "decks":

If you want to try some more fun and random decks, all classes have a card that generates or discovers other random cards. For example, you can use Unstable Portal or Babbling Book, Swashburglar, Forbidden Shaping, Raven Idol and Renounce Darkness etc.

Feel free to share any other ideas in the comments!

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I wanted to try something new so I went with Jade Idol then I went classic and played Mind Blast since all I was seeing was Jade Idol's. Patches the Pirate is pretty nasty but I've seen Power Word: Glory and Ice Block destroy them. There are a ton of cards I want to try but sadly everyone has caught on to the obvious killers so trying anything over two mana might be suicide. 

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One of my first thoughts was Patches, but I refuse to play that way. I went with Rogue and Buccaneer. It builds up damage pretty quick and won me a couple, but the only way for me to deal with Patches is to concede and queue up again.

I probably won't be playing this one anymore though. As KingMe stated earlier, everyone will have "caught on to the obvious killers". This brawl will be totally void of diversity in no time.

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Patches decks are absolutely op and make this the worst brawl ever.
Coupled with hunter or mage, you can kill the opponent faster than a pirate warrior would.

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