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Saviors of Uldum: All Four League of Explorers Legendary Cards Revealed!

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Introducing Elise the Enlightened, Dinotamer Brann, Reno the Relicologist, and Sir Finley of the Sands.


The Saviors of Uldum have arrived. We knew that we could expect to see new Legendary cards for Reno JacksonBrann BronzebeardElise Starseeker and Sir Finley Mrrgglton in the new expansion, but not what kind of effects they might have. Thankfully, the wait is over. All four were revealed today following a San Diego Comic-Con panel with Hearthstone game designer Dave Kosak and three League of Explorers voice actors: Terrence Stone (Sir Finley), Amy Walker (Elise Starseeker), and Carlos Larkin (Brann Bronzebeard).


Elise the Enlightened

Elise the Enlightened


Dinotamer Brann

Dinotamer Brann


Reno the Relicologist

Reno the Relicologist


Sir Finley of the Sands

Sir Finley of the Sands


These are the first "No Duplicates" synergy cards to be printed since Kazakus and his Kabal colleagues back in the Mean Streats of Gadgetzan in 2016, and are obviously inspired by the very first: Reno Jackson himself. They certainly pack some powerful effects, but will they be worth the deck-building condition? Only time will tell!

Check out our Saviors of Uldum hub for more info on the next expansion, plus all the latest card reveals.

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And there are the heroes of this expansion! I think we have to see some of them in action. At first I thought the Reno was a bit poor since it only deals the damage to minions, but now I  see some potential use of it (just don't use it on an empty field on your opponents side). The new Finley looked like a really bad version of his first card, but that's just because I didn't notice the word 'upgraded' at first. At that point was afraid of it and then realised it doesn't say 'At the start of the game', which would've just made it the next Genn/Baku-problem. Still, it might turn out a bit too strong if you manage to mulligan it. Looking forward to see how these cards will impact the game.

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Oh boy... This mechanic again... At least they seem to have gotten the point they needed to tone it the f*ck down. Better late than never, I suppose...

Elise seems quite strong at first sight, there's an obvious if clunky combo with Archivist Elysiana and Barista Lynchen that prevents fatigue forever.

Brann... Well, there's no world where a 8/8 charge for 7 mana is *bad*, the real question is whether hunter will be able to go singleton with his fla... excuse me, *class identity*!

Reno is a decent boardclear. I personally don't think he's reason enough by himself to go singleton, but we'll see with the rest of the cards.

Finley is quite strong, probably the strongest of the four. As Genn and Baku demonstrated, a more powerful (or discounted) hero power is well-worth the trouble of the deckbuilding limitation.

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Obviously, all of them will combo nicely with original Brann Bronzebeard and Reno Jackson in Wild, as well as Kazakus and Inkmaster Solia (Mage only). I doubt it will be enough to hit the meta, but may do for fun games for older players.

As far as Standard is concerned, I wonder if we will see supporting cards in Savior of Uldum. I've always been a big fan of singleton decks, even in other card games, as a way to make games less repetitive, but realistically they rarely perform well. The deck building restriction cost is high, so we would need a few more supporting cards to compensate. After all, they did it for Baku the Mooneater and Genn Greymane, although not for all classes.

Of these 4 heroes, Sir Finley is the most promising. You'll try to get it in your first hand, or to draw it quickly enough with the help of Murloc Tastyfin. If you manage to have it early in the game, it's a real game changer, even though there is some uncertainty about which new Hero Power you'll be able to get.

Elise is great by herself, however I don't think Druid is a class which can shine with singleton decks, at least in the current meta where all Druid decks are combo-based.

I'm not sold to Brann, he is himself not very significant, so it's only about getting King Krush 2 turns earlier. I like Krush but I must say he does not see much play in practice. So I doubt this one will see play beyond fun decks.

Lastly, Reno looks powerful, however there are a number of cases where its value will be close to 0. Sure, against Token Druid, Zoo Warlock or Murloc Shaman, he will shine. But you really don't want to play him when your Warrior opponent has Eternium Rover, Acolyte of PainSecurity Rover and Frothing Berserker on the board. Against a Mage with a full board of giants, it will also be pretty much useless, as the damage will be spread all over the place. So it looks like a tech card for alternative decks, except that the condition prevents him from being just swapped into an existing deck. Oh, and I'm sorry but Reno as a Mage card is not credible at all.

Anyway... I'm sure we're up for some fun in Casual Play mode, and that's already something 😀

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So Elise (scholarly type wielding a blue glowy staff and book in previous art) is a Druid while Reno (never seen casting a spell ever previously) is a mage?   

Feels like they went with the forcing a square peg into a round hole for these identities.

Edit: Just realized its sad that it's gotten to the point where I see a Paladin Murloc card and don't bat an eye.   Uther's rolling in his grave somewhere.

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