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Saviors of Uldum: Five New Cards Revealed

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A handful of cards from the next expansion were revealed across last night and this morning: Pharaoh's Blessing, Tomb Warden, Embalming Ritual, Pharaoh Cat, and Bone Wraith.


Five new cards from the next expansion have been revealed revealed across last night and this morning! Here are Pharaoh's Blessing, Tomb Warden, Embalming Ritual, Pharaoh Cat and Bone Wraith, presented one-by-one:

Pharaoh's Blessing

iyingdi.com revealed Pharaoh's Blessing, a 6-Mana buff spell that can't help but provoke comparisons to Spikeridged Steed. It doesn't give you as many raw stats, but it gives you more attack up front and a Divine Shield to make value trades with.

According to the Chinese article revealing the card (thanks Google Translate), the card used to give a bigger buff and also have Lifesteal, but was deemed too strong. That info comes courtesy of "balance designer Puffin" (per Google Translate), who we're guessing is Stephen Chang, AKA Puffinplays.

Tomb Warden

Next up is Tomb Warden, revealed by Thai YouTuber Basgamer. It's an 8-Mana 3/6 Taunt which summons a copy of itself, giving it great synergy with Warrior's two major build-around cards in Saviors of Uldum: Armagedillo and Into the Fray.

It's also a Mech in Warrior, so you'll probably be seeing a lot of it regardless of whether it's played in Standard decks thanks to Omega Assembly and Dr. Boom, Mad Genius.

Embalming Ritual

Chinese streamer AnDeLuoNi gave us a new Priest spell: 1 Mana to give a minion Reborn. It looks like a powerful card to cast on any of Priest's various Deathrattle minions. It could also make a decent addition to Nomi Priest thanks to its synergies with Gadgetzan Auctioneer and Wild Pyromancer.

b4a2b3bb290d540f03d42909532f88656b05a516Bone Wraith

Pharaoh Cat and Bone Wraith were revealed by Thai fansite HeartCore. Both cards are designed around the new Reborn mechanic, which revives minions with 1 Health the first time they're destroyed. Pharaoh Cat should slot neatly into existing Shark/Lackey Rogue decks as a utility 1-drop in a similar vein to Fire Fly. Bone Wraith looks like a solid defensive Neutral card with the potential to see play just about anywhere, but it will be especially important to Quest Paladin decks looking to complete Making Mummies.

Saviors of Uldum releases worldwide on August 6th. Check out our expansion hub for more info on the Reborn mechanic, the return of the League of Explorers, and every card revealed so far.

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Pharaoh's Blessing seems decent but kind of slow. BoK only seems play in specific decks those days, and I'm a bit doubtful if Divine Shield + Taunt is worth the two extra mana in those. We'll see.

Tomb Warden is kinda meh on its own, quite slow and not really scary in the late game. However with all the taunt buffs Warrior is getting those day, it has the potential of being quite insane!

Embalming Ritual seems pretty scary on premium minions like Convincing Infiltrator or Zilliax. This will see play wherever Priests does.

Bone Wraith, myeah... Pretty good in arena, probably won't see much play in standard. Maybe if Taunt Warrior takes off.

Pharaoh Cat... let me limit myself to 'premium statted one drop adding a card to hand'. Expect some caterwauling whenever you see a Rogue pop up. 

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Pharaoh Cat the omnipresent Swashburglar finally is back since rogue had no playable 1 mana in standard from his departure

2 of each in any rogue deck until rotates

The taunt you know who looks like? I'm surprised nobody recognized Sludge Belcher after all those years... and even cost 1 less than the original with 1 atk less and a reversed stat DR. that's pretty much a 2 of each in any deck since the taunt in standard are all weak with the Zilliax exception.

The warrior card I don't even wanna comment another top tier card but he is Voidlord with a red border instead of purple and you know well who Voidlord is.

Priest card... ok you have Zilliax ... that's about it... or a DR card but priest DR cards aren't Obsidian Statue power level so aside Zilliax there isn't much you wanna revive... Convincing Infiltrator has poor statline and no Lifesteal/rush to be useful and getting a 2/1 with a text 'Cast Deadly Shot during opponent turn' doesn't scare anyone... you coulda kill Goblin Bomb and your enemy will thank you. Obsidian Statue had Lifesteal that was vital for priest that need desperately healing to survive in late game and with 4/8 was almost guaranteed to heal you by 8 like Walking Fountain. This card has potential but is a sleeper until another Obsidian Statue clone comes out to save priest day

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