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Optional Crafting Reagents in Shadowlands

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You can add up to three optional reagents to crafted items in Shadowlands to guarantee specific secondary stats, main stat procs, increase their item level, and more.

Optional Reagents

In Shadowlands, you can customize the final output of an item craft by selecting from a variety of Optional Reagents to change the stat outcome of your items. You can fill 2 slots, 1 slot or none, according to the tooltip, but there are 3 slots on Alpha right now. 

Note that the system is early in testing, so expect new optional reagents to be added in future builds.

optional reagents.jpg


Optional Crafting Reagents from Alchemy grant the wearer increased Flask/Well Fed effect duration or main stat procs.

  • Alchemical Concoction Alchemical Concoction - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that makes the crafted item increase the duration of Flask effects"
  • Bolstering Concoction Bolstering Concoction - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that makes the crafted armor occasionally increase the wearer's Strength."
  • Brilliant Concoction Brilliant Concoction - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that makes the crafted armor occasionally increase the wearer's Intellect."
  • Culinary Concoction Culinary Concoction - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that makes the crafted armor increase the duration of Well Fed effects."
  • Slippery Concoction Slippery Concoction - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that makes the crafted armor occasionally increase the wearer's Agility."



Optional Crafting Reagents from Blacksmithing grant the wearer increased damage when fighting certain mob types (Beasts, Abberations, Undead) or cause the wearer to deal additional Physical damage.

  • Beast Slayer Beast Slayer - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that increases damage when fighting Beasts."
  • Freak Slayer Freak Slayer - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that increases damage when fighting Aberrations."
  • Ghoul Slayer Ghoul Slayer - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that increases damage when fighting Undead."
  • Man Slayer Man Slayer - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that increases damage when fighting Humanoids."
  • Laestrite Spikes Laestrite Spikes - "Armor made with Laestrite Spikes cause the wearer to occasionally deal additional Physical damage."



Optional Crafting Reagents increase the item level of crafted items and guarantee a crafted Darkmoon Card from a specific suit.

  • Blank Card of Ascendance Blank Card of Ascendance - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that allows a Scribe to guarantee a crafted Darkmoon Card will belong to the Ascendance suit."
  • Blank Card of Atonement Blank Card of Atonement - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that allows a Scribe to guarantee a crafted Darkmoon Card will belong to the Atonement suit."
  • Blank Card of Rebirth Blank Card of Rebirth - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that allows a Scribe to guarantee a crafted Darkmoon Card will belong to the Rebirth suit."
  • Blank Card of the Macabre Blank Card of the Macabre - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that allows a Scribe to guarantee a crafted Darkmoon Card will belong to the Macabre suit."
  • Word of Power I Word of Power I - "An Optional Crafting Reagent to increase the Item Level of the crafted piece of armor."
  • Word of Power II Word of Power II - "An Optional Crafting Reagent that can be used to increase the Item Level of the crafted item by 10."
  • Word of Power III Word of Power III - "An Optional Crafting Reagent to increase the Item Level of the crafted piece of armor."
  • Word of Power IV Word of Power IV - "An Optional Crafting Reagent to increase the Item Level of the crafted piece of armor."



Optional Crafting Reagents from Jewelcrafting guarantee secondary stats on the crafted item.

  • Deadly Jewel Cluster Deadly Jewel Cluster (+16 Critical Strike) - "Can be placed in a socket or used as an Optional Crafting Reagent to guarantee Critical Strike as a secondary stat on the crafted item."
  • Masterful Jewel Cluster Masterful Jewel Cluster (+16 Mastery) - "Can be placed in a socket or used as an Optional Crafting Reagent to guarantee Mastery as a secondary stat on the crafted item."
  • Quick Jewel Cluster Quick Jewel Cluster (+16 Haste) - "Can be placed in a socket or used as an Optional Crafting Reagent to guarantee Haste as a secondary stat on the crafted item."
  • Versatile Jewel Cluster Versatile Jewel Cluster (+16 Versatility) - "Can be placed in a socket or used as an Optional Crafting Reagent to guarantee Versatility as a secondary stat on the crafted item."



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I hope that this is the opener for a fresh professionsrework and more use from one profession to another and this, at least in my mind, could lead to more trading.

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Alchemy effects don't seem well thought through - would you like something that actually increases the power of the item, or something that saves you a very small amount of gold?

At a meta level, all this really does is take itemisation back to where it was in TBC - you have a base item that's no use by itself, and you have to plug in various gems/enchants/shield spikes/weaponstones/armor patched etc to make it worth wearing. However, this variant of the process takes the choice away from the wearer and puts the onus on the crafter to try and guess what the customer wants.

If you imagine you instead have a system where the crafter makes an item, and then the buyer plugs in whatever they need from the other professions, it all seems a bit less revolutionary. 

Good luck to Blizz if they can make it work though.  I suspect people will very quickly work out the optimal combination of reagents (3x +ilvl if allowed, otherwise 1x +ilvl, 1x stat proc, 1x something else) and it'll just end up as a make-work thing that crafters have to do to make a saleable item.  Either that or crafted weapons/armor will disappear from the AH altogether, and instead the person wanting the item will pick the combination of knick-knacks they want, assemble the ingredients and then hire the crafter to make it.

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