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On this page, you will find out tips to properly play Pharah on each map, as well as a general ranking of Pharah's best maps and worst maps.

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Best Maps for Pharah


Pharah on Numbani

Numbani is a fairly open map, which means Pharah can fly to different high-ground areas and assist her team no matter where they are positioned. On offense and defense, teammates are prone to using the buildings of Numbani to split from one another and attempt to take the enemy by surprise. Due to Pharah's vertical mobility, she can help her team take different fights on different fronts, something that cannot be said for other offensive heroes. Additionally, the streets of Numbani allow Pharah to easily slip past the enemy frontline to attack the backline with Barrage Icon Barrage.


Pharah on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Watchpoint is by far the biggest map in Overwatch, which is why a projectile dps hero with high vertical mobility is so helpful. Depending on the part of the map the payload is traveling through, the map design offers heroes three separate levels to play on. When enemies choose to split from one another, they make themselves easy targets for a trained Pharah. Additionally, Watchpoint: Girbraltar lends itself to a lot of duels and skirmishes. As Pharah can hover above these fights, she can easily use her Rocket Launcher Icon Rocket Launcher to turn the tide of a skirmish in an instant. Additionally, just like Numbani, surprising enemies with a well-timed Barrage is pretty easy on this map.


Worst Map for Pharah


Pharah on Volskaya Industries

Pharah is beneficial on all maps, but Volskaya Industries can be lackluster for Pharah mains. Although the playing field is a pretty standard size for an assault map, the capture points can feel enclosed. Despite the fact that the capture points are small in size, many players participate in skirmishes rather than full-blown team fights. While not an inherent issue to Pharah, there are a lot of nooks and crannies where fights take place, and having Pharah patrolling the sky can be unhelpful during an intense fight in one of these areas. Additionally, the map may be small, but unlike Temple of Anubis, the capture points are fairly open. This means that the enemy team is likely to run a team composition that contains one or two hitscan dps heroes. With the second level positions made available throughout the map, a trained McCree can wreak havoc on Pharah trying to attack enemies from above. Therefore, Pharah can be an unworthy pick on Volskaya Industries.

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