TBC Classic Arms Warrior Guide

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Welcome to our Arms Warrior guide for TBC Classic, tailored for PvE content. Here, you will learn how all you need to know to play Arms Warrior proficiently. Click the links below to navigate the guide or read this page for a short introduction.



Warriors are melee fighters, heavily trained in the art of combat. They rely on their strength and incredible toughness to guide them through the thick of battle. Warriors are less flexible than other classes, but are tougher and capable of dealing devastating damage to their enemies much more quickly.

Arms Warriors specialize in the use of Two-Handed weapons, dealing slow but deadly blows to their enemies. Bringing a variety of buffs and debuffs to a group, Arms Warriors are often desired in raiding content. With the buffed Improved Slam IconImproved Slam talent, Arms Warrior becomes an extremely viable raiding spec.

If you would like to see where Arms Warriors fall in the overall rankings among DPS specs for both PvE and PvP in TBC Classic, we have created pages dedicated to explaining what classes and specializations are the best of the best through multiple factors. However, ultimately, you should not let these lists dissuade you from playing what you enjoy.


Strengths and Weaknesses

V Strengths
  • +Very high cleave damage potential
  • +Does not have a limited resource such as Mana
  • +Increases Physical damage dealt by entire raid
X Weaknesses
  • -Extremely gear-dependent
  • -Weak in early content
  • -Has a more complex rotation

Best Alliance Races for Arms Warriors

Human is the best choice for Alliance Arms Warriors, offering a nice damage boost through Expertise and increased reputation gains, both of which are especially important in early gear stages.



Humans are a great, well rounded choice for Warriors, offering increased Expertise if using a Sword or Mace (Sword Specialization IconSword Specialization/Mace Specialization IconMace Specialization). The increased reputation gain from Diplomacy IconDiplomacy helps immensely with the early game reputation farming, but falls off later as it has no benefit other than that.



Added to the game with Burning Crusade, Draenei make good Arms Warriors as the Hit Rating from Heroic Presence IconHeroic Presence is great, especially since it applies to your entire party.


Best Horde Races for Arms Warriors

Orc is the best choice for Horde Arms Warriors, with Troll being an option as well.



Blood Fury IconBlood Fury is basically a free trinket, making orcs an extremely strong race. The expertise when using Axes (Axe Specialization IconAxe Specialization) is also very useful, especially early on, as there is not much gear with expertise on it.

Hardiness IconHardiness increases your chance to resist stuns by 15%, which is also nice to have.



Troll is a decent option as Berserking IconBerserking can have some very strong uses. Beast Slaying IconBeast Slaying is a very strong passive, but has a limited amount of uses in Burning Crusade.


Best Professions for Arms Warriors

Blacksmithing is highly recommended for Arms Warriors, as the crafted weapons will last you until the later phases of Burning Crusade. Any Warrior looking to put out the highest damage possible will want to get this profession.

Leatherworking is a decent option if you have no one else in the party able to use Drums of Battle Icon Drums of Battle. You can craft some gear early on as an extra bonus, but this is replaced quickly.

Enchanting gives you +8 all stats through Enchant Ring - Stats Icon Enchant Ring - Stats, giving you a bit of health, Attack Power, and Critical Strike Rating.

Jewelcrafting offers Crimson Sun Icon Crimson Sun and Stone of Blades Icon Stone of Blades, giving you a bit more stats than standard gems.

Engineering is the recommended second profession. It offers no benefit to your main spec, but does however offer you many other benefits. Aside from the many different gadgets and gizmos offered, such as Rocket Boots Xtreme Icon Rocket Boots Xtreme, you will be able to make Stamina trinkets for tanking.

Goblin Rocket Launcher Icon Goblin Rocket Launcher and Gnomish Poultryizer Icon Gnomish Poultryizer are both amazing tanking trinkets, lasting through most of the content. Having the utility to tank dungeons, heroics and Karazhan will greatly improve how often you get brought to groups.

If you would like to learn more about how your profession of choice can be used to supplement your goldmaking, along with a variety of other means to bolster your income, see our full goldmaking guide linked below:



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