Balance Druid DPS Season of Mastery Pre-Raid Gear

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On this page, you will find the best gear and best in slot items from Pre-Raid content for your Balance Druid in WoW Classic's Season of Mastery. For more gearing advice, please refer to our Balance Druid Gearing and Best in Slot guide for the Season of Mastery.


Balance Druid Season of Mastery Pre-Raid Best in Slot (BiS) List

This is the gear we recommend for Druids, before setting foot in Molten Core or Onyxia's Lair. Essentially you should be following the basic stat priority of getting lots of Spell Power while also looking out for Critical Strike, Intellect, and Hit. For more information on the stats that you should be looking for, check out the stats page listed below.

This list contains gear from: dungeons and reputation gear.

Slot Item Source
Neck Diana's Pearl Necklace Icon Diana's Pearl Necklace Cannon Master Willey in Stratholme (living)
  • Multiple bosses in Scholomance
  • Random world drop, bind on equip
Chest Robe of Everlasting Night Icon Robe of Everlasting Night Immol'thar in Dire Maul West
Feet Omnicast Boots Icon Omnicast Boots Golem Lord Argelmach in Blackrock Depths
Off-hands Tome of Arcane Domination Icon Tome of Arcane Domination Exalted with the Alterac Valley reputation
Idols Idol of the Moon Icon Idol of the Moon BoE world drop, bought from the Auction House

Further Lists

If you feel you are ready to take on the raids that WoW Classic's Season of Mastery has to offer, you may wish to consult our raid gear best in slot lists for Druid below.



  • 15 Nov. 2021: Guide added for the Season of Mastery.
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