Maraudon Quests Guide

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This guide lists all the quests you can do in the Maraudon dungeon: Alliance quests, Horde quests, class quests, profession quests, classes you need to get before entering the dungeons, and classes you get inside the dungeons. The idea is to help you do all the quests in a single run of the dungeon.

For more information about the dungeon, please refer to our detailed Maraudon dungeon hub.

Maraudon has a lot of interesting quests that are done outside of the dungeon. We will be explaining what to do in those, as well as what to do in the quests done inside. While the amount of quests is not overly high, there are a few notable gear rewards involved, such as Thrash Blade Icon Thrash Blade and Mark of the Chosen Icon Mark of the Chosen.


General Maraudon Quests

There are only two quests that encompass the whole of Maraudon, but both are very important, as Mark of the Chosen Icon Mark of the Chosen and Scepter of Celebras Icon Scepter of Celebras are the rewards, respectively.

  • The Pariah's Instructions is obtained from Centaur Pariah, who you can find in Desolace (50,86). This quest is worth doing due to its unique reward: Mark of the Chosen Icon Mark of the Chosen. This item is on Warrior's best in slot list, and is one of the first combat trinkets you can get in the game. In order to complete this quest, start by killing The Nameless Prophet between Maraudon's external door and the 3-way fork for Amulet of Spirits Icon Amulet of Spirits. Then, use the amulet to make each Khan hostile, and kill them for their gems:
    • Kolk is inside the fork's middle path.
    • Gelk is within the fork's left (purple) path, outside the instance portal.
    • Magra can be found in the fork's right (orange) path, outside the instance portal.
    • Maraudos patrols inside the purple fork's instance portal, in the path you need to take to get to Lord Vyletongue.
    • Veng lurks within the orange fork's instance portal, along the path you need to take to get to Noxxion.
  • Legends of Maraudon starts with Cavindra, who you can find soon after entering the orange path. In order to complete it, you are required to kill Noxxion in the orange instance for Celebrian Rod Icon Celebrian Rod and Lord Vyletongue in the purple instance for Celebrian Diamond Icon Celebrian Diamond. If you continue your path through the dungeon after killing these bosses, you will eventually reach Celebras the Cursed, who you can kill in order to spawn his ghostly version. You can turn in the quest, in order to get Scepter of Celebras Icon Scepter of Celebras, which allows you to directly teleport to this area from the fork's middle path later.

Quests in Purple Maraudon

Make sure to pick up Shadowshard Fragments before heading to Desolace!

  • Shadowshard Fragments is started by Uthel'nay for Horde players, who can be found in Orgrimmar, inside a hut near 38,86. It is started by Archmage Tervosh for Alliance players, who can be found in Dustwallow Marsh, around 65, 50. You can get the quest items needed to complete this quest from the Rock Elementals just outside the purple instance.
  • Twisted Evils is given by Willow, who is in Desolace, around 61, 40. The items you need to loot to complete it drop from the demons inside the purple instance.

Quests in Orange Maraudon

Vyletongue Corruption is obtained from [H] Vark Battlescar / [A] Talendria, who are located in each faction's flight path town in Desolace ([H] 24, 69 and [A] 65, 09). To complete it, you need to fill the quest vial first at the orange colored pool, which is near the start of the orange path. Then, inside the orange instanced area, use the filled vial near some of the most distinctive plants found on the ground to spawn Noxxious Scion, which will grant quest completion.


Quests in Inner Maraudon

Inner Maraudon only has one quest that you should pick before entering the dungeon: Corruption of Earth and Seed, which you can easily pick up just outside the Horde / Alliance flight path hubs in Desolace (around 26,76 and around 63, 09, respectively), as soon as you hit Level 45.

This quest only requires that you kill Inner Maraudon's main boss, Princess Theradras, and has great weapon rewards for all classes, including the infamous Thrash Blade Icon Thrash Blade, which is one of the best one-hand weapons, even in the end game.

Also, once you kill Princess Theradras, you will be able to pick up Seed of Life from Zaetar's Spirit, which appears in the center of the grove Princess was in. Simply turn this quest in at Keeper Remulos in Moonglade for a small experience boost.


Quest Rewards from Maraudon


General Maraudon Quest Rewards

Item Quest Slot
Mark of the Chosen Icon Mark of the Chosen The Pariah's Instructions Trinket
Scepter of Celebras Icon Scepter of Celebras Legends of Maraudon Special Item

Orange Maraudon Quest Rewards

Item Quest Slot
Woodseed Hoop Icon Woodseed Hoop Vyletongue Corruption Ring
Sagebrush Girdle Icon Sagebrush Girdle Vyletongue Corruption Belt
Branchclaw Gauntlets Icon Branchclaw Gauntlets Vyletongue Corruption Gloves

Inner Maraudon Quest Rewards

Item Quest Slot
Verdant Keeper's Aim Icon Verdant Keeper's Aim Corruption of Earth and Seed Bow
Resurgence Rod Icon Resurgence Rod Corruption of Earth and Seed Staff
Thrash Blade Icon Thrash Blade Corruption of Earth and Seed 1H Sword


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  • 25 Oct. 2019: Guide added.
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