Warrior Class Overview

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Warriors are the melee-centered class. These characters are as tough as nails and masters of weaponry and tactics. The special abilities of the warrior are naturally combat-oriented.

If you were looking for TBC Classic advice, please refer to our TBC Classic Warrior class overview.


Races for Warriors

Warriors can be played as any race on both the Alliance and Horde. They are the only class that can do this.


Warrior Specializations

Warriors have 3 talent specializations: Arms, Fury, and Protection.

  • Arms — This specialization capitalises on the prowess of Warriors and their mastery of weapons, ensuring that no movement is wasted in combat, regardless of the weapon chosen.
  • Fury — Warriors are known for their herculean strength and, as expected, Fury amplifies that to superhuman levels as they shrug off damage that would bring other classes to their knees.
  • Protection — This specialization utilises the combat experience of the Warrior to shield their allies and ensure they take the brunt of the party's damage.

Resources as a Warrior

The primary resource used by Warriors is Rage in all specializations.


Gearing a Warrior



Warriors are able to wear Cloth, Leather, and Mail armour, as well as Plate after reaching Level 40.



Warriors are able to use all weapon types except for Wands.


Warrior Trainers

In order to learn skills and skill ranks, you will need to go to a Warrior trainer. Below is a list of all the trainers available to the Alliance and Horde.


Alliance Warrior Trainers


Horde Warrior Trainers


Warrior Guides for World of Warcraft: Classic

For information on how best to play your Warrior in Classic, you can check out the following guides.


Warrior Guides for the Season of Mastery

While the Season of Mastery features no class changes, you can check out alternate gear guides we have created for Warrior.



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