Shazzrah Guide: Strategy, Abilities, Loot (Updated for the Season of Mastery)

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Shazzrah is the sixth boss you will encounter in Molten Core, and can be found in the same area as Baron Geddon, patrolling around the right side of the platform from where you enter.

To face the next boss, Sulfuron Harbinger, you will need to head up the path and cross over the bridge, being careful not to fall off and aggro Golemagg the Incinerator.


Shazzrah Summary by Role



  • Only one tank is required, but having two or three tanks to be ready for teleports is not a bad idea.
  • Keep the boss away from ranged and healers.
  • Be constantly ready to adjust your positioning to avoid Shazzrah's clones.




  • Ranged DPS should be spread around the room at max range from the boss.
  • Melee DPS should be behind the boss, but ready to move when he teleports.
  • Mages should use Remove Curse Icon Remove Curse as much as possible to deal with Shazzrah's Curse IconShazzrah's Curse.

General Tips for Shazzrah

  • At least one Priest is required to purge Shazzrah.
  • Druids and Mages are required for removing the curses.
  • Greater Arcane Protection Potion Icon Greater Arcane Protection Potion can be used if anyone is scared of dying, especially melee.

Season of Mastery Strategy for Shazzrah

Shazzrah is a fight that can quickly go bad if you are not prepared for his abilities. The fight starts with a standard setup, where your melee should be on him wherever he is tanked, with your ranged spread around the room at max range from him.

As long as you are on top of the curses and purges needed, the fight is simple. The only main thing to watch out for is to be ready for the teleports. In the Season of Mastery version of this encounter each time Shazzrah teleports he will leave a untargetable, stationary clone of himself at the location he teleported from, this clone will spam his Arcane Explosion ability but can be avoided simply by moving away from it. The teleports are random and will happen without warning, so people need to be prepared to move if the boss teleports near them.


Important Abilities

  • Arcane Explosion Icon Arcane Explosion deals large amounts of Arcane damage to anyone near Shazzrah. If you are a melee DPS, consider using a Greater Arcane Protection Potion Icon Greater Arcane Protection Potion before the fight starts to reduce some of the damage.
  • Deaden Magic IconDeaden Magic is a buff that Shazzrah will frequently cast on himself, reducing the magic damage he takes by 50%. This needs to immediately be purged by a Priest.
  • Shazzrah's Curse IconShazzrah's Curse is a curse that causes you to take 100% more magic damage while affected. Druids and Mages need to be on top of removing these curses throughout the fight. If you have this curse and get hit by an explosion, it almost certainly means death.
  • Blink Icon Blink causes the boss to sometimes teleport to a random raid member, resetting his threat table. When the boss teleports, a tank should quickly pick him up again, and ranged players should reposition away from the boss.

Loot from Shazzrah

Below is a list of the loot available from this boss, but you can see a full loot list from the raid on our Molten Core Loot page.


Tier 1 Loot

Item Required Level Slot Class
Arcanist Gloves Icon Arcanist Gloves 60 Hands Mage
Boots of Prophecy Icon Boots of Prophecy 60 Feet Priest
Cenarion Gloves Icon Cenarion Gloves 60 Hands Druid
Felheart Slippers Icon Felheart Slippers 60 Feet Warlock
Giantstalker's Gloves Icon Giantstalker's Gloves 60 Hands Hunter
Nightslayer Boots Icon Nightslayer Boots 60 Feet Rogue

Non-Tier Loot

Item Required Level Slot
Crimson Shocker Icon Crimson Shocker 60 Wand
Ring of Spell Power Icon Ring of Spell Power 60 Finger
Robe of Volatile Power Icon Robe of Volatile Power 60 Chest
Sorcerous Dagger Icon Sorcerous Dagger 60 Weapon


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